An Introduction to Agar and its' Utilization - Working With It, Proper Technique, and Further Use (P2/4 in a Two-Blog Series)


An Introduction to Agar - What it is and How to Work With It

An Introduction

Agar petri dishes provide the containment for bacteria while the components of Agar provide the medium for colonies to spread and grow; you can continue -or begin- reading prior here on psilocybin growth, and .

More information can be found here beginning this journey of growth

Agar Agar

There are three reagents needed to mix this Agar medium -


They can very easily be obtained at health food stores, an organic supermarket, or ordered and consist of the following:

1 of: - [Preferably] Brewers Yeast Powder,

  • Or, General Nutritional Cooking Yeast

  • Balt Marley Extract

  • Agar Agar, or of other means for medium if another tek rather this one be utilized.

Starting Off

Before beginning, ensure ample circulation is available for transfer of mixture. Initially, mix all the reagents in the appropriate proportions and amounts in a sanitized and sterilized mixing jar and spoon -

per 3 small 2in x 2in petri dishes:

  • 86mL Hot Tap Water

  • 0.172g Decided Upon Yeast Extract

  • 1.715g Malt Extract Agar

  • 1.715g Agar Agar

Beginning Work

Wrap aluminum foil around the top of a measuring cup to get a frame for when after the Agar mixture is added to reduce the amount of air contaminant that could enter, all while utilizing a fume hood, or if not available, consistent circulation of air.

Pour the Agar mixture from the mixing jar to the measuring cup while utilizing air circulation and minimal time where aluminum foil does not cover the top, and immediately cover after poured.

Place the now covered measuring cup with the Agar into a pressure cooker or closed air-tight pot and ensure the aluminum foil is tight around the top.


The Process

Over a low-medium stove-top, bring the large pot or cooker to a boil, ensuring no air pressure escape and that no spillover sounds are heard from within the pot as the covered measuring cup with Agar and water interact. Allow the pot to stay at low boil for one hour, then put low simmer for one hour, and cool for 15 minutes on burner.

Once the pouring station has been effectively set up, sterilized, and sanitized, the cooker can be released or pot, opened, releasing the pressure from inside.

If completed correctly with an appropriately sized measuring cup, pouring from the spout will be simple if no spillover has occurred. Lift the cup out safely, with an oven mitt if necessary, and place in the SAB, or begin immediately if none.

Lift the top of each dish, pouring in a slow circular motion, as per recent posting on pouring technique, while ensuring the bottom of the dish fills, while having no physical contact with any dishes.

Close each dish immediately after with the other hand and continue to pour the required number of dishes.

IMG_20201119_120124 (1).jpg

Ending Off

Seal each dish with parafilm or masking tape and store in the fridge or a cool place for use with the acquired spores, or elsewhere if to be used in the near future/immediately.

Once cooled, dishes can br stored facing down so any condensation that may develop accidentally would not affect the medium in the future. See below:


In Conclusion

Hopefully this was a knowledgeable posting for this section of my blog. Stay tuned as we continue to dive deeper in depth, examining all key components of mycellial growth!

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Thanks again all for hopefully some potential interest!

Best regards,

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