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Viewer discretion is advised due to gory violence! Undead! Swords! Death! Beware!


Part 64

The two armored warriors squared off with one another.

Mortis had his helm on, but Magna knew that this knight was more or less corporeal with flesh on his face. As Mortis had been spending more time on this plane, his flesh had been regenerating.

Meanwhile, the other armored warrior's skin was a translucent green. Even though her armor and her shield seemed to interact with the world, Magna was not even sure that the rest of her could be touched.

Why would she need a shield then if she cannot be touched?

It was impossible to know whether or not Mortis was staring at this wraith with contempt, disdain or awe. His helm and his posture gave no outward sign and the deathly knight was silent.

"Well?" The Wraith Knight said impatiently. "Did your tounge rot in your mouth?"

"I..." the single word grated out. Magna could hear in that sinlge syllable that there was pain and regret.

"I do not think that we have time for this." Adiran said as he walked towards where the two knights stood. "We need to reach the boy."

The wraiths features pinched as she regarded Adiran for an instant. "You are of the House of Drakenspoort. I serve to your defence... I do not however, serve at your command. I am bound to protect the family... which is why I want to know why HE is HERE and not in the castle of the living as he was supposed to!"

The anger in the woman was like a thunderstorm, ready to break loose. She seemed likely to start punching her way to her answers if she did not get them soon enough.

"I protect the House Drakenspoort." Mortis said implacably.

"It is MY job to look after them when they arrive in this place brother, not yours." She said, now seeming more exasperated than murderiously angry.

"That is what I am doing..." Mortis gestured. "They are alive and they are all that is left of the royal line. The House has been under attack and there are not more family members in the castle that are from the House."

"Then who sits in the seat of power?" The wraith asked.

"My mother." Magna spoke up. "I am Magna, daughter of King Johnathan of Dragonshold and Queen Mary."

"A Princess then." The statement was matter of fact.

"I don't like the title." Magna said, frowning and feeling her cheeks flush.

The wraith barked a sour laugh. "You and me both."

Magna's eyes widened. "Who are..." Her question was interrupted by the arrival of a wingless dragon. Magna's blood ran cold when she saw the brown and red scaled beast stalk out of the doorway she had been about to go into that led to the royal suites.

The dragon was only around the size of a small horse, but its teeth and claws were sharp and traces of fire billowed from its nostrils.

Helga keened in a very bird-like fashion while Mortis and his sister turned to face this new threat.

"Magna!" A voice yelled then and Adrian came barrelling around the side of the dragon. Magna's mouth fell open as her bother skirted past the beast and ran into her, gripping her in a hug.

"Adiran!" The beast bellowed in a pleased way. At that moment Derric appeared as well, in his teenage human form.

They were finally all together, though their party was somewhat larger than expected. A chorus of groans and shuffling feet prevented further conversations from occurring.

"We need to move." Adiran said and began walking away from the undead and towards the back of the main hall.

"Uncle Adiran!"

"Not now... nephew... really... Magna don't start! Now if not the time!" Adiran forewarned. "Let's get to the royal chambers."

"Who put this man in charge?" The Wraith Knight asked.

Adiran ignored her and Mortis came up beside her. "It is a long story."

The wraith regarded Mortis with a raised eyebrow and shrugged her armoured shoulders. "So? We have time."


In shorter time than what she thought it would take, Queen Mary stood on the outer walls of the city along with her troops in the centre block. Soldiers, knights, men at arms and all the militia they could muster.

To her right was the Host of Naan, silent as death. There was a slight gap between the two armies but the silent cloaked army never spared a glance for the humans. Their commander was not with them, but they seemed to need no direction.

To her left was the gibbering host of Ghouls that were led by Millmor. There was an even bigger gap between these creatures and her own troops with Millmor standing between the two. There seemed to be other larger ghouls among them keeping order in their shuffling ranks. Their arrival had caused a lot of panic but the populace seemed to get over their shock and mistrust quickly.

This was because of what faced them across the field. Before them and to the sides, as far as the eye could see were the shambling undead. The battlefield had turned to a dark grey even at the height of the day, it was dark.

The dead covered the landscape from where the forest touched the plain and right across from coast to coast, surrounding their city except for the sea side.

She offered a silent prayer that her children return to her soon.



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