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Writing is a hobby that is usually practiced in solitary. A Story Chain, however, gives us the opportunity to interact with another writer or a group of writers and share that charge of excitement that comes with creation of a new story.

Story Chains are one of the most enjoyable, interactive pastimes that I have ever participated in.

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So what is a Chain Story?

In essence, a Chain Story is a story written by two or more people. The simplest format of this more or less like playing Beach Tennis. You want to have the story bounce across to the other person in such a way that they can pick it up and send it back to you. That is how this game is fun.

If the flow stops then the game ends and in a Chain Story you want to avoid needing to stop. Invariably, there will be some curve balls served and it is fun to be able to handle those and keep the game going. As long as it does not interrupt the flow of your story.

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How do I set one up?

First off you will need to find someone who is interested in writing a story with you!

  • Do you write the same genre?
  • Do you share interests?
  • Do you both have some time to spare on this project?
  • Is your expectation of pace the same?

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Finding the right balance

There needs to be guidelines and rules in your engagement with another writer.

Early on you need to outline the following:

  • How long will each person's contribution be? Words and/or paragraphs.
  • How frequent will a reply be expected?
  • What genre will the story be in?
  • How much artistic licence are you allowed? Realism/unrealistic.
  • What voice will the story be done in? 1st or 3rd person (most common two to choose)
  • Will the story be rated ALL, PG13, 16 or 18+?
  • Are there any taboo subjects? For example: gratioutous violence, graphic descriptive sex, etc

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Being Flexible

One way or another, you need to be a little flexible.

Life will change things for you. Your time schedule may change. Or sometimes you will need to write longer or shorter pieces than was previously agreed upon - You need to be able to deal with these fluxuations in a fair way in order for the Chain Story to continue!

Once in a while something will happen that stops the story and corrective action will need to be taken. Relax and communicate your reasoning clearly to the other person.
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It's mostly for fun and learning!

In a general case, a Chain Story is for practice and for fun.

Most of the time the result is not really a publishable story and sometimes it can become one with a bit of editing and smoothing over!

Meanwhile... we have Steemit... and I think this is the best platform to begin writing Chain Stories from! It will be entertaining to read, both the content and the way the story is passed on to each other.

As usual, I have just about overdone things and I have at least 5 people interested in doing one of thse with me!

So if YOU would like to write with me, comment or DM me on Discord: WulfenZA (zakludick)#7488

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