2023, Year in Review

Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens January of 2023. Rick Trip, Trump Ohio, Scott Adams Black, Snow February. 90K TikTok Video Views, Manure, Freezer, Fences, Trump Indicted March. Stumps. Star Trek Picard April. Shirley Temple Firewood Mermaid RV Shirts May. Discord Drama. Roy Shirts. Gina Carano Blocked Me June.

Atlantis Satan Ocean July. Trump Mug Shot August. VR AI Rise, TikTok Duets September. Hospital. Superman stops planes But 9/11 still happened October. Oregon. Disney Epstein, Elon Musk Said Go Fuck Yourself November. Alex Jones Returns to Twitter December.


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Oatmeal Yearly - 2023 - Year in Review | Published in January of 2024


Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens January 2023


Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens 42A3694D8CC7804ABF5C4BB8D5BC776C.jpg

Steven Crowder Dailywire Candace Owens January 2023

Joshua. Firewood. Snow remnants. Taonga Farm. Chrissie Mayr Simpcast Talk Dating Sunday the first day of January of 2023. Jesus Chosen Libs Unlocking Smart House Tyranny Monday. Alex Stein 99 is Jay Leno 89 Tuesday. Twitter Removed My Christmas Post Wednesday. Upcoming 2023 Movies, My Top 3 video Thursday. Kevin McCarthy became the speaker. Elon Musk Water Car Joe Biden Roy Merrick Pizza Mayr 70s Oatmeal Snow Episode Friday. Tomato Back On Twitter Saturday.

Ojawall2 Intro Video Sunday the 8th. Diamond Lynette Hardaway of Diamond & Silk RIP. How Fix Broken Corrupt Truncated OBS VLC Mp4 Ubuntu Videos Monday. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tuesday. Bookcase put in hallway. Internet Library Librarians & Visitors Wednesday. Jim Sparks Thursday. Piers Morgan interviewed Alex Jones in 2023 Friday. FNT Ruh Roh, Nuremberg, Jordan Peterson, Wife Video Saturday.

America does not own the Mississippi river Sunday the 15th. CDC Blaming Big Pharma For Killer Covid Vaccines Monday. Steven Crowder Exposes Bad Contracts Tuesday. Crowder vs Dailywire Wednesday. Candace Owens vs Steven Crowder Thursday. Lauren Chen On Crowder vs. Dailywire Friday. Alex Jones is Team Steven Crowder Saturday.

Ted Cruz Cult Dailywire, Scott Adams Says Uncle Sunday the 22nd. Dailwire Will Not Cancel Cancel Culture Clauses Monday. BxBulletTV vs Tree of Logic Tuesday. Dailywire Bimbo Contract Wednesday. Naked Roy Merrick Bumbaloe Jackalope Thursday. Pfizer Caught By Project Veritas Friday. Eliza Bleu Was a Cam Girl? Saturday. Terahertz Wand Sunday. Lee Ann McAdoo Monday. Tucker Carlson as Jon Snow Tuesday.

Rick Trip, Trump Ohio, Scott Adams Black, Snow


IMG_20230208_171603 Rose Garden Outside, Dad, Rick, Oatmeal.jpg

My dad, me, and my brother, at the Rose Garden.

Bed sheets washed. 1783 Enabled Money Sent to King of England Wednesday the first day of February of 2023. Stephen Colbert Audience Masks Thursday. Satellites Friday. Bitchute Banned Channels Saturday. Eastern Honeys Chinese Lucy Sunday the 5th. Potato Five is Johnny Alive Monday. Greyhound Sucks Tuesday. Blazers Warriors, Arnold Attic, Uncle Story, Crazy Homeless Bag Man Wednesday. Cabinets Out, Burgerville Dad, Max Jeep Thursday. Lighthouse, Museum Sneak, Bunker Maze, Hiking, Restaurants Friday. Waterfall, Creek School Hill Hike, Birthday Arcade, Church Saturday.

