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Global Warming Climate Change is Man-Made Via Geoengineering Tuesday the first day of February of 2022. Honkcast Wednesday. Wizard Reboots Can Suck Thursday. Canada KKK Freedom Trucks Friday. Atlantis Saturday.

Battery Meme Begam Sunday the 6th. Alex Jones Joe Rogan Sunday Monday. Putin War Tuesday. The Syrian Girl Wednesday. Canada Bans Give Send Go Thursday. My 37th birthday. Truckers Uprising Friday. Sean Kanan Moments Saturday.

Inventing Anna Esther Sunday the 13th. Devil Valentines Monday. Dead Wing Dork Duck Tuesday. China Girl On The Next Coming Virus Wednesday. Trucks Xanga Thursday. FREEDOM CONVOY ANTHEM Friday. Dead Wing Reaction Saturday.

Esther Sunday the 20th. Donbas Monday. Pluto Returns Tuesday. I identified as a Canadian trucker Wednesday. Russia Ukraine Thursday. Shelton Music Friday. Dicks Aint Chicks Saturday. Trump CPAC Sunday. Game Boy EA Music Store Monday.


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Biggest thing for me this month was Dead Attic.

Oatmeal Monthly - 2022-02 - February of 2022 | Published in February of 2022





Global Warming Climate Change is Man-Made Via Geoengineering

2022-02-01 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2022-02-01 18:01:02 RESET WARS.png

Get RESET WARS half off right now.


Canadian police are trying to starve out truckers while surrounding their building, cops are blocking food and medical supplies from coming in. The truckers are protesting THE KILLER COVID VACCINES. Police are actively trying to MURDER TRUCKERS who are the ones who deliver food to stores.


2022-02-02 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2022-02-02 18:03:55 Tim Pool, Tim Cast, Honk Cast IRL, Truckers, Canada, News, Podcast.png


Yes, governments are infiltrated. They say drain the swamp. The age-old question would be whether to revolt or reform. Going back in time, George Washington was part of a revolt or revolution in 1776 in the founding of the United States. So, in other words, the founding fathers did not drain King George's swamp. I don't know if people tried draining the swamp back in the 1700s. I've not studied the details. But I know America was the beginning of a new thing. So, with that said, do humans do that again or what? My answer would be to not take shortcuts. I would say take it a step at a time. I believe in trying to save America and different countries as much as possible. I'm against trying to tear it all down. I'm against violence (not to be confused with self-defense).

Wizard Reboots Can Suck

2022-02-03 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-02-03 18:33:08 JSA.png

My comment made it onto World Class Bull Shitters - The People VS Joe Rogan| Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker| Halo OUTRAGE - WCBs298 - Word of the day is Vibrator

Some social media websites should brand their service as a renting service. I'm ok with a social app saying they do not support unlimited free speech and anything and everything you can imagine. But if you do it, make it clear what the rules are or make some main points regarding the contract between the service and the users. I would brand at least an aspect of the service as renting as opposed to absolute and alleged virtual user ownership of an account. So, imagine going back in time to the origin of Facebook in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg should not have said in interviews that Facebook was a platform for all ideas. Instead, he should have said Life Log is a publisher for renting temporary broadcasting space.

Canada KKK Freedom Trucks

2022-02-04 - Friday

Screenshot at 2022-02-04 18:00:43 Canada Truckers KKK Meme Freedom Convoy.png

Canada KKK Freedom Trucks

ALL HONKS MATTER. Go Fund Me canceled funds going to the freedom truckers due to it becoming an occupation they say. However, what is an occupation? THey did not define what occupation means which means it has no meaning as occupation could be what it already was when Go Fund Me originally approved their fund. They said it was ok and then said things changed. However, they failed to state what changed.


2022-02-05 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-02-05 12:33:12 Atlantis.png

The City of Atlantis may have been at this fork in the road in the Atlantic Ocean.

Global warming happened 900 A.D. or C.E. and again in the 1850s. It means warmer weather which then means increased agriculture which means more food. As humans are able to eat more, they grow taller and stronger. The sun gives us Vitamin C. When it gets colder, you get sicker. The longer the winter, then the less essential vitamins you get. You will die when you are deficient in the essential vitamins for a long enough period of time.

