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Petri Dish Pouring - Methodology Technique, and Concluding Thoughts

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While most petri dishes come prepared for bacterial work, it is always a good standard to follow disinfection procedures when working with new dishes. These have been outlined previously and are to be followed up to this point.

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one should ensure decontamination of all surface surrounding is done. While air flow and circulation should already be consistent, one should disinfect the pouring table and anything surrounding thoroughly.

The individual should sanitize their self through -possibly- shower and usage of lab coat or fresh, cling-free, non-shedding clothing.

Safety glasses, hairnet, and latex or other gloves should be worn for the pouring of the dishes. In the case that a Sealed Air Box – a closed top containment for contaminant free and still air transfer – is not available for use, high sanitary measures should be followed to reduce contamination risk of dishes during pouring, as this is increased tenfold without protection from air contamination.

See below a properly setup agar pouring stattion,

IMG_20201119_120124 (1).jpg

Reviewed earlier in a shorter manner previously when examining how to prepare Agar, the same technique should be followed always when pouring to ensure consistency and sanitation.

Prepare a pouring station clear of any clutter that is not needed and clean the area with a disinfectant cloth.

Once the pouring station has been effectively set up, sterilized, and sanitized, the cooker can be released or pot, opened, releasing the pressure from inside.

If completed correctly with an appropriately sized measuring cup, pouring from the spout will be simple if no spillover has occurred.

The following instruction should be followed:

  • Lift the cup out safely, with an oven mitt if necessary, and place in the SAB, or begin immediately if none.

  • Lift the top of each dish, pouring in a slow circling motion and ensuring the bottom of the dish fills, while having no physical contact with any dishes.

  • Close each dish immediately after with the other hand and continue to pour the required number of dishes.

See below, a set agar dish from a pouring station for use with Agar medium;


  • Seal each dish with parafilm or masking tape and store in the fridge or a cool place for use with the acquired spores.

Concluding, this ultimately is the final portion of my tri-section grouped blogging series on psilocybin and mycelium.

This section concludes day 2 of 2, part 4/4 of my blogging series. Initially, this may be a good introductory reading to those interested in mental health relatability: /@trezzahn/a-cross-examination-of-the

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