Ted Pickett Family Seattle Sunday the 12th. Oregon, Sharon Hundley, Safeway, Forest Grove Hotel Monday. Pictionary Telephone, Beach Karate Kid Oatmeal Tuesday. Mario 3D World, Kart DS, Lois & Clark Hiking, Arcade, Vietnam Food Wednesday. Driving, Earthquake Bed Coffins, Zombie Lust Men, Day Ten of Ten of the Rick Trip Thursday. Sick, Files Work, Tim Pool Cast Cat Friday. Jamie Hanshaw of Out of This World Podcast Saturday.

Red Covid, Physiognomy is the study of the face Sunday the 19th. Project Veritas Committed Suicide By FIring James Okeefe III Monday. Fallout in Ohio in 2023 Tuesday. Ohio Trump Water/McDonald's. Who are the globalists Wednesday. Ukraine Laundering Scam Thursday. They're Trying to Take Alex Jones' Cat Friday. Potato Five Saturday. Hotep Jesus interviewed Scott Adams Sunday. Matt Baker, Yeonme Park, Oatmeal Hawaii 2008 Heckler Monday. El Salvador President Cracking Down On Gangs Tuesday.

90K TikTok Video Views, Manure, Freezer, Fences, Trump Indicted


Screenshot at 2023-03-31 14-53-00 My TikTok Joeyarnoldvn 90K Views March 2023 Hush Little Baby.png

I got 90K views for my Hush Baby TikTok Video.

Snow hill, Ukraine Leader Wants Americans To Die Wednesday the first day of March of 2023. HDD Platter Discs Thursday. Big Freezer Defrosting, Making Oatmeal Friday. What AI Think About Me Video, Ian Oat Box Songs Saturday. TBN Paul Crouch Jr Daughter Raped Sunday the 5th. Steven Crowder on PBD My Jackson TikTok video has 20K views Monday. Roseanne Barr on Infowars Alex Jones Tuesday. My TikTok Jackson video, 53K+ views now. Ukrainians Depend On the Satellite Phones of Steve Quayle & Infowars Alex Jones Wednesday. Ivan Raiklin on Jan6 News Thursday. Osama Bin Oatmeal Friday. Wood trailer branches unloaded, then loaded up with mushroom compost. TikTok 60K+ Saturday.

Matthew. PBOT Videos Sunday the 12th. Finished getting manure out of wood trailer as we prepare for the garden. Jan6 FBI Ukraine Monday. We dug 3 fence posts by book shed. Accept The Worse, Expect Worse Tuesday. 2 gates up. Synthetic Meat Made From Cancer Cells Wednesday. Man was fixing the oven & fridge. OMG = O'Keefe Media Group or Oatmeal Media Group Thursday. Fence Finished, Trump Back On Facebook Friday. Alex Jones on Royce White Call Me Crazy Saturday.

Spears Twin Died in Tcum? Sunday the 19th. Strawberry TikTok Monday. Diamond & Silk, Golden Graham Kitty Tuesday. Female Roy Merrick Wednesday. Alex Jones For President 2024. My 70K+ Views Hush Baby TikTok Song Video Thursday. PBOAT = Peanut Butter Oatmeal Audio Tapes Friday. My snow hill melted away. Caps on. Trump in Waco, Texas Saturday.

Potluck. Ubuntu Mint MATE Deb vs Snap, Flatpak Sunday the 26th. Strung pole beans string. 88K Views For TikTok Hush Video video Monday. Twitter Banned Talking About Potential Terrorism Tuesday. TikTok Restrict Act Targets ISPs, VPNs Wednesday. Trump Indicted Means Trump 2025 Thursday. Power Rangers. CDs. Trump Batman Symbol Friday.