An ice age came around 536 AD and that is when the DARK AGES began. Why dark? Because it was darker. Cold weather means more darkness because it means less sun. The earth was cooling for around four centuries. It started warming up again for a few centuries and then started cooling again in the 1314 AD roughly speaking. Our planet has these giant weather or climate cycles of roughly 400 to 1000 years going back like 12,000 years or so. These patterns are not exact but they do show us that weather goes up and down. This current warming age or global warming era may continue a few more centuries. After that, we may run into another ice age. Man-made climate change is caused by geoengineering, 5G, the fluoride they add to drinking water, the GMO and chemicals they add to crops, foods, etc. They are doing many things to hurt the planet. We should try to stop the monsters from destroying the planet.

Battery Meme Begam

2022-02-06 - Sunday

2017-08-20 - Meme Begam in 2013 Vietnam Joey Oatmeal English Photo 21100678_520617234942556_1667401361_n.jpg

Najeema Begam made a meme, she added her face and body to a photo I was in with my Leaf Pagoda students in Vietnam in 2013. She sent me the photo after that on 2017-08-20 - in Facebook Messenger but I did not see it until now.

Give because you want to and not because you think you have to. Don't let people trick you into giving away all of your money to crazy pastors who teach God is a genie. I say be wise about the choices you make. Sometimes, you may need to take risks in life. But I will say be mindful of the risks you take and accept failure if they come in life. My advice here goes to everyone and not just to Christians. Unlike some churches, I will not tell you that you MUST give away all of your money. You can choose if you want to give not just money but also your time, resources, talents, abilities, skills, cars, vehicles, property, land, food, wisdom, your ability to type, your ability to talk, your ability to work, your ability to smile, whatever you have to offer, whatever you have to give, whatever it may be. What you have may be unique and special to some extent. You may have things others do not to some extent. You may run into opportunities others may only dream of experiencing. I'm not saying who to give to. I'm NOT saying what to give. I'm not saying you have to give anything to churches. What I am saying is you can choose to give to family, friends, neighbors, churches, cities, countries, clubs, groups, customers, coworkers, and random people on the Internet. And I am saying giving is a blessing even if you get nothing in return for it.

Alex Jones Joe Rogan Sunday Monday

2022-02-07 - Monday


Alex Jones hung out with Joe Rogan Sunday night. Joe eats once a day. He is on fire now.


Alex Jones hung out with Joe Rogan Sunday night. Joe eats once a day. He is on fire now. One guy thrown off the steps of the capital on Jan6 is still alive in 2022 a year later even after some have said he died. Ashley or Ashli Babbit was actually trying to stop people from breaking in and was calling the police over for help.

Putin War

2022-02-08 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2022-02-08 17:52:31.png

Prager U - Stories of Us — Yeonmi Park: My Terrifying Escape from North Korea

End of the world, Putin threatens war if NATO continues upon Ukraine. Globalists are poking the bear. The problem is not Russia but the globalists who want Russia to strike first as an excuse to end life on the planet. We are mainly in a three-way world war or close to it, the largest players appear to be America, Russia, and China, in that order. A close third may be the British Empire which is still secretly an empire. China and Russia are allied to take down the western world temporarily. It is likely that China seeks to then take out Russia after that. Globalism is embedded in the major powers and are attempting to take over the world more and more. There are different globalist factions and groups who are pretending at times at least to align with each other against common enemies. However, globalist forces are at war with each other as well at times. Some of them want depopulation and genocide of the human race globally to larger degrees while others prefer mere control and tyranny. Regardless of all of that nuance, it's important to see how big of a complex mess all of this is. It's a jungle of weirdos trying to take it over and burn it all down to the ground. Joel Skousen believes China and Russia needs a few more years before they're ready to take down the United States.

Red Pill people via stand-up, good idea. Canada is preparing to jam up the cell phones and to take down the Freedom Truckers, honk honk.

The Syrian Girl

2022-02-09 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2022-02-09 14:28:20 Syrian Girl.png

The Syrian Girl

The goal is to force all humans globally into 30 MEGA-CITIES in order to give the impression that resources is limited, the earth is overpopulated, too small, too many people, that everything is too small, too bad, too everything, that we earthlings must therefore do everything their OVERLORDS COMMANDS FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL HUMANITY. That is an aspect of the THE GREAT RESET which is also called Agenda 2030.

Canada Bans Give Send Go

2022-02-10 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-02-10 17:28:36 Masks.png

Mask Tyranny

Be the thing you want in others. Honk honk now or forever hold your peace. Canada is going after Give Send Go.

