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Hello everyone Lex and I have swapped positions of the week for the story. This was entirely my fauly though as time and life did me in. lol

The show must go on!

This is a continuation of the Mortis Custos Part 61 by @lex-zaiya.
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Viewer discretion is advised due to gory violence! Undead! Swords! Death! Beware!


Part 62

Goroz remained in a kneeling position.

Mary saw that he was thinking it over. She did not think that he was constructing a lie, but perhaps the entire story would not be easily told before the crown. Finally he spoke.

"The Queen's brother in law, the Mage Adiran sends his greetings to the Queen, as does her daughter, Princess Magna." Gorox began. "Your Majesty, their party were travelling the aether worlds, on a quest to save Prince Adrian's soul when we met them. A most powerful wizard..."

There was unrest in the crowd. Mary held up her hand and the warrior paused. "On the night of the attack, King Jonathan's brother was revealed to be a great Mage of immense power. Only by his immense power were the dead defeated that night, but alas, my husban was slain and the Prince wounded. His soul, torn from his body. That is why the Princess has been gone."

There was a person from the crowd who called out. "What of the Princess? Is she not in danger?" The murmurs rose.

Gorox stood and raised one massive hand to still the crowd of city folk and soldiers. "Heed my story! For without the party of Adiran, we, the Initiates of the Kai Temples would all four be dead!" The crowd hushed and moved closer to hear. Mary supressed a smile, the giant man should have been a bard. "The mighty Wizard was accompanied by a Warrior Princess with armor and a sword, stalwart and brave!" The crowd murmured its approval.

"They also had in their number, a Knight of Drakenspoort who was the Eater of the Dead, a Harpy named Helga and a young man who was able to transform into a wolf!"

It was at this point that the hulking shape of Millmor strode towards the giant barbarian. The creature he had become was massive and muscular, whith giant black wings now folded along his forearms as he stalked forward on all fours.

"That boy who travels with Princess Magna is my ward, Prince Derric of the Greenwald, an old nation that was cursed centuries ago. He alone escaped the malediction that turned his countrymen into monsters. He retains the strong blood as the Child of the Forest..." Millmor shrand once more as he spode and there strode the burly bearded man nearly equal in stature to Gorox. "He is not like me, he carries the power of Nature within him. I have watched over him in the forest that used to be our Kingdom. Our men and women were turned into ghouls so they may serve the Dark, but because their Prince still lives, they have not succumbed."

Mary decided that it was time to reign in control again. "Temple initiates!" All heads swung in her direction. "Thank you for your tale. Where is the party now if you are here?"

"Your Majesty, the Mage Adiran sent us to our plane of existence but he moves to this castle within the realm of the dead, to seek the Prince's soul." Gorox replied.

The one-armed woman who had stood with the other initiate spoke up now. "Should the army of the dead take this place in the physical world, they will be able to empower and enact terrible things from both sides of the worlds. We saw the army of that one..." She pointed at Lucien. "... thinking that they were going to attack the castle, but they dug in facing outwards. We can confirm that their intention is to defend this place."

Lucien inclined his head with a haughty smirk on his face. "Some recognition at last." He murmured where only Mary could hear.

"Temple initiates." Mary called out at last. "Your aid is accepted. We need all the help we can to stem the darkness. Only together can we all survive what is to come!"

Gorox and the one-armed woman turned and knelt once more. Millmor, in human form, gave a bow of a nobleman. Lucien swept a fancy bow at her side, showing his respect and his agreement. The Queen's guards and soldiers banged their shields or stamped their spears on the ground. Cried of "Dragonshold! Dragonhold!" and "For the Queen! For the Princess!" were yelled.

One by one the populace of the City added to the cheer, raising hands and stamping feet. There did not seem to be anyone that had not raised their voices in support.


Yet there was one man who watched the Queen and her corrupted allies silently and with disdain. High Priest Darius walked out of sight and spat to the ground. "May the fiery Lord in Heaven protect us from such corruption!"

He had kept the lesser priests away from the ground before the gates of the castle. He had suspected that there would be a rally. He did not need the other priests to doubt. Their conviction were not as strong as his own.

He descended into the cellar beneath the Grand Church and was met by his Elder Priests. "What happens High Priest?"

"Is the Queen made corrupt with dark powers?"

"Is there any merit to her alliance? What danger comes to this city?"

The High Priest held up a hand and stilled them. "It is most likely true that there is an army of the dead marching upon our walls. Yet our City and its countryside will be defended by corrupt monsters and evil things. This is a battle evil and evil that through victory or defeat will see Dragonshold beset by darkness and damnation. We fight for the soul of the City and we will need God to intervene."

The Elder Priests bowed.

"Are the sacrifices ready?"



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