Star Trek Picard


Star Trek Picard Season 3, 2023 April Poster_StarTrekPicardS3.jpg

Star Trek Picard, Season 3

TREE BLOCKED OATMEAL April Fools Saturday the first day of April of 2023. Snow. Simpfowars Sunday. Tarp. Hose. Potatoes sort. Security Camera moved. Trump lawyer is hot. Twitter icon is now a dog. Vaxing Food Monday. 34 Felony Trump Counts Tuesday. Precision Breeding GMO Bad Wednesday. Rain. Fluoride Water Cancer Thursday. Good Friday Sperm Count Down Friday. Tales of the Jedi Saturday. Walking Dead.

Happy Easter, Added TV Shelf Sunday the 9th. Kentucky Gun Monday. Llama & Joe Biden in TiBANic Tuesday. Fear The Walking Dead. Twitter Reply Broke Wednesday. Dig, Electric Car Death Thursday. Trump. WORDPRESS BANNED ME AGAIN. Tim Pool Alex Jones Friday. Feral Oatmeal Saturday.

My Life Outline Video Sunday the 16th. Vacuum. Dig. Beyond The Reset Monday. Matt Walsh Hack Tuesday. Robot Rima Laibow Oatmeal in Aqua Lollipop Wednesday. Star Trek Power Rangers Thursday. Stumps. Liz Wheeler Friday. Demon Prith Saturday.

Millions of Views on YouTube Sunday the 23rd. Wood trailer to cliff. Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson Monday. John Trump Nikola Tesla Howard Stern Tim Pool Oatmeal Tuesday. Stump cut. Twitter Banned Me For Bob Fletcher Wednesday. Crowder Divorce. They went fishing. Jerry Springer Because Oatmeal Thursday. Mark Beast Frog Toad Friday. My Three Men & a Baby Video Saturday. Mike Obama Blogspot Sunday. Skip died.

Shirley Temple Firewood Mermaid RV Shirts



Custom Hive Blog Shirt, order your own from Roy Merrick on Discord

Bitcoin Billion Mexico Cartel Run Monday the first day of May of 2023. 2015 Periscope 8-bit Elon Musk Tuesday. Green house pots cleaning. Covid Vaccines Make Humans Robots Wednesday. Lila Hart's Mom on Alex Stein Thursday. Google Takeout Lauren Southern Tim Pool Vaccine Jesus Friday. RAPTURE STOLE MY BIKE Saturday.

Viva Frei Nap Hose Sunday the 8th. Stumps Removed Monday. Trees knocked down. Trump raped Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson Twitter Show Tuesday. Fishing. Wood trailer unloaded. Trump CNN Town Hall Wednesday. Not Dead Cuz Russia Thursday. WEF Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Friday. Steph Pizza FNT Saturday.

Rothschild Trillions Sunday the 15th. Wood Splitting Soros Magneto Monday. Banned on Minds Tuesday. YouTube Attacked Steven Crowder For Alex Jones, Trump Jr on Timcast Wednesday. Covid Vaccines Holocaust Thursday. Equality vs Exceptions Friday. Firewood termites. Leftist Liberals Kill Rightist Zombies Saturday.

CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY Sunday the 21st. Ian Audio, Firewood Stack Finished Monday. Chain Saw Bug Factories Tuesday. Firewood project finished. Black Little Mermaid Video Wednesday. Ron DeSantis Kids Masks Thursday. Shirley Temple Little Mermaid. Keyboard EFI Neurolink Harvey Davidson Budweiser Woke Friday. Black Mermaid Saturday. Michael J. Fox Scam Sunday. Happy Memorial Day Monday. Warlord Blocked Oatmeal Tuesday. Order Your Oatmeal Shirts Wednesday.

Gina Carano Blocked Me


Screenshot at 2023-06-30 17-18-14 Discord.png

I might sell my soul to women, seduce me.

