18 million versions of what became a virtual father of Delores and who was possibly also the father of Clint Eastwood Clay Aiken in that television show, West World. He had a son who was drinking. So, he didn't want to help. Then the son overdosed after the dad said no. 18 million simulations of the life of the dad and all of them ended that way. So, do we still have freewill or are we bound to our code? The answer is yes.


They are blaming suicide on COVID-19. Bill Gates helped in the creation and weaponization of the virus. They're trying to use it to kill people. Closing the economy kills people. On top of that, people lose hope and kill themselves. And if that isn't enough, vaccines will be killing even more people on top of that. The rest of the people are doomed to be Wall-E fat people.

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2020-04-15 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-04-15 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2020-04-15 21:54:01 Jo Jo Rabbit.png
Watch Jo Jo Rabbit

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Join My Community | @OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN | Published in April of 2020

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Free Donut

12:17 AM - Facebook

Congratulation! You've won a free donut. However, by the time you get out of your house due to social distancing, I'm afraid somebody else will be eating it. Thank you so much. You're welcome.

Write on My Wall

12:21 AM - Facebook

Did you know that you can write anything you want on my Facebook. I double-dog dare you to put whatever you want on my wall. I promise I will not remove it. I will not delete it. Do you accept my challenge or are you chicken? You can post on my wall any time you want. Anything you want. Feel free to put ads and spam in my tea. That's my plea.

40 Percent

01:53 AM - Hive Blog

Who said that the 40 percent in the middle did not vote in 2016?

Copy Paste Spam Joey

02:44 AM - Steemit

I do copy and paste my comments into my daily blog. Expression of an idea can sometimes be too similar, accidentally or purposely, to that of others. I could write something that is in a book. And I could do so accidentally. And I could be tried in a court of law and get sentenced or maybe even imprisoned or who knows what. If people can somehow convince judges and jurors to step over the invisible line, they can get me convicted and that may happen someday.

Invisible Line

Because the line is invisible. The line between what might be ok and not ok is subjective to an extent. It is dangerous. It is potential threat down the road. It is fine to the extent you have wise judges and jurors. But it is vague. If I accidentally write an entire book that is the same as another person's book, I could get in trouble.

Finding That Line

Generally, if it is the same, then the second guy probably stole it from the first guy who wrote it. That may be true 99% of the time. But I am here to say it may not always be the case. And even if a book is not identical with another book, like 100% copied, what if it is 97%? What if it is 80%? Oh, what about 40%? This is the invisible line I am talking about. Where is the exact line? Is it 51%?

Star Wars Trek Royalties

There is rumor concerning how they had to or chose to make the Star Wars and Star Trek movies different than older versions in order to avoid paying royalties.

Pee Wee

I agree with what you said concerning psychology and I do not doubt that. I am telling you how things SHOULD be. You are telling me how things ACTUALLY are. And I agree with you that is how things are. I just don't like it.

Intellectual Property

They are things like thoughts are things. But imagine getting a Bill Gates vaccines for COVID-19 and imagine that the nano bots going into your brain to scan and copyright your thoughts. Imagine Facebook reading private messages and sending it out to entities. Google the same thing. Amazon and Microsoft and others the same thing. The CIA, according to Edward Snowden, tries to spy on everything online. The 4th amendment, which deals with privacy, has been getting violated. So, intellectual property is counterproductive in light of having the 4th amendment violated. If we had more privacy, then intellectual property could be better protected. But people are abusing laws. Bad people are abusing intellectual property. They are taking advantage of copyright, etc.

Fake News

One problem is that people gave Trump and Alex Jones and other people a bad name. They lie about them. People have lied about me and I can talk all day about it. There are lies about me that may be preventing me from being hired from The Salvation Army and other places right now it seems that goes back many years to possibly 2010 or longer. Many people know what this is like. So, your moral clause is limited to an extent. Public perception is limited to the extent they can be fooled by lies, by fake news, by rumors, by hearsay, by inaccurate, incomplete, out of context, accusations, allegations, assumptions, etc. We can talk about Roseanne how they fired her for example. They do this to people. Pee Wee was probably a bad man. That could be true. But some people not so much. Some people get tried in the court of public opinion. And other people rot in jail even as they were innocent. Employers are sometimes reacting on the public perception of things. And I guess if that is what they want to do, they can. But it is dangerous to do that.


