Beer Tasting: Wieninger Weißbier Hell & Aventinus Weizen-Doppelbock

Hello, beer tasters! 🍻 😎 🍻

We've just ticked off Christmas, we're moving towards the end of this year, some people are already making plans for next year... but take it easy, there's no rush, it'll all work out, I've even had #beersaturday on Sunday and I'm not even bothering. :)

Although we usually drink mulled wine at this time, this year this is not possible due to pandemic measures. Well, you can make your own. But this isn't it.


Luckily, I gravitate more towards beer and, as usual, today, haha, traditionally, I will try two bottles of beer, unknown to me, in peace and with music. I will try to get to know them. :) 😁

First, the one with lower alcohol content.

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Wieninger Weißbier Hell


Brewed by Privatbrauerei MC Wieninger, Teisendorf, Bavaria, Germany. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 5.3% ABV. Weissbier is a German wheat beer with distinctive banana and clove yeast aromas.

What master brewers say:

An old Bavarian wheat beer specialty with fine yeast from our own pure breeding. Sweet, fresh, and of course with original bottle fermentation. Our natural yeast does the trick.
Full-bodied taste, with a yeasty, partly fruity, and spicy aroma reminiscent of bananas and fresh fruit, yeast-cloudy in appearance, tangy and yet mild in the aftertaste.

Cool text, I would certainly like to taste something like that.


The beer is golden, slightly cloudy in color with a solid, very creamy-looking head. It is fresh but I can't smell anything special.
The first sip is pleasant, smooth down the throat, a shy and discreet taste of banana and malt, sweet rather than bitter, at moments spicy in the mouth, and in the aftertaste, I taste again the fruity aromas and the yeast, which slowly disappears.
The bitterness of the hops is somehow absent.


A fresh and harmonious beer. I like the fact that it doesn't have that distinct wheat-banana taste that wheat beers usually have.
I could easily drink a couple of them. I do miss at least a little hop bitterness. If it had that, it would be a top beer.

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Beer meme? Why not :)


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Aventinus Weizen-Doppelbock


Brewed by commercial brewery Schneider Weisse, Kelheim, Bavaria, Germany. Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 8.2% ABV. Weisen-Doppelbock is a strong, malty rich, fruity, wheat ale beer.
(btw: I'm preparing a New Year's card 😁)

And master brewers say:

The wholehearted, dark ruby-colored wheat beer, intensive and fiery, well-balanced and tender. Bavaria's oldest wheat "Doppelbock" - brewed since 1907! Its sturdy body in combination with its sweet malty aroma is an invitation to profound indulgence - an ingenious blend with a strong body. Perfectly matches rustic dishes, dark roasts, and sweet desserts.

I like old recipes, cool.


The beer is dark brown with a small but very creamy head. It contains quite a lot of alcohol, so I tasted the first sip slowly to avoid any surprises.
A distinct banana and roast flavor immediately come to the front, the sweetness is overwhelming but flows down the throat quite smoothly, while the bitterness of the roast remains in the aftertaste and then slowly fades away.


It's a distinctly dark wheat beer with a predominant banana flavor. Not a bad beer at all. A wheat classic. It's suitable for dessert. Or to try, as an example of dark wheat, one bottle is enough for two.
I certainly wouldn't drink it for refreshment.

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And what am I listening to as I write this? Nothing from my #newtunes weekly post. I'm back to two and a half hour mix. If you're doing something next to it, it's very appropriate for the background.

Best of Trip-Hop & Downtempo & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol.2

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I don't think I'll be able to write another beer tasting this year :) See you next year!

And to all of you who persevere in the BEER community and the oldest contest on the Hive blockchain, I wish you a Happy New Year 2022 and many more beer adventures in the coming year!

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