Assange Isolation — Day 62

On May 25th, MSNBC’s Ari Melber conveyed the claim that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is willing to speak to congressional investigators. It was a statement by Assange’s long-time associate, radio host Randy Credico…

Credico said that Assange, who is in exile since 2012 and is illegaly and completely isolated in the Ecuadorian embassy for the last 62 days under the pressure of rogue and tyrannical regimes of US and UK, wanted to speak with Democrat Adam Schiff “clear this whole thing up.” He said that Assange would only speak with investigators if they came to the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Credico challenged Schiff to travel to the UK to interview Assange, saying: “He’s got the credibility, Nixon went to China.” You may think Schiff and the investigators would be interested to hear what he has to say. But you probably think so because you are quite normal and decent human being. And you would be deeply wrong. Here it is a quick answer


They do NOT want to hear what he's going to say. And even more, they do NOT want YOU to hear what he has to say. They do not want to hear about Seth Rich. They may want to hear only those stories extracted from him using “enhanced interrogation techniques”, now that they have a “specialist” at the head of CIA. That's the mirror of US “democracy” at the moment.

Never forget: His voice is our voice


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