I had a hard time buying Hive (US exchanges). Here’s how I finally got started!

Many American exchanges that I tried using didn’t yet support Hive. If you’re having a hard time getting Hive, this post is for you.

Ok so, advice from a noob - especially unsolicited - generally not something anyone gets too excited about. But now that I’ve gone through some of the struggles of getting started, I hope this may be useful for new members.


I started using Coinbase ( Coinbase referral link) last year to get Doge. They keep a nice flow of paid learning material available…it won’t make you rich, but I’ve gotten $45 so far just for learning about crypto and blockchain technologies, in addition to finding a good exchange that makes buying and sending crypto easy and exchanging cryptos free.


If your experience ends up being like mine, you won’t be able to actually buy Hive directly, but you will be able to get Hive.

Now, for Hive, I tend to prefer using Hive Keychain to maintain my accounts and assets, but HiveWallet was the key to getting started with “purchasing” Hive. I’ll show you how I did it.

Exchange rates vary from coin to coin. I tried doing this with Ethereum once, but the fees were more than half of what I had available to transfer. These days I use Doge every time…finally a good use for Doge :)

So the first thing you’ll need to do is get started with Coinbase ( Coinbase referral link). I’ve plastered my referral link all over this post. You can sign up without a referral too, but if you use the link you’ll get $10 in Bitcoin (as will I). Through Coinbase, you can exchange that Bitcoin for other coins with lower transaction fees. Exchanging within Coinbase is free, so this is a good way to maximize the value of your investment.

Download the HiveWallet app and set it up for your account, then from within HiveWallet, go to settings, then select Buy Hive.


Select the type of coin you want to trade for Hive and tap Get Deposit Address. I don’t think the amount fields make a difference, but it is nice to see an estimate of what you’ll be getting before you do it.


Copy the full deposit address.


Now from within Coinbase ( Coinbase referral link), go to the Home Screen and tap Send. Paste in the address copied above and finalize the transaction. Within a few minutes, you should see liquid Hive in your Hive Keychain. Personally, I like to split between HP and HBD savings, but you do you!

I hope this has been helpful for anyone who’s struggling through the same issues I did, but also I should note that this is the solution I came to by muddling around until something worked. By no means am I implying that this is the best method, only that it worked to get me started.


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