Rising Star Game - 100 Missions Completed

I gave myself a goal to finish 100 missions in the Rising Star game before publishing my first report about the game itself.

So, here it is ...

The 100th mission completed

As a reward, besides 100 Starbits, I received a FREE RANDOM CARD PACK.

These will be my (almost) first cards. Almost because I did receive a SkillBoost1 after one of the missions.

Let's open the pack.

R12 808 Drum Machine

I love drums!

Refresh after purchase including the first SkillBoost card I mentioned before ...

Here are the drums!

As a results my points have changed ...

For the record ...

Achievements page before the mission number 100 ...

... and after it

HOw a re you faring in the game? Did you buy any packs? I didn't ... yet.

Good luck!

Better and better

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