Truckers Uprising

2022-02-11 - Friday

Screenshot at 2022-02-11 21:11:16.png

Geeks And Gamers dot com

The Truckers Uprising Globally.

Only Fans model was murdered by one of her own subscribers, he went to Florida, was stocking her, he blamed the death on her. He said she made him love her. OnlyFans is destroying society. Chris Williamson and Carl Benjamin made a video about this. If you thought porn was bad, live web cam girls are rotting the brains and hearts of humans globally. This is on top of a wide variety of things which are damaging the fabrics of society. At 8 AM, 12 PM, and 8 PM, truckers should blow their horns for ten seconds each day in solidarity with the Freedom Convoy globally.

The 11th day of February of 2022 was officially the day the Covid Scam collapsed as Vaccines are murdering and killing millions to billions of humans globally before 2030 or as many as they can to the extent we are unable to stop it. Kids celebrate when teacher told them they can remove masks. However, a wife should not celebrate when her husband stops beating her to death. You go after the abuser or else the abuser WILL WILL WILL come back to hit you ten times harder in the future.

Covid Passports was supposed to be implemented globally in 2022, the plan was to then let loose of some of the mask and vaccines requirements after that. However, millions of people are waking up. Requirements are being lifted before the passports can take over. We must be in red alert because globalists will like in Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back. We won battles. The war is still ongoing. The Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada caught the globalists by surprise in 2022 like the MAGA Trump movement did in 2015.

Sean Kanan Moments

2022-02-12 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-02-12 12:15:48 Sean Kanan.png

Check out Sean Kanan who played Mike Barnes in Karate Kid III.

The rushes of life will give you the moments you need that you can take. Life is a present in a sense, like a gift, to be present is to be vulnerable for change and for awareness. Life is beauty and life is Hell. As we sort through life, we pound at the diamonds of our hearts.

Inventing Anna Esther

2022-02-13 - Sunday

Anna Sorokin 116924822_d112b05f-a8bb-4d8e-bf35-8331c682e26d.jpg

Inventing Anna is a series on Netflix. She is kind of hot.

Classical liberalism is not on the left but is on the right with conservatism, etc. To become a man, you have to start with a foundation of beliefs as a starting point. Part of the problem is when a man has no foundation of beliefs and is therefore guided excessively by emotionalism and rage like an SJW NPC bot. Confidence comes when your heart is set within a balance of perspective and principles through patience and integrity.

Devil Valentines

2022-02-14 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-02-14 16:37:24 Biden.png

Biden Economics

If I Were The Devil is a powerful video.

Over 4 billion humans globally were injected with Covid Vaccines or at least many billions got at least one shot, some if not all of the batches are of the deadliest form of the ingredients in these bioweapon toxins which gives people any combination of diseases, sickness, illness, cancer, AIDS, HIV, blood clots, brain seizures, autoimmune dependency enhancement (ADE), heart attacks, and so on and so forth. Millions of people are already getting these things but they lie to say they have no idea what caused them to get these diseases all of a sudden. Globalists could let go of their tyranny, mask and Covid Vaccines and Vaccine Passports, they could end lockdowns and wait for billions of people to die from the vaccines these next few years as we approach 2030, The Great Reset, Agenda 2030. Even if we stop the vaccines, the boosters, right now, millions to billions of humans are still slowly dying right now from the jab over a course of many months to many years. The good news is there are some natural remedies, medicine, drugs, treatment, etc. Some of them might be cures. It doesn't hurt to try.

Dead Wing Dork Duck Tuesday

2022-02-15 - Tuesday

Dead Wing Duck made a video about me on YouTube unnamed.jpg

Check out Dead Wing Duck or Dead Wing Dork on YouTube, Sound Cloud, Band Camp, and Twitter.

Dead Wing Dork Duck did a three-hour SUPER SECRET SOON TO BE BANNED AND DELETED AND DESTROYED UNLISTED YouTube live-stream video WHICH YOU WILL NEVER EVER WATCH, I BET YOU ZERO CENTS YOU WILL NEVER WATCH about me on the evening of Valentines Day of 2022 (which was yesterday), I started watching it today around 09:00 PM. He reacted to some of my home videos. I was laughing while watching. Well, I have to say that I've made so many videos, articles, memes, etc, that I don't even remember half of the thousands of videos I've done. As of 2021, I've made around 40 video channels on YouTube and at least three of them were terminated due to copyrighted music in the background back when I would live-stream at cafes and at McDonald's and/or perhaps I was suspended for a combination of reasons. I would probably delete most of my videos and other things off the face of the Internet. I said I probably would but I will not. Why? Long story. Very long story. I will tell you more about that later, to be continued.

