Rising Star Game - Feature Request - Let You XP Be Shown With Level Progress Bar

Rising Star game

From the image above you can see that I know I am at 94.6594% in the current level right now.

Yet, I don't know how many XP 100% represents and I don't know how much more I need to cover these five missing percent.

It would be great to see, in numbers, how far on the experience scale are we, and to know what this scale looks like. Thanks!

You know what I mean. A hint - take a look at the leagues' display in Splinterlands :)

I'll do a quick test with a minor mission like Illegal Busking which gives you 10 XP.

Percentage before: 96.7152%
Percentage after: 97.7423%
Difference: 1,0271%

So, to end level 19 you need approximately 973.6150326161036 XP. I presume that because of the on the fly style roundups you actually need 1000 XP.

@risingstargame, am I right? :)

After another busking ... 98.7688% with the diff being 1.0265%

So, I need two more busking gigs or one Open Mic Night to reach level 20. I'll wait for the open mic!

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