IMPERIAL BREAKDOWN: The Ultimate Insider

The last resort of a crumbling Empire is force. Persecution of Julian Assange is their hope that they still can terrorize anyone willing to speak the truth on the Imperial crimes. Unfortunately for them, the history doesn’t work that way. In reality, on every martyred truth teller, there are at least ten more ready to speak the truth. Today we have an ultimate insider with his story on the Empire…

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson served as a Chief of Staff under the Secretary of State Colin Powell, from 2002 to 2005, and today he is a college professor. As a professional soldier with the experience from the very top of the power, he is an important witness of the events that has destroyed the last remnants of the U.S. democracy, and turn it into a criminal Empire that exists only to make war. Listen carefully what he has to say:

Duration: 16:54

He is absolutely the top truth source from the military/industrial complex, even if you find some points where he is trying to defend his Chief’s and his own role in the creation of the Empire. For example, when he says that CIA has lied to Colin Powell about the famous Iraqi WMD.

Duration: 25:06

As much as it uses force, the Empire is only showing more impotence in the bitter #informationwar. Therefore, I’m not worried about the new Assanges, or new Snowdens… There is a mechanism of conscience in every mentally healthy person. It is just the matter of moment (usually in connect with some event) when that mechanism is inevitably triggered. And then you have John Kiriakou, Tom Drake, Bill Binney, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Lawrence Wilkerson, and many others will follow. However, the futility of the Imperial actions cannot be an alibi for leaving Julian Assange to his fate. He must not be remembered as the first victim sacrificed to the imperial breakdown, but as hero of a free speech and the educator and leader to the wave of new true journalists in the coming era of decentralized, truthful news. A new World in essence, without the monopolies of fake news and everlasting wars corporations. It’s a World worth fighting for. Let’s then start building it with saving Julian Assange…

Free Julian Assange!

* * *

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