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The initial ecstasy has mostly passed, and now the consequences of the verdict on non-extradition of Julian Assange to the United States should be carefully analyzed…

It should first be said that Julian Assange is not yet safe, let alone a free man. He is still at Bellmarsh prison, completely available to the Empire, determined to continue the persecution because the Court (to its shame) ‘rejected all of Mr. Assange’s arguments’…

Saga goes on US undeterred by Old Baileys ruling on Assange.mp4_snapshot_00.13.793.jpg

Duration: 3:19

That reaction we could expect. But we have to return to the shameful verdict explanation by Judge Vanessa Baraitser. She actually gave a precedent to every other journalist, activist, whistleblower: ‘If you dare to report the truth, you will be persecuted and executed if your mental health allows it!’ This kind of verdict is a crime in itself that can’t be tolerated. It’s an open threat. Therefore, I have to remind once again at the words of Edward Snowden:

Judge Vanessa Baraitser fully stood with the criminals, exposing ‘Judicial system’ as a sham created to protect the Empire and its rulers from the truth. She never mentioned the truth as a public interest and necessity in creation of a sustainable society. She actually criminalized journalism! What’s worse, a ‘colleagues’ from corporate media didn’t lift a finger in Julian’s defense.

You can only hear the reaction from other activists who were engaged in the legal defense of Julian Assange:

Duration: 5:13

You can hear it in plain language from Roger Waters, a spiritus movens of ‘Pink Floyd’:

Roger Waters

Duration: 12:04

Tomorrow we shall se the decision on the request for release on bail. If rejected, Julian Assange is staying in Bellmarsh prison until the hearing and verdict on appeal by the United States. Two weeks at least. Could the Empire eliminate him during that period? Remember how they have eliminated Jeffrey Epstein in the top security prison? Imagine what they could do in Corona conditions with the prisoner of “compromised mental health” in a notorious terrorist prison environment.

The Empire is not to be trusted in any circumstances. This is going to be most critical period for Assange’s life. The Empire waited six long years to snatch him from the Ecuadorian embassy, investing many efforts to throw out Rafael Correa and install corrupted and treacherous Lenin Moreno. It is hard to imagine that the Empire would be satisfied with the outcome where Julian Assange can go free to Russia or China or Mexico to continue his journalistic mission in dismantling Imperial crimes. Just look at the ‘humanists’ and ‘democrats’ at the [0:40] mark from the first video, Bob Becket, Tom Flanagan, Bill O’Reilly, and remember the famous question Hillary has posted: ‘Can’t we just drone son-of-a bitch?’ As much as I would like to see happy ending for Julian Assange, the road to freedom is still very misty.

Can you see any development of the situation in which the Empire would leave its prey alone?

* * *

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