China Girl On The Next Coming Virus

2022-02-16 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2022-02-16 19:31:41 Park China Girl Monkey Gone Wild.png

Find this girl on Infowars at Banned dot video.

The people on the right side of history are the truckers. All the wannabe dictators of the world are calling the Canadian Freedom Convoy as terrorists more Fandom Menacing than that of Jan6, 9/11, or even the U.S. American Civil War of the 1800s meaning back two hundred years ago. Evil cannot create, it can only destroy. That is why evil bans the good voices off the Internet. Together we stand or separate we become Burnt Oatmeal.

Trucks Xanga

2022-02-17 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-02-17 13:16:44 In the same way red hats caught globalists by surprise in 2015, now so did these trucks in 2022, Honk Honk, LGB.png

In the same way red hats caught globalists by surprise in 2015, now so did these trucks in 2022, Honk Honk, LGB.

In the same way red hats caught globalists by surprise in 2015, now so did these trucks in 2022, Honk Honk, LGB.

Truckers can go thousands of miles from Seattle to New York but cannot go up a few miles into Canada until they get the KILLER COVID VACCINES WHICH ARE FUCKING MURDERING MILLIONS OF HUMANS ON EARTH BEFORE 2030 SLOWLY OVER TIME THROUGH OTHER DISEASES AS A COVER STORY. They say people died not from Covid Vaccines or boosters but from other things. But they are dying from Covid Vaccines and China may attack with more viruses. China has medicine, the anecdote, which they plan to sell for ten thousand dollars per dose.

CDC admits they collect DNA sequences via the Covid tests. That violates privacy laws.


2022-02-18 - Friday

Screenshot at 2022-02-18 14:19:32.png


Tyrannical Trudeau arrests over a hundred peaceful Freedom Convoy Canadians in 2022. This movement is expanding to the United States and to many countries around the world.

YouTube terminated three of my channels for Fair Use, Ojawall, Joeyarnoldvn, and JoeyArnoldTV, meaning I lost thousands of videos which means hundreds of hours of videos. At least let me download copies of these videos you stole from me.

Dead Wing Reaction

2022-02-19 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-02-19 22:56:06.png

Oatmeal Gone Wild

People with money are slaves to the money or more so to the people giving them the money, they are held hostage, they fear losing their income. People without money also feel like they are slaves or that they are trapped in debt. People without money are in debt to those they owe. People with money also feel like they are in debt to those who gave them not debt but the money. The secret to life is to escape either extremes of slavery.


2022-02-20 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2022-02-19 04:34:31.png

Shadows of what once was.

Inner beauty stands out. Like a city on the hill. Be that Esther in the people around you. Be that light. Your opportunity comes during the low tides of others.


2022-02-21 - Monday

Canada 274538688_116808004258072_5725902026987654296_n.jpg

Peaceful Objection to Tyranny

Canada stole millions of dollars from thousands if not millions of people from different countries in 2022 and said your funds will magically be unfrozen when you stop being part of those illegal trucks and that woman the cop horse ran over.

Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars. Look these terms up. Elementary children in Californian schools were paid money to sleep with men who say they are women for sex education. 2022 Spring Break Sex-Ed Camps, men sleeps with girls.

Two Ukrainian states seeking independence resides in the Donbas region which was settled in the 1600s by the Don Cossacks who may have been Slavic. The region was part of The Wild Field in the 1500s and became known as New Russia in the 1700s. Coal was discovered there in 1721. In the 1940s, many Russians moved to the region. Civil war relating to this region started in 2014.

I believe in minimizing excessive aggressive accelerated centralized global corporate cartel authoritarian tyranny while also maximizing free markets, free speech, competition, fair court systems, ownership liberties, private property land rights.

Pluto Returns Tuesday

2022-02-22 - Tuesday


Tyranny in Canada

Optimism Bias & Normalcy Bias are two of the biggest threats to humanity. Most people suffer from these two diseases of the mind. Optimism Bias is when you are unable to see the potential of bad happening or for things to get worse. Normalcy Bias is when you are frozen as things get worse. You feel like things cannot get better. Most people feel things are ok. But they also feel like things cannot change meaning even when things are not ok that people accept that as well. In other words, they are unable to react as things get worse and then when things are worse off, then they accept it after the fact. They could have planned ahead to counter the bad times before they came. But optimism bias prevents you from taking action. You say things will never get that bad. But years later when things decline, then you feel like there is nothing you can do about it due to normalcy bias.

