Operation Gridlock: Thousands Protest Coronavirus Lockdown at Michigan Capitol

People are tired of being treated like babies, as if they can't handle their own safety. The people of Michigan, mostly conservatives, are tired of it and have taken to the streets to engage in civil disobedience to express their disapproval of the lockdown measures imposed from the fear-hype panic of the coronavirus.


A live stream is happening here:

A previous session of the protest can be seen here:

There is also another protest as Ohio residents are protesting #Coronavirus lockdown at the state capitol:

The mainstream media will probably spin this as something bad, and blame Trump, since a lot of the protesters are Trump supporters. Don't believe the media masters of spin. More people are aware of the falsities in the media about the coronavirus risk, and are tired of being controlled by the state.

This is freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and civil disobedience that disrupts society in order to protest their loss of freedom and make the government listen. People want their freedom of movement back. People want to get back to work. The state is preventing people from working.


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