The Fat Lady Sings

And when she sings, then it's over. Our fat lady is a rather important black man called Barack Obama, and his latest hit is called "Endorsing Biden." So it's over; any hope for real "change we can believe in" is now a thing of the past.


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It was already painful to listen to Sanders' endorsement of Joe Biden, but taking in the empty rhetoric from Obama last night was pure mental torture. There's no doubt that Obama is one of the most talented politicians of the past decades; the man oozes charisma and always knows exactly what words to say to what audience. Twice he ran on a program of hope and change and managed to make millions of working class people believe that with him in the White House change was possible. Nothing changed however. He got Obamacare through without the public option he ran on and Americans didn't see their healthcare bills go down. Obamacare was a gift to big pharma in the sense that everybody now had a mandatory insurance, but with the same for profit foundation, granting the insurance companies millions more customers for the same shitty deal. Obama continued, and expanded on America's foreign wars, driving up drone bombings to all time highs. After the financial crisis he bailed out the banks and the auto industry, instead of the millions who lost their home. If Trump is the most dangerous Republican president of modern American history, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are the most dangerous an most lethal ones on the Democratic side; their policies are in fact what fertilized the ground Trump thrives on.

Obama is a first class charlatan, but he's so good at his trade that still millions have great affection for him and he's still one of America's most popular ex-presidents. So yes, listening to a professional con-man is painful because you just know he doesn't mean a word he says. It's typical that after he sabotaged Sanders' campaign by pulling strings behind the scenes right before Super Tuesday, he now praises Sanders and his movement; yet another case of what to say when to whom. another case of blatant political opportunism. But I just know millions will fall for it. "See? Sanders has made a difference and Obama has just given his blessing to the DNC to move to the left." I wish that were true, but it's not. Just listen carefully to what he's saying and you'll realize it's all empty words with no promise of actual policies to enact real change. He first claims that he understands that it's not enough to just go back to how it was before Trump, but then follows up with saying that it's time for a public option, the very thing he failed to push through when he negotiated his Obamacare. And besides that, a public option isn't a real solution at all, only a single payer system can make heath insurance a reality for all. "Medicare for all who want it" isn't suddenly a good solution now that Obama says it instead of Buttigieg.

I'm sorry, dear reader, I'm feeling somewhat angry right now... So, I'll just leave you with Obama's full endorsement speech. I haven't enjoyed it. He sits there, praising the real working people who keep the real economy running in this time of crisis, risking their lifes for the greater good, the same people he left to rot when he could have bailed them out instead of the bankers who were part of his administration... And then brags about saving the auto industry; save industry, not people. That's exactly what the Democrats have voted for, AGAIN, with the corona relief bill. Really, the dishonesty and disdain toward everyday people know now bounds with these charlatans, and Obama is one of the best...

BREAKING: Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden for President | FULL

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