What are your New Year Resolutions? I look back at my Christmas experience this year and the previous year, 2020 and 2021. I'm thinking about what might be highlights for this year. I like the Dune movie. I like that new Spider-Man movie. But I need more time to think about it.




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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-12-26 - Sunday | Published in December of 2021







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09:13 PM
The answer is yes and no. Christians held their own holiday on the same day or close to it as that of ancient holidays relating to the worship of winter, the gods, etc. And then we got Santa and all those things added to the top of the Jesus thing making Christmas at least three layers being stuff before the birth of Christ, the Jesus thing, and then the Santa thing. So, like a sandwich. And then the debate becomes how much of the Santa thing is Pagan or non-Christian or whatever you want to call it. Because it is said Santa was based on Saint Nicholas who was a man who helped people. So, that is good. But Christmas trees predate the birth of Christ. So, I say all of that to say Christmas has many different components all mixed into one oddly flavored soup of pagan and not so pagan stuff.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me at HOLA in Vietnam - 2013-11-17 - Sunday Morning.

09:25 PM
What are your New Year Resolutions?

10:52 PM
Keanu Reeves mostly plays himself in most of the movies he did. Some actors do that. So, it is a style that can work in some stories, movies, shows, series, etc. And some people like it more and some people like you do not like it. So, is it bad acting? Well, it might be bad acting if it is certain types of acting. But it depends on the characters within the stories. If the actor is portraying the character well enough, then it is good acting even if you do not like it.

So, if you do not like it, and if it was still good acting, then the problem might be with the writers, directors, and producers. So, you have to go back to the plot and source material of a particular franchise and study what is there. And perhaps there were too many plot-holes. Maybe the characters were not relatable enough or poorly written. So, it depends.

I cooked meals in Vietnam sometimes but mostly just ate at cafes and outside street mart restaurants. I was generally eating rice and chicken which I enjoyed the most. Some Vietnamese ate rat and I don't know if I ate rat or not because sometimes I did not know what I was eating.

10:55 PM
Disney hates me and other white people. Disney works with China. Disney did many bad things. Disney hurts people which leads to people dying. I hate Disney for killing people. Disney is evil.

10:58 PM
And if you are ever out of food, your store is right out the window.


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What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Criminal Minds 1014

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 12:36 AM - 01:21 AM - Criminal Minds 1014

Coffee house bombing after the fake left of the busy waiter with too many customers all at once. Car. Bomb squad.

Criminal Minds 1015

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 09:22 AM - 10:04 AM - Criminal Minds 1015

Online dating meets killers and weirdos. Man very organized. Eggs. Dishes. Beat woman in the basement after skit between him and her. He has her say certain words. He has it recorded as he is playing his dad and the woman his mom from when he was like seven years old. His parents probably died. Cobra Kai actor, main villain man. Killer man has temper tantrums. His dad killed his mom and then shoots himself. Girls. Mall. Dad.

Criminal Minds 1016

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 10:05 AM - 10:51 AM - Criminal Minds 1016

Sock in mouth killer. Quote from Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, something about letting dragons out. Federal prison. No wifi but what about wired Internet via ethernet? They failed to mention that. Not allowed to have books in the prison cells there. Brothers have to stick together. Guards involved. One guard shoots himself in the end. Big fight. Prison break. One back guy helps Morgan. Eisenhower said if you want protection. security, go to prison. Only thing lacking is freedom. Lets get the Hell out of here.

03:08 PM
Nerdrotic - Matrix 4 FLOPS and Hawkeye BOMBS | A Very Merry Friday Night Tights Xmas with It'sAGundam & MauLer

04:11 PM
"Daddy chill" says brown twenties something soy boy man.
Man replies, "What the Hell is even that."

11:36 PM

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux breaks down the ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE TRAGEDY of a cam girl and escort who JUST CAN'T FIND A GOOD MAN AT 35!