If I got arrested. Then fire me. If government has red tape that is stopping you from firing me for any reason, then that is the fault of the regulations restricting the free market. Employers hire people to work. If I am in jail, then I am not working. Therefore, you would not pay a person money to not work. It is that simple. You should not be required by law to have to have a moral clause. it should be you are the boss clause. But that is why I hate government and many things. Yes, I know how things are. But I like supply and demand. If you are a bad boss and you are unfairly firing people, then we should expose you in the court of public opinion. It is that simple. But at the same time, if you wanna fire me, because I am in jail, that should be no problem. And I was in jail for stopping a prank call that a woman made to 911. I was trying to help and got in trouble for breaking a law I didn't know about on Friday, the 13th of July of 2012.


I believe in risk. Employers run into even more risks. I do not want to protect them. I hate government. I want freedom and not safety. I do not want security because that means slavery as they force people to stay at home, which is murdering millions of people in 2020.

West World

2020-04-15 - Wednesday - 03:00 AM - 04:32 AM - Westworld 210

She is resurrected. Oxes. Trusting your enemies. Saving yourself. Wild west. Clint Eastwood poking at his skin.

Delores says she build Bernard as a clone of Arnold.

Clay shoots Delores and then it backfires onto his hand.

18 million versions of what became a virtual father of Delores and who was possibly also the father of Clint Eastwood Clay Aiken. He had a son who was drinking. So, he didn't want to help. Then the son overdosed after the dad said no. 18 million simulations of the life of the dad and all of them ended that way. So, do we still have freewill or are we bound to our code? The answer is yes.

Virtual Matrix World

The door is suicide towards fake immortality that Elon Musk and others sell to us. They run into the door, their bodies fall off a cliff, and their mind goes into the Matrix. But it actually only copies the mind and not the soul. A door at the edge of a cliff means people are literally jumping off a cliff. Mind control. Girl on chick. Like female Neo. Two powerful chicks with mind control. Her daughter goes into the matrix. Pudding wants moral flexibility, which Vanilla does not have, so she shoots her dead.

Facebook Westworld

Do people care that Facebook copied their messages and sold it off to third parties? Better yet, would people care that West World was copying all the human's brains, their minds, the past 30 years, without their knowledge? Pudding responded with a question, would they even care if it works? And to an extent, that is a good question and it is true.

2020-04-15 - Wednesday - 04:33 AM - 05:40 AM - Westworld 301

Is that which is not replaceable what defines reality?

Delores hacks his smart house. She makes him wear smart glasses which makes him sees things. He raped her back in the matrix long ago. He sees his like wife kill herself or something. She blackmails him in order to get some money from him.

Jesse from Breaking Bad is in this. He works with robots. Should he put his implants back in? He sees his sick mother. Meritocracy. They rob like an ATM. Loud music. Distraction. Social credit score. Board meeting. Mute button offline. Egg houses.

Delores hacks into a motorcycle.

Jesse finds and rescues Delores. Bernard gets on a boat to look for West World.


Steven Crowder

10:35 AM - Trump Defunds the WHO! | Ep #8 Good Morning #MugClub

Lionel Nation

10:45 AM - Live Stream: This Will End In Increments Starting In One Week

Thug Goosh

10:48 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

We murder more black lives in two weeks in the 2010's than the KKK did in an entire century, in the 1900's in the United States.

Do we want to be Wall-E bubble fat people?

Prayer is better than yoga as it is the real thing and it puts people in the right mindset to make better choices, to have a better attitude, perspective, outlook.

The value of gold, silver, cash, coins, etc, will continue to go up as they try to ban non-digital currency. So, hold onto your coins.

Zoom gets rolled out in all the classrooms. Zoom is a Microsoft program that spies on video conferences and sends it to China.

Hiding in Fiction

11:37 AM - Hive

We can learn a lot from fiction. Reality hides inside fiction. I'm 35. I was born in 1985 as you can see in my blog.

But you are a figure. - Leslie Monty

Protest against the lockdown in Michigan right now.

Oatmeal English

12:07 PM - Facebook Group

Dear Mods, should we let people sell stuff in this group? There are over 400 mods here. Don't you guys speak all at once.

Music Sorting

12:08 PM - 07:30 PM - Dishes for like an hour or less. And then like 7 hours of sorting through some of the 12 boxes of music book. Got done with box 4.


