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New week, new project. Another survival book which I was headhunted for, yay. Looking forward to working with this client again.
Other than that, it's starting to get cold here in South Africa. Although I love the winter rain, I would prefer to feel my feet once in a blue moon!
Anyway, this is the continuation of Part 18 added by @zakludick last week. I hope you all enjoy.
“How old are you!” Demanded the mage.

“That was surprisingly rude.” Sniffed Millmor as he started heading toward the cottage. “I think we need a few hours rest before the sun rises.”

Mortis tilted his head to look at the sky, already noticing that it was lightening.
“I know you want us to travel by day to prevent the dangers of the night, but we are still too close to the castle for my liking. Don’t you agree Adiran?”

The mage looked back in the direction of the castle. “I want to agree with you, but the days are growing short.”

“Leave at dusk.” Suggested Millmor.

The two men nodded their heads. Adiran then followed the limping Ghoul King as Mortis continued to look at the sky. He waited till they were at the entrance of the cottage to raise his helm and spit blood from his mouth. He then picked at something between his teeth before lowing the helm and following them. He was a little concerned about what was tracking them. He knew something was tracking them. How else had a shadow’s veil found them?There was a link, but right now, he wasn’t sure who was the cause of it. It could have either been Adiran or Magna, as both carried the blood.

Sighing heavily, the knight made his way to the cottage where he saw Adiran was faffing over Magna. A quick query enlightened him to an injury the girl had picked up. She had hit her head and split part of her scalp within her hairline. It wasn’t a large cut, but now it was dripping through her hair, and it became noticed.

“Use healing magic.” Said the knight nonchalantly.

“I don’t have an affinity for that.” Snapped the mage.

“Well, then you better take a sewing kit out because the bleeding isn’t going to stop itself.”

“The horses!” shouted Magna suddenly.
Derric covered his ears and growled, “No need to shout. I am sure Daisy has rounded them up.”

“Don’t worry about anything.” Said Adiran softly. “Come, sit down, let me see the damage.”

“My sword is out there as well.”

“That is a concern for later. Sit down before you collapse.” He gripped his niece’s arm and paused.

She was shaking like a leaf. Gently he pulled her into an embrace and just held her. The moment she was wrapped in his embrace, she collapsed once more and this time, nothing anyone did could rouse her. Mortis only chuckled as he returned outside to look for the horses and the girl’s blade.
“It’s shock. That was her first real battle.” Said Mortis when he returned with the supplies they needed.

Magna and Derric were curled up on what seemed to be a heap of furs. The boy was lying as if he were a dog, and Magna lay on her back. She was pale but breathing deeply, confirming that she was sleeping deeply.

Adiran got to stitching the wound on the back of her head while Millmor and Mortis sat before the fire someone had started in the fireplace. The Ghoul King was staring into the flames for a long time before he said to Adiran, “Sleep while you can, we will look out for you while you do so.”

The mage sat with his back against the wall and closed his eyes. It didn’t take long for his breathing to deepen.

“He used too much magic.” Said Mortis.

“He isn’t the worse of the mages I have seen.” Added Millmor.

He stretched and groaned, “This is not what I expected when I invited you into my forest. However, I should have expected it, you were a wild child.”

“That was too long ago for me to remember.” Mortis placed a hand on the cottage floor, “This place is soaked with blood, centuries of it. How long has the curse been in place?”

“Do you really have to ask?” Millmor poked the knight in the chest.

Mortis sighed and looked into the fire, “That long, huh? Who would have thought it was all because of this line?”

The silence was only broken by the crackling of the fire until Mortis asked, “How old is the lycanthrope?”

Millmore remained silent for some time before he said, “He was born soon after the curse was placed on the land.”

Mortis whistled softly and added, “He doesn’t look a day over seven winters.”

“The curse has affected us all differently. It's one of the reasons I want him to leave this place. I know what the mage is seeking. It may not be obvious to the humans, but you and I know the truth. Perhaps, he can help Derric too.”

“We both know there is a cost to the gods for what is happening here.”

“Bah! Gods? If gods were involved, do you believe you and I would be in this mess? No Mortis, there are no gods. We are abandoned.”

Mortis shook his head, “No, there are gods, they may not be benevolent, but there are gods. I know it to be fact.”

Magna stirred in her sleep before rolling over, kicking Derric as she did. The boy whined and kicked but luckily missed her.

“Do you believe they can free us?” asked Millmor.

“I believe they can change what has happened, as for whether they can free the cursed, that I don’t know.”

Groaning, Millmor got to his feet, “I need to feed. Dawn is fast approaching. I will return soon.”

Mortis was then left with the thoughts of a past he wishes hadn’t occurred.
And now you all have to wait till later in the week to enjoy the next chapter! See you all soon!

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