Rising Star Game - Almost At Level 45 - Amadeus In Acoustic Tent Is In Sight

Rising Star game - where your rocking dreams come true!


Next stop - Acoustic tent!

I am trucking along patiently, waiting for the energy to recover enough to do some missions, leveling up slowly, ...

If I find some pizza, it's a holiday. I can do the demo again and again and again. Otherwise, I am doing the production lesson or performing tiny tasks in hope that pizza will drop out of the blue sky.

1,856 XP points more to the level 45

That means:

  • 16 production lessons or
  • 14 demo recordings or
  • some small chores and a combination of longer missions

It's still a long time to go to level 45. Frankly, it's a bit boring, this life of an aspiring musician...

On the bright side, I can play some music already. Amadeus on a red piano, as you can see on the cover image :)

Is there any way I can speed up the pace? Thanks!

Ps: @risingstargame I would love to write about the game more often but it would be a boring diary ... It's taking too long to climb up the levels.

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