Beer Tasting: Tuš Gose Sour Cherries Beer and Rieder Märzen

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Everything looks bright and wonderful in this New Year 2022, all goals are set and we move forward, into action, into the new challenges that await us. Is it really so?

Well, it seems to me that for the last two years, more or less, we have just been going round in circles and going nowhere. Of course, because of this pandemic sh*t that refuses to end ... not to get too complicated and talk about global problems, I'll stop here.


I have two beers again, basically leftovers from the New Year celebrations, one more special, the other classic. Because they're still I haven't tried them, I'm definitely looking forward to it. :)

First, the one with less alcohol.

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Tuš Gose Sour Cherries Beer


Brewed by Reservoir Dogs Brewery, Nova Gorica, Slovenia for TUŠ, Slovenian food retail chain. I should also mention here that the recipe for this beer was contributed by Ana Roš, the world's best female chef.
As in the title, it's Gose style beer, which means that is a sour fruity-tasting wheat ale with low bitterness and very bright fruit flavors.
Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 4.5% ABV. I bought a few bottles in TUŠ local store for the New Year Eve dinner because looks like something special ... but ... how to say ... I started and finished with whiskey ... :)

What brewers say:

With its fruity and sour character, gose fruit beer is the perfect refresher on hot summer days. A light beer made from Slovenian hops, it owes its attractive aroma and intense color to carefully picked sour cherries.


The beer is ruby-red in color with With a thin foam that disappears quickly. It smells like cherries, I drank the first sip slowly and carefully (if you follow my posts, you may have read somewhere that these sour beers are not exactly the pinnacle of brewing for me and I don't really like them).

On the mouth, there is a pronounced taste of sour cherries, no malt sweetness and no hop bitterness, and even less alcohol. It is only in the aftertaste that this cherry flavor quickly disappears and somewhere in the background there is a discreet hop bitterness.


It really is very fresh, and I easily drank it all the way through. Incidentally, it is recommended in summer, in high temperatures.
OK, maybe I'll try it again in summer (if they still sell it, because it seems to me that it's still on the shelves), but it won't end up in my fridge.

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Beer meme for the New Year :)


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Rieder Märzen


Brewed by Braurei Ried, Ried, Austria. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 4.9% ABV. Got it from Kalea Beer Boxes.
Brewer's message:

The strictest standards in the selection of raw materials from local cultivation, a classic cold fermentation process, and long storage give Rieder Märzen its unmistakably fresh, full-bodied, and extremely digestible character.

OK, let's check this digestibility! :)


Beer is clear, light yellow, medium white foam. The aroma is more sweet malty, slightly cereal, less bitterly hoppy.
In the aftertaste, the malty sweetness lingers for a while and then disappears.


I didn't feel any freshness and the beer was kind of average, nothing special at all.
No need to drink it anymore. :)

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And what am I listening to as I write this? Nothing from my #newtunes posts. I'm more into one-man and DIY bands at the moment and Sergi Estella is great, this recording is well worth a few minutes of your time.
btw: one song is called 12-pack blues and he plays the piece with a homemade guitar made by beer packs. :)

Sergi Estella @ Crossroads Confined Countdown Festival (live stream)

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