How many slaves are there today? Depends on the type and degree of slavery, it can be most humans or billions of people. There are many variations and levels. However, regarding the worse versions of slavery relating to trafficking, being owned, having the least amount of freedom, being unable to escape, being unable to make certain decisions, etc, I would say there may be millions of people today or more who are enslaved in the classical sense of what most people were taught to be slavery historically.

America launched on the 4th of July of 1776 which was during the alignment with Pluto. Today marks the return of Pluto, it continues for the next 2 years. Today is also the birthday of George Washington, he was born February 22, 1732. Wars have been launched on the return of Pluto throughout world history. This return is no different.

I identified as a Canadian trucker.

2022-02-23 - Wednesday


I identified as a Canadian trucker.

Inflation takes years to translate. You may not see the effects until years after the fact. I've been telling you about major global inflation happening especially since 2020 if not longer. Inflation comes and goes economically. It's not a new thing historically but it has been accelerating since THE COVID VACCINE SCAM.

Fertilizer comes from China. How much is a good question but people die as fertilizer distribution fails. Millions of people may die in 2022 when the fertilizer fails to ship to countries around the world. Countries should be making more of their own fertilizer but until then, we are too dependent on, well, mostly China.

Russia Ukraine

2022-02-24 - Thursday


Russia invaded Ukraine during Obama, Biden, and not during Trump.

The secret underbelly of the EU is called the World Economic Forum (WEF). The leaders of many nations in Europe are part of the WEF. These people are telling us Russia is the problem. But these guys are the real monsters.

Globalists wanted Putin to invade Ukraine, it's like the Jan6 trap, globalists trick nations into world wars for centuries now. Our main enemy in the world is globalism. I did not say globalization. I said globalism, there's a difference. Russia is not the enemy. Ukraine is not the enemy. We are in the Wizard of Oz. Look behind the curtain, Toto. See the man. It looks like Russia invaded Ukraine this last full week of February of 2022. It may be more good than bad if globalism invaded Ukraine previously. Ukraine has been in a civil war since 2014. The problem with debating Putin is it's not the full story. You can choose to dislike Putin. However, the control freaks want you to hate Putin right now, you can see that on CNN and Fox, you know you're in trouble when both alleged sides, the right and the left, agree on Putin. Our biggest enemies in the world is not Putin. I'm not saying Putin is Jesus. I'm saying we are being pushed towards wanting war in the same way we were after 9/11. They want the general public to believe we have to stop the next Hussein or Laden. We should be more focused on our own country first. That is simple philosophy 101.

Infowars Alex Jones was right and not because he has a SECRET MAGIC BALL but because he did his homework and yet you can do the same thing. Instead of watching nerdrotic comics, geeks, gamers, movies, shows, you could be investing in the future. All you have to do is find information and pass it on to people. You can choose to graduate to the next level of life. I can show you the door but I can't make you walk through it. Be your own man or your own woman. Take responsibility and do whatever you can each day. That is all I ask of you. As long as you're trying your best each day. Leave it all on the floor. No regrets. Each day is a new day. Live life in the moment while studying history at the same time. Be in the moment while also analyzing former moments from the past. Destiny is within your grasps.

I have a friend from WOLBI NY named Andrew Moroz who is now a pastor. On Facebook in 2022, it looks like he is saying Russia is invading Ukraine. That may be true but it is not the whole story. I write about it. Listen to Infowars Alex Jones on the matter. Russia is not the biggest enemy in the world in context of everything. People take things out of context and fail to see the bigger picture. Globalists are one of the biggest forces for evil on the planet and they wanted Russia to fall for this Jan6 type of trap. It's like 9/11 in that they want people to support war again. Globalists invaded Ukraine and many countries before Russia did. Ukraine went into civil war in 2014. I'm not saying Putin is an angel. America and others were involved in installing leaders in Ukraine. That is bad. The government in Ukraine did bad things to people in Ukraine. So, Ukraine government is bad to an extent because it was infiltrated via Soros, WEF, etc. Many bad forces trying to take over the world and do bad things. They want us to want us to fight. Many bad things are happening. But the good news is good people are talking about the truth. Our enemies are the globalists. Russia is not the main force of evil. We got much bigger problems to worry about.

