Mortis Custos Part 32



This is a continuation of the Mortis Custos Part 31 by @lex-zaiya.
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Part 32

Despite having been injured, Derric carried Magna and all her armor easily. The white wolf stayed close to the valleys and dips of the rolling landscape, never daring to take higher ground where it would be easy to spot them.

"Are you alright?" Magna whispered. "Do you not feel pain? You were badly injured!"

I am alright. I feel pain yes. Usually, some wounds and scratches like that are easy to heal. But there is something else, something is wrong.

"Do you want to check it out?" She asked.

The white wolf shook his head. We cannot stop here. I do not know this place. But I know that that creature is dangerous and the white bits are dangerous and it seeks to feed.

They rounded the bend of a valley that led almost perpendicularly to another valley. It was an unnatural angle, as though two landscapes with different opinions had had an argument with one another at this place.

The hillside here was dotted by hardy bits of vegetation and less barren. The glass-like stone and soil interspersed with brown loamy soil.

There was a glimmer of blue light and Derric stopped dead still. They both stared up at the light on their right-hand side. At the crest of the hilltop was a shining blue oval. Four humanoid figuers stepped through the light.

Two of the figures wore robes, one of white, one purple and another figure was a massive muscular man. He was barechested, and his only clothing was a furry loincloth. His muscles bunched as he unlimbered a massive hammer from his back.

The leader seemed to be a woman in angular armor. She bore a trident in her hand. She pointed down at Derric and Magna. "Who goes there?" She demanded.

Magna drew breath about to speak.

No! Derric stopped her, a soft growl escaped his throat at the same time. We cannot make noise!

Magna put a finger to her lips. The armored woman did not seem to understand. "I said, who are you?! Are you the guardian of this place? I seek a boon of ratification! You kind must give their blessing if I am to ascend the path of Erik Kai!"

What the hell is she talking about? Magna thought.

I don't know. Derric seemed to be able to tell what her thoughts were when she put it into words. She would need to remember that so they can be more quiet. They come!

"My Lady!" The robed woman in purple called. "Something approaches us across the valley!"

The white balls came floating on an invisible wind over the crest of the hill on their left hand side in the direction of the noises that this new party of people was making. Their portal was gone.

"I smell evil intent." The big man could be heard grumbling across the distance.

We must go! Derric said to Magna.

We must... let us see what happens for a moment. She managed to communicate coherently. Maybe they know their way around here.

I don't think so. Too many questions.

He was right. She still wanted to see what would happen. There was a morbid fascination held in her the need to see what would happen should they have attracted these peacefully floating balls.

"I will investigate my Lady." The man in the white robe said arrogantly. "If anyone can shield us from an attack in this plane, it is I." The man strode down the hill. At each footstep the man took, the balls seemed to gain speed, as though they were gaining purpose.

The rest of their party stood on the opposite hillside, their weapons at the ready.

As they were nearly an arm's breadth away from the man, they were traveling like projectiles. The man shouted and threw his arms out towards the creatures. There was a gust of wind, magic perhaps that shot the floating balls back into the air.

They did not dissipate but they slowed their advance, then dropped to the ground on the hillside in a wet splat.

"You see?" The man said as he turned to face the others. "Nothing a true Adept of Endor Kai could not manage."

"Behind you!" The armored woman yelled.

Over the crest of the hillside it came. At first, just a pointed tip, and then more and more or the tendril reached far into the sky. Magna knew from before that it was still far away. It's many eyes were focused on the man at the bottom of the valley.

A low rumble sounded and the air between the tendril and the man seemed to pulse. There was a wet sound on the ground as the wet white balls ruptured tendrils that turned into legs like those on an arachnid.

There were dozens of them and the ill wind brought forth more of the foaling balls, all of which dropped down at the top of the hill and then became like spiders or insects.

The white-robed man yelled and his magic flung more of the creatures into the air. He behand walking backwards and then he turned and ran as the tide of creaures were not diminsihing. They were less than a metre behind him.

We must go! Derric yelled in her head. I can hear them coming over the hill here as well.


Magic from the other robed figure shot down at the creatures, warding them off as the party began retreating up the hill on the right. Magna and Derric lost sight of them as Derric sprinted up the side where two hills met. Still keeping as low a profile as they could until they crested the hill long enough to see the tendril creature still focussed on the other valley.

There was a brief moment where Magna felt that she had made eye contact with the armored woman far away, draggin the exhausted white robed man over the crest of the hill while the valley burned with green fire.



And there you have it! Plenty to write about and plenty to do, but this is basically an episode already in itself. @lex-zaiya could continue with Magna or Derric or deal with any of the others! There is so much to do!

Enjoy @lex-zaiya!

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