Here is a list of what I'm watching

Criminal Minds 1014

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 12:36 AM - 01:21 AM - Criminal Minds 1014

Criminal Minds 1015

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 09:22 AM - 10:04 AM - Criminal Minds 1015

Criminal Minds 1016

2021-12-26 - Sunday - 10:05 AM - 10:51 AM - Criminal Minds 1016

12:58 PM
U Can Beat Video Games - #DuckHunt Duck Hunt - Ultimate Guide - How to beat the game!

03:08 PM
Nerdrotic - Matrix 4 FLOPS and Hawkeye BOMBS | A Very Merry Friday Night Tights Xmas with It'sAGundam & MauLer

11:36 PM


Daily Oatmeal Post. Welcome to the Oatmeal Daily with your host, Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Each day, I publish these entries, posts, articles, web pages. This is mostly a personal blog, diary, journal, or autobiography. However, some of this may be useful, applicable, inspirational, educational, entertaining. However, the template here is mostly that of a boring log. I've included my watch log near the bottom of this post listing some of the videos I've viewed. At the very bottom are some of my favorite links worth sharing. Dear diary journal blog, I got up at 08:00 AM. Breakfast, 08:30 AM. Was watching Criminal Minds. Knock on the door of the RV trailer by Denise Roundtree around 11:00 AM. I was already into a few minutes of episode 1017 which I didn't finish yet. Well, might have seen it months or years ago. Nut as of my current bing or binge, no. Was told I was leaving which is fine and not fine. This is my rant for my Christmas 2021. I can talk good and bad about this Christmas that can be subtle and full of nuance which people can't handle. Too hot to handle. Dare to be hot and on the edge. I was not warned of this and I was there in my mind to help. Sorry for wanting to help. I was there to help Uncle Rick. That is the uncle of Denis who was a pastor in Idaho. In the prayer last night, that is Christmas Day, Rick prayed for the refugees. Like he was praying that they are protected and such. But does he not know globalists use Open Borders to destroy many countries in Europe and now America? I can rant on that. I can talk for days on a series of topics and such. This may be reference in my post about my Christmas of 2021 post. I may just link to this daily post and add a few more points. I try to be wordy and all over the place on purpose in these types of posts and articles and everything else. I sometimes try to do the opposite in other types of posts. What kinds of posts are wordy? Well, posts that are designed to archive history and things of that nature, it is for the record like a blog. Like, I am talking from my head to paper. I mean to the Internet Paper. I am trying my best to get out a bunch of things all at once. I had fun and also not fun at the same time during my trip there. But I thought they wanted me to help more. And if they wanted more help, then they should have asked me to please stay for five more days. Or even just one more day. I could have done a lot of work in just three more hours. They were busy with hanging out with friends and family around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was not going there for Christmas but I wanted to hit two birds with one stone. And that is I was invited to come over for Thanksgiving. My family was. We ended up not making it. So, I wanted to make it up to them by coming for Christmas. And I wanted to help out Rick in his new big garage with organizing things. I could have done other things too. I thought they would be more interested in wanting me. And don't get me wrong, I did do some help the past few days which was good. Echo said she might have like brain cancer or something. Some kind of cancer. And that is not normal. And we can cure cancer. And we didn't talk about that the past few days which is retarded. Her grandma must have said she got a Covid Vaccine which may kill her. That reminds me that people die of vaccines but people say they didn't. There are many reasons why. This morning, Delores Roundtree told me not put my hat beanie on her table which is fine, her table. But her argument was how often do I wash my hat? I said once a month. Maybe only once a year. Maybe random times every few months. But I said one month. But that is not important. She said people eat off the table. Incorrect. You eat off bowls, plates. Plus, Denise uses just as much soap as Daniel does when working with food. It's insane. And stop going to Starbucks. That's insane. Bad coffee. Taste kind of ok but so expensive. Save money and give it to me because you know you owe me hundreds if not thousands of dollars for all the work I did mostly in 2020 and a little in 2021. And I don't want to go back there ever again and I am not saying I will not but that I prefer not to and that I am not needed and they don't like me and they didn't try to make me leave. They didn't even want to