Scott Bennett, Twitter Censored Daily Wire Thursday the first day of June of 2023. Elon Musk Shares Daily Wire Documentary Friday. CBS SUED ME, GREAT AWAKING vs GREAT RESET Saturday. YouTube Barbie Copyright Scam Sunday. Alex Jones They'll Kill Trump & RFK Video Monday. Comcast modem. Tucker on Twitter Tuesday. YouTube Restored JoeyArnoldVN after 5 years Wednesday. Diary Land Owes me $19 Thursday. Trump JFK Rainy Day Friday. Attacking Three Branches Saturday.

Alex Stein Song Sunday the 11th. I RESCUED HDD-003 Monday. Trump went to court. Vivek Trump PBS NPC Monday. ABORTION Conflates EXTRACTION With TERMINATION Wednesday. RV. Fox Dictator Biden Party Thursday. YouTube Oatmeal Song, TikTok Touch Myself 70K Views Friday. Catholics Created Islam Saturday.

Rockefeller Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Sunday the 18th. Owen Benjamin on Alex Jones Monday. EctoLife Baby Matrix Tuesday. $20 Trillion USD BlackRock Wednesday. Titanic Submarine Story Thursday. Moscow Russia Civil War Story Friday. BOYCOTT vs BUYCOTT Saturday.

Emma Vigeland on Tim Pool Culture War Sunday the 25th. GINA CARANO BLOCKED OATMEAL FOR DEFENDING HER ON TWITTER Monday. Kyle was on Alex Jones Tuesday. Ian Oat Box Shupashark Crowned God Emperor of my Discord Server Wednesday. Discord Cambodia Anh is Janet Thursday. Discord Computer Hack, Roseanne Alex Jones Friday.

Atlantis Satan Ocean



Russians riding bears

Pangaea Atlantic 2nd Ocean as Synthetic Devil's Anti-Sea Saturday the first day of July of 2023. Glenn Beck, Dark Future Book Sunday. Alex Jones Globalists to Kill Billions Quickly Monday. Blocked by Minds, Disney Star Wars Gina Carano Tuesday. UFO time travel? Encino Man Discord Movie Night 01 Wednesday. Welsh Republic Drama Thursday. Discord TikTok Hackers stole my Social Security Number and will likely imprison and murder me. Cherry Discord Social Security Number Malaria America Invasion Friday. Discord Launch Potential Saturday.

Autism Conflation Sunday the 9th. Addictions vs Holy Spirit Monday. SEC vs LBRY Tuesday. Hollywood Molested Shirley Temple Wednesday. Rima Laibow Famines Coming Thursday. Greta Obama Oatmeal Discord Leaks Threats Friday. Pizza Airplane Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini Saturday.

Discord Voice Video Sunday the 16th. Creamville Discord Party Monday. Trump Jan6 Indictment Coming Tuesday. Taco Tuesday Alex Stein AOC Video Wednesday. Hospitals Murdered, Discord Naughty List Grew Thursday. Real Right Don't Cancel Friday. Chris Cuomo Saturday.

Annual Church Picnic Sunday the 23rd. Senate Bill 1409, The Kids Online Safety Act Monday. Lebron James Son Covid Vaccines Heart Attack Tuesday. Run Ronnie Run Discord Movie Night Wednesday. My First TikTok Live Thursday. Alex Jones Jaimee Foxx Will Die Soon Friday. Discord Yung Savy $5K to take out oatmeal Saturday. John Kerry Famine Science Alex Jones Beaver Sunday. Phoebe in Wonderland Monday.

Trump Mug Shot


Screenshot at 2023-08-30 03-20-31.png

The 2001 Star Trek Enterprise show had this perky hot alien lady.

TikTok Roy Legless Chase Birthday Bacon Tuesday the first day of August of 2023. I installed Mint Mate Wednesday. Liz Wheeler Thursday. Al Gore Won 2000 Friday. Makima Discord Bot George Washington Saturday.

United Nations Europe Collapse Scott Bennett Sunday the 6th. Washington DC Jurisdiction is Illegal Monday. Alex Jones Steven Crowder Partnership Tuesday. Blackberry Picking, Discord Link Died Wednesday. Exotic Culture Oatmeal Fake News, Discord 200 Thursday. Emu Oatmeal Discord Manager Friday. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Saturday.

