Classical liberalism is not on the left but is on the right with conservatism, etc. To become a man, you have to start with a foundation of beliefs as a starting point. Part of the problem is when a man has no foundation of beliefs and is therefore guided excessively by emotionalism and rage like an SJW NPC bot. Confidence comes when your heart is set within a balance of perspective and principles through patience and integrity.

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Anna Sorokin 116924822_d112b05f-a8bb-4d8e-bf35-8331c682e26d.jpg

Inventing Anna is a series on Netflix. She is kind of hot.

Oatmeal Daily - 2022-02-13 - Sunday | Published in February of 2022





In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.




INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


08:37 AM

Diamonds represents an idiom regarding how people can be like diamonds in the rough. Diamonds is also an analogy or a reference to the Bible saying that people can be like gold or precious metals inside fire. The metaphors says that as metal is melting in hot fire, then anything impure will melt off. You use fire to filter metals or to separate metals from other things.

If our hearts were like caves, then we can go inside and pound at the caves to find the diamonds. We can see that diamonds are like treasures. There are mountains full of diamonds all over Africa. In other words, diamonds are not as rare as they say. People guard these mountains and hills.



2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


08:41 AM

The truckers in North America are of lower classes the same as Asia and other countries, the power these truckers have are the same as that of truckers in many countries around the world.

I did not say these truckers have more power than truckers of other nations around the globe. We are seeing farmers protest in different countries using tractors and other vehicles instead of trucks.

08:43 AM
Didn't the historical Catherine kill Peter? In the show, The Great, he was not killed yet as of season 2.

10:22 PM

North American truckers suffer from murderous conditions and low wages, they are slaves. My dad was not a trucker.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


01:06 PM - YouTube Comment

@Harvey Beaver, ​she was talking about people who may not be open to learning, people who are too bias, too unteachable, and/or a wide variety of things. Well, these are my words and not hers. I am basically stating what I believe, not to put words in her mouth. But I would imagine what I am saying here aligns with what she said in this video. But if not, then this is only stuff that I believe. I would say some people should not read. I agree with the title of the video and with the words spoken in the video. I can understand if people might take this video out of context. I think it may take a while to explain to people who don't already know what this video is all about. In this comment, I chose not to use certain words in describing what kind of people should not perhaps read and/or what have you if you know what I mean.


Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Inventing Anna 101: Life of a VIP

2022-02-13 - Sunday - 05:17 AM - 06:18 AM - Inventing Anna 101: Life of a VIP

I'm not going to say Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey or Анна Вадимовна Сорокина, romanized: Anna Vadimovna Sorokina, born in 1991 in Russia, is innocent of all crimes. I can see how she may have done some wrong or some crimes or fraud or any number of things. I'm big into LAW. I always have a lot to say legally speaking because laws matters.

I can talk all day about law, but let me say that the one thing that caught my attention was the emphasis on credit cards. My main source to this particular item is Wikipedia which makes an emphasis again and again on her inability to provide credit cards to pay for things at hotels and otherwise. My concern is this idea of how awesome credit cards are and what have you. I say you should not solely base your concerns regarding a potential criminal based on whether or not an individual has a credit card. This is a legal concern regarding people's worship of credit cards, debt, and a variety of things. I am not saying people should break laws, rules, etc. I would be against that. However, I would not want to build my argument towards indicting Anna based too much on the credit card aspect of the story. I would say her crimes are to the extent she was unable to pay debts, I mean for the most part. I would build my arguments on her failure to pay bills on time. So, if you do not pay on time, then late fees are added. Many people are in debt, often times over $100,000 for many Americans due to college loans, houses and car mortgages, etc. I would compare Anna to those types of situations.

Paying without a credit card is not a crime. I would not put too much emphasis on that part of the story. I'm not saying Anna was innocent of everything. But I am saying we should not worship credit cards.

It seems one of the problems is regarding perhaps some of the loans she took out or tried taking out. I would say to the extent she lied in loan applications and what have you, that would be criminal in some ways. However, it then becomes a question of to what extent these crimes may be and what legal jurisdictions may fall under depending partly on where she is from and where the loans were coming from. It looks like she lied regarding where she was from. It looks like she said she had a bunch of money which she did not have. However, the Federal Reserve and world banks and what have you print up money and essentially do the same thing. They are bigger criminals but Netflix didn't offer Bill Gates and Schwabb and Rothschild and the Queen of England and Biden and Soros and others $320,000 like they with Anna. I would not add the lack of credit cards as a crime. That is my main concern because globalists want humans stuck not just on credit card debt but also Covid Vaccines tied to the Chinese Social Credit Score which was personified in a Black Mirror episode.

01:13 PM
Funny Olde World - California was an ISLAND??

