Lenin Evicts Assange?

Speaking in Madrid, President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno said Julian Assange must “eventually” leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London…

Of course, Moreno sugarcoated his statement saying that this situation cannot last forever, and it is neccessary because of “humanitarian reasons”. He also said that his “departure” should be a result of discussion and asked guarantees for the life of the Australian journalist. So, he is aware that “the Empire” wants Assange not because of fair trial, but rather for revenge, setting an example and a precedent for all other who dare to reveal the “Imperial” crimes. And you can see here what kind of “justice” corporate media asks for Julian Assange:

Duration: 2:32

WikiLeaks founder could soon become first journalist put on trial since colonial days… if he has any luck. “The Empire“ will hardly risk humiliation, and the new facts about its own nature at the fair trial. So, the best what Julian Assange can expect is a fake trial with fake evidence and fake judge in the fake Espionage Court… Or the destiny of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Duration: 4:00

Never forget: His voice is our voice


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