People are being far too political about the virus

I see a lot of people taking hard-line approaches and unfortunately, like most things these days, there always ends up being a political spin to it. It is unfortunate that for some people all roads lead back to Trump but that is the way it is for the people that I consider to have slight mental problems.

The other day I was talking to someone about hydro Hydroxychloroquine (and yes, I copy/pastad that) and he was adamant that this drug was a non issue despite the fact that some people have seen success with it. He thought is should be illegal to take it to fight coronavirus. His reasoning for this? Because the orange man recommended it. I gave up talking to him about it because there was no logic in his statements. His hatred for Trump made it impossible for him to even look at other aspects of the situation and that is just sad.

I can not stand Hillary Clinton, but I like to think that if somewhere in her dodgy-as-shit foundation someone were to discover something that could abate the spread of this virus.... i'd like to think that I would be all for it.


In the social media world, there seems to be a movement that a person has to be on "a side" as far as this virus is concerned and I am sure that a lot of that is driven by what i consider to be the politically insane out there. I am not on a "side" in regards to Corona and can't believe that there is one to be on other than "recovery." I think that most sane individuals would prefer to see an end to this thing no matter who the person is that helps get there.

That isn't the case in New York though

In this video the interviewer asks NYC residents "If you could choose that the coronavirus gets more extreme and dramatically more people die but... Trump is guaranteed to lose the upcoming election... would you take that?"

A lot of people struggle to answer the question and the more horrible members answer immediately that "yes, they would take that deal." These are terrible people in my mind, especially the person who answers that they would gladly accept 2 million USA deaths to guarantee the ousting of the President.

I know the term gets thrown around perhaps too much but TDS is just incredible. To wish 2 million people dead because "orange man bad."

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