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The last part of the story is here: Mortis Custos Part 69 by @lex-zaiya.
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Part 70

The light exploded before him.

For a long moment Adrian could see nothing but white in front of him. He knew he had to focus, his uncle had told him that he must.

But he also knew, by now he was certain that he understood, that Adiran was not his uncle at all. Adiran was just a very close change to Adrian. Probably so that if he ever responded to his real name he could excuse it on the account of the similarities.

He had seen how Magna had looked and spoken to their uncle, not-uncle. The relationship had changed. There was something subtle and different between the two even though the one was the other’s senior by many years, there had been a familiarity that Adrian had picked up on almost instinctively. It was the same way he was with his sister.

Gradually, his vision began to clear, from white, the light appeared blue and slowly the figure of his… of… Adrian could be seen before him. The old man took sharp and full colour focus while the landscape and battle around them seemed to be gone.

It was silent.

“Where are we?”

“Within the spell. We need to do this within a space I have created outside of your soul and outside of the normal space of reality.”

Adrian nodded and then looked up sharply to the sound of the old man chuckling. “What’s so funny?” He demanded.

“There used to be a time where that sort of information would have astounded and amazed you.” The old man said. “There was a time you used to hang on my every word that I had to tell you about magical things. Now you took this information with barely a flinch.”

“Yeah, well, then I died.” Adrian said, somewhat bitterly. “And I somehow spent about a week in this place, but without becoming one of them, which probably means that you or someone else had done something to prevent me dying…”

“Yes I bound your soul.”

“… and spend most of that time running from the undead or that massive thing. So… no… I am not surprised that you have returned with massive amounts of magical power and the ability to do these things… I mean… It makes sense why you hid it… and why you have been avoiding everyone but especially ME

“I suppose that you have figured it out then?”

Adrian nodded his head lightly. “I mean, basically. There are only so many possibilities… the name makes sense. Your nose and ears are the same. But… I want to know something.”

“What is that?”

Adrian touched himself where he knew his physical body had been stabbed in the chest, probably right into his heart. “Are you the same here as well?”

Adiran heaved a great sigh. “Yeah… we can compare the scars later, when you are in your real body. It’s time to complete the rest of this ritual.”

Adrian then saw that Adiran, held in his hand something that glowed brightly. The thing was trying to escape his fist and there was a long tendril-like appendage coiled around Adiran’s arm as it attempted to wrestle its way free.

“What’s that?”

“Your salvation… and ironically mine as well. Step closer” Adiran commanded. “I really cannot say if this is going to be any different this time… but please bear the discomfort.”


That was all warning Adrian got as Adiran slammed the shaped soul-shard into Adrian’s chest. The boy screamed.


At first there was only darkness. All was void and all was nothing… all the void was all of everything.

Then the light came.

The light was singular, the light was everything. The light filled the darkness but it also gave the void definition. There was neither morality nor sin in the light. There was neither morality nor sin in the void.

Then the light became diffused. Over time, the light sought to express itself. More things were created. When there were more lights, more planes there come into being divine expressions.

A second light brought perception of shape.

A third light brought into the void creation of matter.

A fourth light brought with it many further expressions of the other three and the void was filled, filled as far as perception could reach.

The fifth light, through to an un-guessable number of lights brought forth so many more things. Lights sometimes grouped together and became highly intense sources of light. Some lights merged with the void and became the natural balance and opposite for the light.

There was a distortion of time, there was a distortion of… perception.

I Exist!

The lights moved and birthed a million things every instant.

Where is my body?

His perception was drawn to a single pinprick in the cosmos. It became larger. It was… a ball of green and blue and brown and gold and white.

And there were other things, massive things, drooping down towards this globe, things that had neither form nor a possible way for his mind to comprehend. This very vision, he knew somehow, was what his perception chose to accept as an conversion from the unknowable spectrum that threatened his soul.

He was drawn downwards to the massive sphere and became smaller than the sphere… the great massive presences touched one another and there was… conflict… disagreement… strife….

His soul floated down and down until everything was too large to comprehend and everything turned to blackness again, as the void used to be.

And then he opened his eyes.



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