One Image Says It All

In today's short post I'd like to share with you one picture that has been trending om Twitter two days ago, one picture that's worth more than the proverbial 1000 words, one picture that immediately shows capitalism's core nature and why it is doomed to fail.


source: Twitter - @eldon_katz

I don't use Twitter myself, or Facebook, or Instagram or any of the other modern and popular social platforms; I read and post only on the blockchain based blogs on Steem, Hive and Trybe. However, almost all news outlets on YouTube and also in the mainstream media do cover what's trending and what's tweeted by the POTUS. I picked up on the existence of the image, which is a screenshot of some financial program on MSNBC, in the below linked video; make sure to watch that as it also contains a glimmer of hope. But this is it, this is the picture. On top it says that the Dow Jones Index has it's best week since 1938, and on the lower third of the screen we read the news that more than 16 million Americans lost their jobs in 3 weeks.

"The cheapest commodity on earth today is human flesh and blood. To make a profit at the expense of human life is the central controlling motive of the capitalist system." - Eugene V. Debs, June 16, 1902

That says it all. It shows capitalism't nature, which is to transfer wealth from the poor to the rich, to exploit the labor of workers to enrich the owners of the means of production. And it shows how this steady flow of wealth toward the top is accelerated during times of crisis. It illustrates perfectly how the owner class will "never let a good crisis go to waste." Again, just like in the financial crisis of 2008 / 2009 and just like with the .com crash of the early 2000s, the rich and big corporations are bailed out with trillions of cheap money, while the common citizens are left with the bill. Public debts are used to boost private profits; we pay the debts while "they" scoop up more profits. So perfectly captured in one frame... The below linked video explains how this works, how the people are screwed over and over again; the surprise twist is that this time it's an actual billionaire capitalist, a former executive from Facebook, who criticizes the system. He, like many others who aren't ready yet to blame capitalism itself, probably thinks this is crony capitalism, not actual capitalism because in actual capitalism these businesses would be allowed to go bankrupt. The sad truth is that this crony capitalism is capitalism's default end-station. Still, it's refreshing to hear such heavy criticism come from a billionaire.

CEO Dumbfounds CNBC Host

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