  1. Old maps of perhaps even older maps.

01:35 PM
It is possible California was more tropical similar to the top part of Africa before it became the Sahara Desert when the climate dropped. Generally when the weather gets colder, you can get less clouds which means less rain which then means less jungle which then means more dry desert land which then means more and more desert. Clouds are sometimes created from ocean water, hotter weather means boiling water which produces steam which then produces clouds which will then turn black and rain on the land.

California may have moved, perhaps it was an island before it moved over and/or perhaps the North America continent moved towards California, and/or perhaps there were rivers which had some mud which started drying up when the weather started getting colder resulting in dry desert land. Perhaps that could explain why the land around the border parts of California may currently be too high to be like a river. Perhaps it was until things dried up.

01:59 PM
Human history may be older and/or the life of intelligent creature be it humans, aliens, or what have you, may be much older than we know, and/or it is also possibly some or maybe all of it may be a lot younger than what some people think depending on the different dating methods used and the accuracy they may have or lack therein. It is said that some types of dating methods have limitations to how many years back in time they can accurately measure based on the laws regarding decay and physics and things of that nature. Certain things decay at certain rates which may or may not be constant in their state of decay going back in time and that may include for example carbon which may decay at a certain rate or speed.

Therefore, assuming all of that to be correct, the accuracy of dating using carbon dating depends on the consistency of the decay and how many years back the decay could persist without being totally gone. An easy way to understand this would be to fill up a bathtub with water and to open up the drain. You count how long it takes for the water to empty out. You could then use a black marker to mark in the level of the water as it drains out.

It would be like a sun dial for telling time but in your bathtub for telling the rate and speed the water is draining out. Once you know the rate, then you may know how long ago your bathtub started draining based on where the level of the water in the tub is. But if it takes 5 minutes for the tub to empty, then it would be tough to say the tub started emptying an hour ago, assuming there was still water draining out right now. Likewise, same thing can be applied to archeology, ecology, historical science, dating methods may be limited to how many years back they can accurately date assuming the rate of decay is constant as in reliably consistent or the same going back in time which can be tough to prove within observable science.

That is why it falls under the umbrella of historical science instead, because observably science requires ongoing experiments which must be observed as opposed to theorized, hypothesized, assumed, based on patterns seen today and applied backwards into the past, into history. I would limit how many assumptions regarding the past is made.

07:57 PM
Chrissie Mayr - LIVE SimpCast 12- Keri Smith, Riss Flex, Lila Hart, Brittany Venti, Anna TSWG, SUPER BOWL EDITION

@Square Inch, the Hotep Jesus series on the Federal Reserve is on fire.

I prefer Hotep Jesus over The Amazing Lucas.

@Square Inch, Ian is on the right track, his former work with Minds dot com was valuable.

Will there be any rings in this LOTR prequel series?

Will Sauron be in this LOTR series?

@Square Inch, that's why Ian is only a sidekick for now.

Happy Valentines.

Lila Hart, if you made a movie, I would watch it.

@Chrissie Mayr, if you made a SimpCast movie, it would be big hit.

Please ask Venti to talk about her video about how some people should not read.

Anna, Joe Rogan is the same, you believe people because you want to believe other people are good like you.

This is like a dating class. All the men watching should take notes.

Press 1 if you're taking notes.

@FuocoSuave, perhaps.

Lila Hart, I love beef jerky, you would have got me with that.

The beef jerky would have made me do almost anything.

Gold Digger.

Some guys may want to converse while others want to converse with doormats.

I was always too slow when women gave me the signals. I was sometimes a conspiracy theorist whenever women would give me the signal.

Some people on the right wing politically would say they have no wing, just wing it like Anna.

Classical liberalism is not on the left but is on the right with conservatism, etc.

To become a man, you have to start with a foundation of beliefs as a starting point.

Part of the problem is when a man has no foundation of beliefs and is therefore guided excessively by emotionalism and rage like an SJW NPC bot.

Confidence comes when your heart is set within a balance of perspective and principles through patience and integrity.

I was cleaning my room today.

I agree, visuals, bingo.

Lets bond, here is an activity, hunting for the bugs.

Riss is the real Batgirl.

Bats are rats with wings, I said the same thing.


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Inventing Anna 101: Life of a VIP

2022-02-13 - Sunday - 05:17 AM - 06:18 AM - Inventing Anna 101: Life of a VIP

08:13 AM
Lionel Nation - Canada's Got the US Beat As to Guts

08:17 AM
Lauren Chen - The Group Behind "Taking Down" Joe Rogan

01:13 PM
Funny Olde World - California was an ISLAND??

02:10 PM
Armoured Skeptic - California Was an Island? - History is a Lie

07:57 PM
Chrissie Mayr - LIVE SimpCast 12- Keri Smith, Riss Flex, Lila Hart, Brittany Venti, Anna TSWG, SUPER BOWL EDITION

10:38 PM
PewDiePie - Try Not To Laugh VS Jacksepticeye!

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