Rising Star Game - Buying Pizza Box And Coffee Cup

Rising Star Game is one of the more promising new additions to the dApps on Hive blockchain. In it you are an aspiring musician on your way to stardom. Yet, there are no shortcuts. You need to do everything step by step, even repeat steps multiple times to gain experience, be rewarded with Starbits (tokens on Hive-Engine), get fans, skills, equipment, ...

Since everything is stored on the blockchain and every card that you own is unique (a NFT) you can trade with them. You can play as a sort of investment too. Cards will become rare and valuable as time passes.

In this report I will admit that it is time to invest in some basics of the game. Like Pizza box and Coffee Cup.

Be honest and tell me - do you know any other blockchain based game where pizza and coffee play such a vital role?

I realized that I need to store these goodies for a later use when the energy is needed the most.

So, let's buy some stuff!

For this I invested some Hive-Engine tokens and bought Starbits in addition to those I've already earned.

Pizza Box

There are not many pizza boxes available on the market. In fact, there are exactly two of them.

So, I'll need 8 Hive to fetch one.

For the nerds among us, this is the transaction data:

{"contractName": "nftmarket",
 "contractAction": "buy",
  {"symbol": "STAR",
   "nfts": ["11516"],
   "marketAccount": "risingstargame"

Now, go to your collection page and cklick on the CLICK HERE to Refresh Cards After Purchase or Sale button.

ta da:

Coffee Cup

Let's repeat this exercise for the coffe cup as well.

Hm, a bit more choice here.

I'll go with Hive and @paleshelter again.


{"contractName": "nftmarket","contractAction": "buy","contractPayload": {"symbol": "STAR","nfts": ["11726"],"marketAccount": "risingstargame"}}

Checking it out

Let's see the situation at th emission page by clicking on the yellow button right to the energy bar.


What's this Use Now button under the coffee cup? Let's click on it.

Now it says *Empty. I know that.

OK, enough for this report. I still have 11K Starbits left since I did both purchases with Hive. I guess I'll buy a pack - tomorrow.

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Start playing this game and become a music star. At least on the Hive blockchain which is certainly better than nothing.

Join me through my referral link and we will both gain. You my tutorship and I one Starbit for every mission completed by everyone I referred. Thank you!

Better and better

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