Rising Star Game - Recording A Demo, Buying Packs

Rising Star game - where your rocking dreams come true!

After a long time here is a progress report.

Today I reached level 40 and I can finally do the demo recording!

Lately, it was slow-going without pizza and coffee. I mostly did Shopping Mall sessions and music lessons to gather experience points and climb up the levels.

During these grinds, I also accumulated enough Starbits for two packs. I'll buy them now while I am waiting for the recording session to finish. 200 minutes is a long time.

Let's see if I can get some cards to raise the number of fans. I'll need those for further missions. At the moment I have 1142 fans.

1st pack

2nd pack

What I've got

CardMarket Value
R7 Vintage Synth3,000 Starbits
i16 Cheap Cello200 Starbits
t6 Cheap Car2,300 Starbits
R3 Mod6,000 Starbits
i15 Cheap Trumpet175 Starbits
t1 Cheap Tour Bus1,000 Starbits
Total12,675 Starbits

1237 fans after the buy. Good!

I didn't get any really good cards. Or is it just that the market value has sunk?


174 minutes more for the demo. In the meantime, I could start selling some cards ...

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Start playing this game and become a music star. At least on the Hive blockchain which is certainly better than nothing.

Join me through my referral link and we will both gain. You will get my tutorship and me one Starbit for every mission completed by everyone I referred. Thank you!

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