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My original introductory post can be found here. See Part 001: Reasoning for Reintroduction for an explanation of why I thought this was necessary/worth doing :)

Introductory Posts
DateTitle/LinkDescriptionRelated Community
10 DEC 2021Part 001: Reasoning for ReintroductionLays out the particulars as to why I felt it worthwhile to redo my introduction.@albuslucimus
26 DEC 2021Part 002: The Music ManFrom lonesome high school years in isolation to my time overseas with the army, music has been my solace for over a decade now.QuenaSabor / Instrument Porn
02 JAN 2022Part 003: The RuckerIn the army I got the opportunity to become accustomed to carrying a ruck and living out of it. At the time I never thought it would become such a big part of who I am.Rucking
09 JAN 2022Part 004: The DreamerThis is where magick comes in, but there's so much more to it than just that. This tries to briefly explain my journey from mindless existence to living with expanded awareness.Magick
16 JAN 2022Part 005: The HoocherAs I came back down from Zarathustra's refuge, I found new delights that helped me re-ground myself in my earthen roots. Brewing (of all sorts) has become an enjoyable pastime that yields delicious results and teaches many lessons.Prison Hooch
JUL 2022Why Car-FlutingI get asked this a lot, so I thought I’d put something together to claim my position

Memories and Stories
03 JAN 2022Sprinting the OverpassRuckingA memory from the army days that still comes back to me from time to time, driving me to push myself beyond the limits of my past.
23 JAN 2022How I got rid of everythingMagickA memory of renunciation, house-cleaning, and self-discovery.
04 FEB 2022Camping with GunsThe PewTalking about an annual camping trip I used to go on.
img_2424.jpgHiking Sections 7&8 of the PA Appalachian TrailEcencyPictures and memories of a camping/hiking trip I took with some new people I met.
30 MAR 2022Ode to Thich Nhat HanhMagickRemembering the wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh while washing the dishes.
img_6702.pngBurning BrushTextText
img_6703.jpgIf You’re Not Willing to Work for it, You Dont Deserve ItTextText
img_0248.jpgThings I Will Miss About My MD LifeTextText
img_1096My Actual Last FireTextText
img_1757Why Car-Fluting?TextText

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