Simpcast Live in Dallas Sunday the 13th. Three Pizzas 40 Accounts Oatmeal Discord Server Purge Monday. Hawaii Fire Tuesday. Hawaii Electric Cars Time Bomb China Wednesday. Discord Criminals Unbanned, Hawaii Trees Powerlines Thursday. Discord nuke. Laura Loomer Trump Baby Friday. Laura Loomer Saturday.

Squirrels Sunday the 19th. Vaccines Meat Allergies Monday. Stella Tuesday. Shelby Thomson Wednesday. Trump Mug Shot Thursday. Trump is Gangsta Friday. Joe Rogan Hulk Hogan Saturday. Trump 2.0 Sunday the 28th. Trump MLK Monday. SnapChat Tucker Hungary Tuesday. Fox News Rubert Murdoch is a Globalist Wednesday. Trump Against Lockdowns Thursday.

VR AI Rise, TikTok Duets September


Lex Fridman interviewed Mark Zuckerberg in VR.

Owen Shroyer Cops Friday the first day of September of 2023. Oatmeal Services Announced, Mary Archived Saturday. They'll Murder Biden Then Trump Then Stage False Flags Sunday. Joe Biggs Monday. Nano Particles Brain Bleeds Coming Tuesday. LOCKDOWNS BACK OCTOBER of 2023 Wednesday. Dr. Stella on Alex Jones Thursday. Trump Noem 2024, South Dakota Friday. FNT UK Saturday.

Anti-Chip Sunday the 10th. Ashton Blocked Me Monday. Twitter Locked For Riding Amouranth Curves Wednesday. New York Governor Witch Vaccines Threat Thursday. Discord Server Poll Friday. Elon Musk Twitter X Censors People Saturday.

Matrix vs Russell Brand Sunday the 18th. Government Spray Murdered, Geoengineering Monday. DOJ Under-Charged Ray Eps Tuesday. System Not Broken But By Design Wednesday. Poland No To Ukraine Scam Thursday. RoboCop NYC Friday. TikTok Bans Ninja Videos Saturday.

Tom Brady Grapes Sunday the 24th. TikTok Duets, Owen Benjamin Family Dream Monday. Michelle Obama & Gavin Newsom 2024 Tuesday. GOP Debate Wednesday. AI VR Podcasting Thursday. UN Illegals Military Draft vs 2A Friday. AI VR Babel Saturday.

Superman stops planes But 9/11 still happened?


2023-10-31 - Tuesday - Roy Merrick Oatmeal Discord, Joey Halloween Witch 01 image.png

Pee Wee Herman the first day of October of 2023. Trump in Court Video Monday. Bank, Cartoon Super Man Failed to Stop 9/11 Plane Tuesday. Great Awakening by Alex Jones Wednesday. FBI said you're a domestic terrorist if you voted for Trump in the past Thursday. Google Stealing 25+ Million Votes in 2024 Friday. YouTube Suggestions is Manipulated to Control People Saturday.

Israel Gaza War Sunday the 8th. Palestine Israel was allowed by intelligence agencies Monday. Palpatine NWO Funded Israel/Palestine Tuesday. Israel/Palestine = Rinos/Leftists Wednesday. Sore Legs, Blair White on Timcast Thursday. Biden Ukraine $113 Billion Friday. Frasier is Back Saturday.

RIP Suzanne Somers Sunday the 15th. Hashtag Oatmeal TikTok Real Discord Joey Spiderman Meme Monday. Bird Food Tuesday. Owen Benjamin Adam Sandler Oatmeal Wednesday. Grass. Biden Wants War Thursday. Alex Jones Billion Bankruptcy Friday. My TikTok has 3K Followers Saturday.

