Rising Star Game - Buying Packs And Getting Fans ...

Two of them to be exact, with Starbits.

The first pack:

  • R11 Range Rover,
  • Skill Boost 1,
  • t2 Mid Range Tour Bus.

This is actually a good pack, isn't it? Before I check market values ...

Lowest market values are:

  • 690 Starbits for Skill Boost 1,
  • 10,000 Starbits for R11 Range Rover,
  • 22,000 Starbits for t2 Mid Range Tour Bus.

In total 38,690 Starbits. Good!

The second pack:

Eh, this one was more luck oriented.

  • 2x i5 Rusty Mic, combined value of 3,800 Starbits,
  • R14 Cowbell, value of 7,500 Starbits.

OK, you always need cowbells, more of them!

This gives a total of 11,300 Starbits for the second pack and a grand total of 49,990 Starbits for both packs. Quite good.

Anybody needs a rusty mic?

The Outcome

The major change is that now I have 415 fans from cards. This way I can move on to bigger missions without waiting on drunken fans ... Good again!

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