US Government Aware of Coronavirus Outbreak in China as Early as November 2019

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As always, where national security is affected by governments, facts are obscured, and far too many lies are told. I learned of this RT story from @activistpost's article I have reblogged, but consider this information so critically important that I wish to post regarding it, and it's implications, alone.

I highly recommend Spiro's video from @activistpost, which is why I reblogged it. That report contains much else that is essential information to folks carefully considering how to survive this radically different world we live in today, but this claim that the DIA knew of the pandemic as early as November 2019 is utterly necessary to judge the actions of the US government by.

"...Defense Secretary Mark Esper told the outlet he was unaware of the issue coming before the National Security Council in November or December. No official response was forthcoming from the administration until Trump closed the border to flights from China in late January – all the while insisting there was nothing to worry about (and, if insider stock sales by multiple senators were any indication, telling Congress something different)."

Given the surveillance capabilities of the USG, much of which has been proved in detail by Edward Snowden, it is literally impossible that statement by Sec. Esper is true. Patient zero has been revealed to date back at least to Nov. 17 (IIRC), and the censorship undertaken by the CCP would have been impossible for folks armed with the surveillance capabilities possessed by the USG to miss.

Members of Congress demonstrably panic sold their stock upon being briefed on the pandemic in December, which reveals they understood the economic destruction that would ensue. The intelligence agencies are part of the USG, controlled by officials such as Esper, and they could not have been briefing Congress about anything Esper had not already been briefed on, nor could President Trump have been excluded.

The only rational conclusion from the terrible foot-dragging and feigned incompetence by Congress and the Trump administration that allowed air travel directly from Wuhan until late January, and failed to secure American civilians through recommending regional quarantines and isolation as were only implemented in March, at the earliest, in America, is that the initial spread of SARS2 was intentionally allowed, if not deliberately undertaken, by the USG, Congress, and the several States of the Union. No PPE were caused to be manufactured in the states. No medications were produced here. Nobody was enabled to withstand months of unemployment and economic destruction well in advance of the disruption (except insider traders in Congress). The harsh impact of this disruption is deliberate, and hasn't even really begun yet.

Just as it is impossible that Congress could have been briefed by government agencies without the heads of those agencies having been briefed first, it is just as impossible Congress could have been briefed without the Governors of American states also being informed. Clearly, pandemic raging in China, no matter how severe the censorship China undertook to hide it, would have been both obvious to the American surveillance state, and absolutely critical national security information, requiring briefing Governors of American States.

This information reveals that the government response to the epidemic has been mostly lies and misinformation, and the WHO and enemedia are known to have worked together to control the 'infodemic' the WHO publicly stated the need to control. Neither President Trump, nor AG Barr (despite his 'privacy concerns' over including tracking chips in forced vaccinations), nor any member of Congress, have commented on that collusion to limit information available to American civilians, to my knowledge.

We civilians have been misinformed, but we now know we are being misinformed by our government, which is deploying this pandemic for reasons. [Note: none of this means the pandemic is a hoax, or as harmless as the flu. The best lies are mostly true, after all, and as I will illustrate, a deadly pandemic is just what the doctor ordered.] From that information we can examine government response and consider what those reasons are, using Occam's Razor and the Problem, Reaction, Solution methodology of the Hegelian Dialectic, that has long been shown to be how covert psychological operations are undertaken in the West, as guides.

Pretty conclusions do not result from such consideration. The closest analog in history for the prettiest scenario I can come up with is the Holodomor, when the Bolsheviks running the USSR deliberately starved ~10 million civilians to death in the Ukraine. In fact, before this information arose regarding the USG being aware of this pandemic shortly after the Event 201 simulation of it, I had already made that comparison because of the ongoing destruction of global agriculture due to climatic shift resulting from solar cycles (the Grand Solar Minimum just beginning now, that will last ~30 years), several plagues affecting chickens, ducks, and pigs, and the terrible disruption of the supply chain quarantines and other pandemic responses have begun causing, and all of this is being aggravated by the worst swarms of locusts any living person has ever seen completely devouring every green plant in their paths between Africa and China.

There is almost no conceivable explanation for state governments ordering retailers to not sell garden seed and implements specifically to civilians as response to the pandemic. Mass starvation is the only purpose I can discern for that order, in view of all the information I have understood, which far better informed state governments certainly better understand than I do.

IMHO, the lesson of the Holodomor - that governments will take your food, destroy your garden, and keep you from accessing any food source outside their control, when governments have decided to starve you to death - should be the primary information people use to base their actions on today.

I have been posting content from @iceagefarmer for months as the solar minimum has increasingly affected agriculture, long before the pandemic began. If you have missed those posts and that information for any reason, I strongly urge you to begin carefully researching current disruption of agriculture by the aforementioned vectors.

Many people have stocked up on food, some for as long as a year. This will extend their lives I think, so that's a good thing. However, the decreased output from the sun will continue for three decades. This disruption of the growing season will be additionally impacted by the several plagues of livestock, locusts, and economic disruption caused by government. I also do not think what appear to be deliberate disruption of food supplies will just last one season.

The Holodomor lasted a couple of years, and involved seizing food and means of producing it. Since the present disruptions do not involve seizing our food or destroying our gardens - yet - the present plan to starve masses of pandemic survivors will last longer. I note the UN plan to reduce global population, called sustainable development in their documents, is called Agenda 2030.

I don't think anyone can store food for their family for a decade, and know damn well civilians as a whole do not have such food stores. As I have suggested, preventing people from producing their own food, or from hunting and foraging, are policies I expect to be implemented, in due time.

For that reason, I believe that people intent on not becoming dependent for food on government that wants them dead will need secure, covert means of providing food. I also must point out that this is the best, as in least terrible, analog for the present situation I have found likely. Both Stalin and Mao starved multiple Holodomor's worth of civilians, and I note that many official UN and related publications call for up to 90% of global population to die.

My worst case scenarios are also those I consider most likely, because of this fact. I do not think our governments just want to scare us into compliance. I think that is the beginning of what they are intent on, because unless we comply, they will not succeed in killing most of us. Once we have been weakened and reduced in number by plague and starvation, then the real depopulation will start. If they lead with that while we're still healthy and numerous, and armed, we will defeat them. Furthermore, without the global catastrophes of plague and famine, I don't think professional militaries will follow orders to massacre civilians, particularly not if soldiers grasp that they are being chemically castrated, just like the civilians they are being ordered to slaughter.

When soldiers get hungry, they will comply for food, just as Afghanis and Iraqis did when the US offered rice in exchange for compliance with biometric tracking of civilian populations there. It is notable that Afghan Mujahideen faced the US military with fucking home made flintlock muskets rather than surrender. That they surrendered their biometric information for rice reveals the degree of control power over food supplies creates.

This is my conclusion from observing the US and other governments claim to have not known of the beginning of the pandemic in China by at least November, and other information on agriculture that I have kept abreast of.

If you find this conclusion false or unlikely, let me know why. I want nothing more than to be absolutely proved wrong.

I am working to create food supplies that meet the criteria I mentioned. If I am wrong, I'd rather be doing something useful with my backbreaking labor and financial expense.

I have always pointed out that criticism is my most valued coin. More than ever before, I desperately want to be proved wrong.

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