Rising Star Game - From Blurt To Rising Star Cards Again

This week I was late in collecting my Blurt tax. 373.449 BLURT resulted in 11.79801025 HIVE when converted at Ionomy exchange.

With this wealth I will buy two packs of Rising Star game cards.

Pack no. 1

R11 range Rover is a good card, I would say. 300 more fans in one go. Good!

Since I already have one I might sell it eventually.

Pack no. 2

This pack was all about instruments. Not so handy now they might come useful later.

Current Status

I am rocking along at level 24 and need 200 more XP to reach level 25 and hit the studio for the radio session.

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Join the fun through my referral link

Start playing this game and become a music star. At least on the Hive blockchain which is certainly better than nothing.

Join me through my referral link and we will both gain. You will get my tutorship and me one Starbit for every mission completed by everyone I referred. Thank you!

Better and better

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