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I hope your week has being going well. When we last left the adventure, Queen Mary was left facing an unknown entity. Since Zak wasn't partial to identifying the species, I had some fun. Enjoy!

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that, Your Majesty.” The creature with pallor skin grinned. “Please, call off your men.”

Mary hesitated for a second with her command, and it almost cost a jumpy guard his life. The impatient youth stepped a foot forward, and Lucien’s head snapped toward him. The creature from Naan took the movement as a threat, and he reacted. In a flash, he strode forward and slapped the youngster across the room. A few seconds later, he landed in a crumpled heap after slamming into a wall with a crunch.

Mary pulled her own blade from her scabbard, and Lucien eyed it warily before saying, “As an envoy, I’m entitled to defend myself, no matter whose land I travel.”

Even as Mary watched her soldiers move in the defend her, she knew it was true, and the stranger had only reacted by defending himself, he had done no more than that. She sighed and slowly slid her weapon back into its holder before she said, “Stand down.”

The soldiers knew better than to defy their queen. Although her husband had had a fierce temper, hers was legendary once it broke the surface, which was rare. The soldier’s backed off slowly. A few went to check on the young soldier but found that he was already starting to regain consciousness.

“I held back.” Said Lucien smugly.

Mary viewed him once more before she sat down on her throne. Her eyes flickered to where the High Priest Darian stood by the door with his mouth agape. The man had become annoying as of late with his mouth that flapped like a fish without water. Lucien followed her gaze and grinned when his eyes came to rest on the High Priest.

“Ooh, seems to me Adiran had a little chat with you too, huh?” he then laughed.

Except it wasn’t a normal laugh, more like a bark, one which seemed to annoy the High Priest, who was on the verge of speaking when Lucien raised a single finger. The room fell silent, and even Mary was left amazed at the power this man, one she had never seen before, held in her court.

“Best you remain silent friend, for you see we are in the same boat, and I know what you know, but then again,” Lucien shifted his view to the Queen. “I believe so does the Queen.”

Mary clicked her fingers once, and her personal guard ushered everyone from the room, leaving only her and Lucien alone in the room.

“It’s rare for one of your kind to be this far north.” She said softly. “I always believed there was too much sunlight. Does Naan even exist?”

“We need to come from somewhere, Your Majesty.” Lucien knelt and bowed low enough for his forehead to touch the carpet before he got to his feet.

“So, you know then?” she asked softly, wary of other ears in the room.

“No one will disturb us, have no fear.” Lucien grinned.

“Why is there a life drinker in my castle?” she growled, her temper starting to come to the surface.

“It’s so refreshing to find someone that looks beyond the stupid legends propagated by the idiot masses.” Lucien’s grin grew wider, and his sharp fangs were clearly visible now.

“Answer me, Lucien. I saw you eyeing my blade, and yes, the runes are silver. I trust those parts of the story are true.”

Lucien’s grin faded a little, and he simply said, “Those stories are indeed true. As for why I am here, it’s because the King is dead, and his one son lies teetering on the edge of death.”

Mary released the breath she didn’t know she was holding onto. The life-drinker had already revealed that he knew the truth. One of Johnathan’s sons. It was all so fresh in Mary’s mind. She had almost not believed Adiran when he had confided in her before he had left. However, after he had shown her the scar on his chest that match her son’s, she had no choice but to believe it. She had been in shock then, but she had had time to adjust, and now with Lucien revealing what he knew, she didn’t flinch.

“That doesn’t explain too much.”

“An undead horde marches to the castle to lay claims to the souls which are trapped here.”


“I am a bondsman to Adiran; I couldn’t allow his home to fall while he hunts his soul, I gave my word that I would protect this land until he absolves me of the bond which keeps us together.”

Mary thought this over and continued to view the creature before her. She was well aware of what a single one of his kind could do, and while the help would be appreciated, what he had warned of was beyond even his capabilities.
“What can one life drinker do to help us if a horde of undead is heading this way?” she asked carefully.

The grin on his face grew wider once more as the doors to the throne room flew open, and a guard shouted, “Your Majesty, look out the window.”

Mary flew from her throne and went to the closest window. What she saw before her was unlike anything she had seen since her country had warred with Johnathan’s. She couldn’t count how many things were beyond the castle walls. She rounded on her guard.

“How did no one see this coming!”

“We know how to travel unseen.” Said Lucien.

Mary turned to face the man once more and couldn’t help but feel terror rise in her chest. If he had managed to sneak an army onto her doorstep, were they really prepared for what was to come?

“How…” she started.

“Your Majesty, I am willing to throw this resource so that Adiran releases me from the bond we have. Let’s leave it at that.”

The life drinker joined the queen to stare at the mass of soldiers he had brought with him. Lucien seemed to enjoy the shock of the human that stood next to him, so he added to it.

“I need someone brave enough to run to the forest and get Millmor.”

“Who?” queried the queen, afraid of the possible answer she would get.

Lucien’s yellow eyes sparkled as he laughed, “You are about to learn that the reach of your son is far beyond this mortal coil. Best you prepare yourself.”
And with that, I had the reins over to @zakludick enjoy bud.
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