Too many Chinese are working in USPS post offices, not Chinese-Americans, I'm NOT talking about Chinese Americans but Chinese Chinese in the United States of America (USA), and there are other people too from other countries on top of that, you can see it in their skin, you can hear their accents, and you wonder what really happened in 2020. I've had mail returned to me. Millions of people have talked about having problems.

Shelton Music

2022-02-25 - Friday

Screenshot at 2022-02-25 17:55:54 Putin Russia Bad. But NWO VERY VERY VERY BAD. My focus is on the NWO. Don't get distracted.png

Putin Russia Bad. But NWO VERY VERY VERY BAD. My focus is on the NWO. Don't get distracted.

Putin Russia Bad. But NWO VERY VERY VERY BAD. My focus is on the NWO. Don't get distracted. Russia Ukraine Drama is DISTRACTION. Look over here. Don't look behind the China or globalism curtains.

THINKING. No need for that. Here is why. There's an APP for that.

Russia is NOT the enemy. Ukraine is NOT the enemy. America is NOT the enemy. Individual countries in the world are what they are both good and bad depending on how infiltrated their governments might be. Puppets are sometimes installed into governments around the world. Regular people found in countries around the world are NOT the enemy. The people who are the enemies are global control-freaks, tyrants, cartels, corporations, banks, WEF, technocracy, leftism, globalism, etc.

Obama just said energy prices for the average American will go up thousands of dollars but that it's worth it to support NATO who violated their contract with Russia. How many dams and pipelines have been shutdown in the United States in 2021?

Russia to invade Ukraine by February of 2022. Not only did Alex Jones say this last year but he also said China to first-strike US military bases on the 17th of February of 2021. China to attack America via nuclear weapons. U.S. military to stand down. They're preparing us with the normalization of stay home, blackouts, brownouts, no power, no electricity. Alex Jones was right. China is still planning to strike the United States. We should be sounding the alarms. Alex was right about Ukraine.

Bill Gates has a new thing which is to spread to those who didn't get the you know what. This post may be censored even tho it has no banned keywords or links. Here is a random photo of him. But this thing is to spread from person to person without the let's call it like pencils. Not pencils. Let's call them pens. But without that. I'm thinking through the air or something.

Dicks Aint Chicks

2022-02-26 - Saturday


Dicks Aint Chicks

They showed a woman on Tik Tok who talked about her alleged past lives included when she was fairy which perhaps does not count she says as it deals with other dimensions or parallel timelines or universes or realities. So, in other words, she would rather believe in reincarnation and infinite realities as mentioned on Rick & Morty than choose to believe in giants, lizard people, myths, legends, etc. Some things may not be true but may be based on real things. There were giants. There may be aliens or demons. Some aliens might be aliens. Some fairies may be aliens or demons or who knows. But for her, she would rather believe in other dimensions. Can't say cunt and retarded and nigger and many things on Twitter. You so retarded. You so Nintendo.

Trump CPAC

2022-02-27 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2022-02-27 04:02:53 Trump CPAC.png

Trump CPAC

Trump speaks of sucking control freak monsters into political oblivion. Must defend parental rights. Russia might be bad. But NWO is very bad. NWO wanted Russia to invade. It was a trap. NWO wants countries to fight each other. Russia is not the enemy. Ukraine is not the enemy. Individual countries should not fight each other. We have real enemies who always tries to poke the bear. The globalists want us to be mad at different countries. But each country should try to defend her own borders. NWO installed bad leaders into the Ukraine government. I'm not saying Putin is very good like an angel. I don't think Russia is the USSR. But Russia is not America. Russia has problems. But Russia might be better and more free than China. There are Russians in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian government may have treated Russians in the Ukraine badly. Parts of the Ukraine were part of Russia. NATO violated contracts they had with Russia which justifies the actions Russia is taking. Globalists want any excuse for World War Three. Globalists want countries to blow each other up but it is a trap. Ukraine was in a civil war since 2014. America is dying. America needs to defend its own borders and elections. America is too weak to run around the world like peace keepers. I would end the United Nations, etc.

Game Boy EA Music Store

2022-02-28 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-02-27 23:22:40.png

Be the rocks you want to see in others, or else I'll rock your socks off.

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