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Sorry for the late post. I wasn't up to posting yesterday, as we sadly lost one of our pet rats to illness. It was a big shock, but it was over quickly, and Eerie is no longer in pain or suffering.

Here is the update. A nice fight scene and a big review, because that is what I needed in my life today.

Magna turned to the royal chambers and sprinted toward the staircase she spied. If she could get into a smaller space, then the giant wouldn’t be able to follow her. Then the castle shook, and she was thrown from her feet. She tried to keep her footing, but something knocked her back, and she collided with a wall.

The air that had been in her lungs exploded in a painful gasp, and she saw stars. Gasping for breath, Magna frantically felt around for her blade she had dropped. Her vision was momentarily gone, but it slowly bled back, and she stopped what she was doing to stare at the thing before her. Before her was a knight with a massive kite shield, holding back the broken sword. Magna hadn’t even realised the giant had been on top of her. How had it missed her?

The giant roared, and the air was filled with flies and maggots, but the iron defender refused to move. It stood defiantly looking up at the beast, only grunting in exertion. Eventually, it took a deep breath, turned its head and looked at Magna.

“Are you just going to sit there, or are you planning on helping me!”

The voice was muffled behind the helm, but it was compelling. Magna needed to answer, but she had no idea what to do. This was a giant, how was she supposed to beat it? Groggily she got to her feet and picked up her sword. She turned back to the knight which had proceeded to knock the blade aside.

“I can’t wait for you.” Echoed the helm once more as the knight ran forward toward the giant undead creature.

Magna’s feet moved without conscious thought. She knew this style of fighting. It was one that her father had tried to teach her, but she had been useless at it. She had never been one for a shield.

“I’m with you!” she cried as she came up on the knight’s left.

The knight ducked right, and Magna split off toward the right. The giant’s rotting eyes tried to track the combat, but between the two warriors suddenly flying at it, it had no idea where to give its attention. Instead of going after a single warrior, it swung its weapon wildly. With unnatural speed, the knight slammed its shield against the giant, causing the massive creature to lose its footing.

Aim for the underside of the jaw!

A voice echoed in her head. It sounded the same as the warrior. Magna obeyed and leapt only the falling giant’s legs and ran toward its head. The creature tried to swipe at her, but she ducked under the arm and then the sword, before bringing hers to bear before her. She felt the point of her weapon hit the soft underside of the dead thing’s jaw before, and it halted for a second before it tore through the rotten flesh.

The beast roared and tried to flail once more. Magna was shoved out of the way, and a shield was slammed against the pommel of the blade, driving it deep into the creature’s head. It shuddered just once, and its arms collapsed at its sides. The shield-wielding warrior stepped back, pulled the helm from her head and spat on the double-dead creature.

“About time you were becoming an eyesore!”

Magna’s mouth dropped when she viewed the warrior before her. Long bluish-green hair skilled over the familiar armour. The warrior turned and Magna could get a look at the nightmare behind the helm. Yet, it wasn’t truly a nightmare. The warrior was a woman with harsh features, a strong jawline, and blue hellfire eyes. She was also partially translucent.

“Oh, close your mouth!” snapped the warrior, “You’ll attract flies to it.”


“A wraith.” The woman said sarcastically, “Are you newly dead or just clueless?”

Magna was about to answer when Derric landed next to her in another wolf amalgamation with wings. He was snarling, his lips drawn back, his teeth bared.

“Well now, don’t see many of your kind anymore.” The wraith swung her shield to her back and petted Derric on top of his head, “Well met Princeling, that is what you are right?”

Derric immediately shrunk back from her touch and looked up at Magna in confusion.

Why is she wearing Mortis’ armour?

“She isn’t wearing my armour; she is wearing her own.” Came the voice of Mortis.

Everyone spun to see the knight enter the hall. Behind him was Helga and Adiran.

“How did you get in?” asked Magna, breathless.

I thought you needed backup. I pressed the damn button to get them in and well…turns out you didn’t need any help.

Adiran immediately came to stand next to Magna to ensure she wasn’t hurt. He then took hold of her head and asked, “How did the thing find you?”

“I don’t know.” Magna shrugged, “I was silently waiting for Derric, and I must have let my mind wander…”

“Did you think of your brother?”

“No…I thought of you, but as my uncle!”

Adiran let out a sigh and shook his head, “I should have warned you not to. You think of me as both uncle and brother, that link must have caused the giant to go after you.”

Well, she’s fine, and I found the other twin.

“You did?” Magna was so excited, their mission seemed to have been successful.

She turns to Mortis to express her happiness but found that the knight hadn’t moved from the entrance of the hall. He seemed to be staring at the other warrior with flowing hair with his expressionless face.

“It’s been a while, brother.” Said the wraith as she crossed her arms

Good luck @zakludick explain however you wish. I realised too late what I wanted to do would have been a whole extra chapter on top of this, so I skipped it for later.

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