4 toast rolls. Pills. Coffee. Soup. Carrots. I hear some parents are struggling as their kids are eating more at home.


North Carolina is fighting for freedom. Also, Michigan today. On Saturday, it will be Texas.

Facebook Interaction

08:54 PM - Facebook

Jorge Peralta, But I would prefer if more people interacted here. Do you know that I have over 20,000 followers and yet I don't get as many comments and likes now compared to how many I would get many years ago. So, I try different things to see if I can get that back again. I used to get 500 likes per post on Facebook. I would ask a question in 2014 and get a thousand comments. And sometimes I feel like my questions are too hard. So, then I try to ask easier questions. Because thousands of people know me. I am not a private person. I am known by many people.

On Alex Jones, I saw doctors and norses force vaccinate a man. That is terrible. That is like what Hitler did I am crying as I want people to know about this stuff.

Plato believed in putting poor people into big cities to kill them.

Jealous BF

My avatar had Yen Ngo in it. It was from our photoshoot for Christmas 2014. We were at the 23/9 park in Saigon, Vietnam. I was at the park teaching English as usual for free for many hours each day generally for month months in 2014 and 2015 especially. I went with Yen and her female friend to see Christmas lights. We made videos. We went into the Vincom shopping center which is near that one cafe I used to go to after that, Opera. Today, in 2020, after about a day of having this one picture as my profile photo, Yeh wrote to me in a private message: "hello Joey. long time no see. please dont put photo of me on your avatar. my boyfriend complain about this😭 thanks." I uploaded that photo Tuesday at around 09:00 PM. Now, 24 hours later, I changed it to a solo 2015-01 pic of me in my bathroom looking in the mirror with my backpack with long hair, glasses, a dress shirt.

Baked Blunts

09:39 PM - OK Zoomer

Guest Host Jason Jones is joined by Tiana Elisara on The Alex Jones Show to break down the effects of the quarantine order on the public.


09:49 PM - Facebook

Confidence can come partly from a belief system.

Jo Jo Rabbit

Jo Jo Rabbit is a comedy movie about a boy who crossed between his hot mother, Scarlett Johansson, and his idol, Hitler.


10:03 PM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Wed 04/15/20 Full Show 720p

Nap for two hours until midnight while watching War Room via head phones.

Facebook Groups

01:26 AM - Thursday - I'm currently in 1,086 groups in my main Joeyarnoldvn Facebook profile. Not page or group but official account since 2014. I've had dozens of accounts banned in the 2010's. I'm been terminated and banished off Twitter, YouTube, etc, as well. I've joined over 4,000 groups over the years and have been leaving some of them over the years. Part of my motivation came in 2014 when Facebook started telling me that I could not join any more groups. The limit may have been at around 5,000. Facebook probably stopped me before I joined 5,000 groups. I have joined and exited many groups over the years. So, I have no idea how many groups total. I own and run around 130 or more groups as of right now and may have had more in the past on top of that. I also run around 200 or more pages on top of that. Like I said, I've made and have lost dozens of accounts, possibly over 30 in total and I currently still have around ten of them still or possibly more than that and have lost something like two times that or more over the years.

Vietnam Fake News

Vietnam to prosecute Corona Fake News, to fine people spreading fake news.

Hope On Top

01:48 AM - Facebook

Natural Remedies. And we got bigger problems on top of that. There is always good news out there. I can tell you bad news. I should also let people know that there is hope on top of that as well.


West World

2020-04-15 - Wednesday - 03:00 AM - 04:32 AM - Westworld 210
2020-04-15 - Wednesday - 04:33 AM - 05:40 AM - Westworld 301

Steven Crowder

10:35 AM - Trump Defunds the WHO! | Ep #8 Good Morning #MugClub

Lionel Nation

10:45 AM - Live Stream: This Will End In Increments Starting In One Week

Thug Goosh

10:48 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

Info Kid

09:36 PM - Infographic News for Kids 4/13/2020

Baked Blunts

09:39 PM - OK Zoomer


10:03 PM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Wed 04/15/20 Full Show 720p

Random Notes

Leslie Monty - 2020-04-15 - Wednesday - FB Friend
Yen Ngo - 2014-12 Vincom Photoshoot HCM

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