Rising Star Game - Buying Pack With Starbits

Dear friends,

in the article Rising Star Game - 100 Missions Completed I told you about my journey in the Rising Star game so far.

Now, after 114 completed missions, I decided it is time to make my first purchase.

After all, I will be using Starbits acquired through Hive which was gained as a reward on the platform. So, money makes the world go around, isn't it? It stays in the ecosystem which is important.

Buying the pack

I do have more that 10,000 Starbits on HIve-Engine.

The transaction is signed with Hive Keychain.

Transfer is done.

Opening the pack

R3 Mod, i8 Mid Range Mic and a "Can of Petrol". I would call it a good catch.

Click on the Refresh Cards After Purchase or Sale button ...

@risinggamestar, is showing NFT 10294 in this list a bug?

My new cards

According to their market values this was quite aloot.

Refreshed Status

After several hard page refreshed my status has changed.

Luck and skill points hav eincreased. Good!

Good luck to all you future music stars!

Better and better

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