Harvard Sucks Sunday the 22nd. Open Borders But Only in America Monday? Jenna Betrayed Trump Tuesday. Camp Mind-Raped Alex Jones' Daughter Wednesday. Ukraine Gone Thursday? Israel Trap, Frost Coming Friday. Jason Freddy Red Letter Media Hockey Saturday. Naked Alex Jones Sunday. El Salvador is booming said Max Keiser Monday. AI Disney Princess Witch Oatmeal Tuesday.

Disney Epstein, Elon Musk Said Go Fuck Yourself



Milking my lolcow trolls

Prism Star Wars Wednesday the first day of November of 2023. Xia Land Thursday. Benny Hinn US Debt Friday. Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Saturday. Discord TikTok Party Sunday. Crowder Broke Nashville Manifesto Monday. Socks12 Nuked my Discord Server Tuesday. TikTok September Strike Today, Oatmeal/Ra Left Discord Wednesday. TikTok Strike Appeal Won For Ninja Thursday. Sperm count down over 90% Friday. Happy Birthday Chrissie Mayr Saturday.

Disney Epstein Grooming, TikTok Cougar Comment Banned Sunday the 12th. Oatmeal Army, Cold Buckets Monday. Mark Dice on Alex Jones, LEGO Oatmeal Tuesday. 20+ Million Covid Vaccine Deaths Wednesday. Alex Jones Game/Russell Brand, Candace Owens Ben Shapiro Thursday. Hitler IBM Eugenics vs Elon Musk, Oatmeal Austin Powers Friday. Oatmeal Challenge Saturday.

Potluck. My Lolcow Discord Server Trolls Sunday the 19th. Elon Musk vs Media Matters Monday. Leaving Discord Tuesday. Black Lives Matter/Palestine Lives Matter? Wednesday. Cyborg AI Danger Thanksgiving Thursday. Lolcow Troll Fish Going Crazy in Oatmeal Narnia Friday. Brony Breakup Saturday. Simpcast Fake Nudes Sunday the 27th. Flat Earth, Alphabet History, World Maps, AI Hell Monday. Starving Owen Shroyer in American Prison Tuesday. ELON MUSK SAID GO FUCK YOURSELF DISNEY Wednesday. Oatmeal Milking His Lolcows Thursday.

Alex Jones Returns to Twitter



Skibidi Toilet Rat George Washington

Pentagon Moderna Jab Friday the first day of December of 2023. Oatmeal & Chris Chan Had Tiffany Saturday. Oatmeal Sonic Sunday. Bet ya $1M I won't post in my Discord Server again before 2024 Monday. Ready Player Oatmeal Tuesday. Vivek Won The GOP Debate Wednesday. Alex Jones Tucker Twitter Thursday. Skibidi Toilet Oatmeal Rat Friday. Alex Jones Wins Elon Musk Twitter X Poll Saturday.

Alex Jones back on Twitter X Sunday the 11th. Fish Owes Me Money Monday. Harvard Lost a Billion Dollars Tuesday. Alex Jones Twitter End Game 2007 Wednesday. TikTok Removed me mentioning Laura Loomer Thursday. NATO Mobilizing Against Russia to Spark WWIII Friday. ASUS Crashed, Taylor Swift Communism Saturday.

Klaus Schwab Selection Prediction Election Desire Sunday the 17th. My Jan6 Article, Google 2.0 is Chat Bots Monday. Colorado Steals 2024 Trump Election Tuesday. Ask Me About The Fish Files Wednesday. Rome America Welfare Fell Thursday. Oatmeal Trolls Get My Discord Server Friday. Don't Join My Discord Server Song Saturday.

Alex Jones Biotech Wall-E 1999 Sunday the 24th. NWO Tyranny Christmas Presents Coming Soon Monday. Rebrand Thyself Video/Bilderberg Brain Invasion Coming Tuesday. Fake Oatmeal Wednesday. Calendar Gate Thursday. Alex Jones Jimmy Dore Mind Rape Video Friday. Principles, Toilets, Discord Project Failed Saturday. Grifting Oatmeal Sunday?

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