Psilocybe Mycelial and Their Colonization on Agar Agar

An introduction to those interested in mycelial colony growth through utilization of agar petri dishes.

Manuel to Growing of Psilocybin (intro)

Written 2020
Published 2021
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Starting Out, Interest, and More

First, one must begin with acquiring of the necessary reagents and materials used for the purpose of their growth. Many of these can be ordered online, found in hardware stores, or acquired from other easy source - but always remember that one key item is required to begin. The source.

Whether from natural means or other not indicated here, the first step to beginning an inoculation requires the presence of a psilocybin cap.

  1. To be dampened, one simply accomplishes this through the dropping of one to two drops of water on the cap, covering of with a sanitized glass – for the sake of terminology, let sanitization hold as: the disinfecting of a material for further sterilization –, and placement on a sterile collection surface such as a paper (for collected/wet fresh specimens) or aluminum (for dry specimens), where gill-side spores can collect to be further utilized.

  2. Initially, the residue that falls in the first two hours of this collection is contaminated by remnants of other bacteria and as so, the collection material underneath can be replaced with new, the cap dropped gill-side down again with the sanitized glass atop the new collection medium, and the cap itself re-saturated again with one drop of water per and at each quarter portion of the cap approximately one half-length down from the tip, with two more drops again on the tip of the cap.

  3. This can be all completed with a medicine/eye dropper. These now collected spores can be utilized with the use of agar sourced petri-dishes to remove bacterial contaminant remaining, and ultimately allow decontaminated inoculation of a sterile substrate for the growth of mycelium.

This growth will be possible in a properly prepared agar agar petri dish, which will be explained in our next section below, in relation to...

The Manuel de la Psilocye


Preparation of said dish, growth medium,
and growth process is explained throughout the Manuel, which will be decided upon in the soon to come future - if there is enough interest - to upload/post the document for monetaey gain or free access.

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Manuel de la Psilocybe Cubensis

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