ask me if I wanted to go home. There was no plan. There was no conversation. It might have been Delores who told Denise that "Rick is taking Joey home." And perhaps Delores called Rick and said, "Take Joey home." And I am only guessing. Rick came into her house this morning saying something like, "Is Joey ready to go home?" And/or "Does Joey want to go home?" Not sure if he said or meant the word want. Maybe he didn't say want. But U can't say the details. I decided not to say much when Denise told me I was going home. I was shocked and it was similar to how she always tells Daniel when he is going to and from her house and back to his dad's house. It's the same kind of thing. I am not saying that is good or bad. I am reflecting for the record. I have written some of this in code the past two years using the word clam to highlight things relating to all of this. I thought they knew I was there to work. But I don't know. Delores didn't want me to be snowed in. And, so some of these things are floating around my head. I felt like I wasted my time a little the last few days. I hung out with the kids and the adults the past few days. I heard things and I said a few things. I had a headache migraine for the past few days and I am getting better. I didn't say a lot because I know I would have said things they didn't like. But they also didn't like me being silent. So, I was in an impossible place where I could not win outside of becoming a fake person. I feel like they sort of lied to me the past few years and such. And not always lies and not completely. I am trying to be nuance in what I am saying. Like, it is hard to explain how it can be lies in a sense. But at the same time, there might be truth behind them not having enough money to pay me Delores and Denise has said this to me and I was doing the work not for money so it doesn't matter. But I bring it up because you should have character and integrity and do what you say. And if you waste money, then that is retarded. I appreciate them like family in some ways but they don't want to talk about the most important things in the world. That is insane like how Covid Vaccines are killing people for example. I have many things to say about many things. Geez. I still have more to say. Like, Delores said I was entitled to my own opinion when I talked about some things which were not opinions on Thursday relating to Covid and everything else. I mentioned that I was not alone in what I thought, my so-called opinions. So, she said some people believe in what I believe and/or in different things. Not exactly sure what she was trying to say but either of the two or both is what she was probably trying to say. But doctors, scientists, etc, agree with what many people know to be true regarding many things. And what I said, which I referenced in my Thursday post, was not complete. I reference things but didn't even get out everything I wanted to say. It was as if she was cutting me off and virtually that is what she was doing. That hurt the most. This is how I feel for the record and for December of 2021. It is not that I am important but that other people may have family members like this. And I could be wrong about some of the things I say. Perhaps I got a few minor details wrong in what I am saying about who said what and when and where and how and why and what for and with what and what was exactly meant or assumed or referenced and everything else. Another thing, when Denise knocked on my door this morning, she was knocking really hard. So, when I opened the door, she said, "You must have really been out of it." She assumed I was sleeping which is ok. I was actually watching Criminal Minds, my headphones blocks out outside sound. But I didn't tell her that. So, she might have thought I was sick or sleeping in or who knows. Probably just that I was sleeping in because many people go to bed late and wake up late. We can all do that sometimes. But it's like she didn't know I was up earlier. But if she didn't know I was up, then why did she say I was going home? Did Delores just tell her to tell me I was going home or was it the idea that Denise came up with that I go home today. I don't know the answer but I am thinking it might be more so that Delores told her I was going home. But would she not tell her that I was up earlier? Who knows and I am not saying it matters. It does and not matter at the same time for many reasons and that is why I am getting this out. And I feel like I want to move past this. I want to type all this out, put it on the Internet, and move on. This info can help. Not saying what I am typing here is the most important thing when compared to the Bible or other important documents. This is more just a crazy rant by a crazy person named Oatmeal Joey Arnold and nothing more. In the future, if need be, I can reference this post when talking about My Christmas 2021. And I am writing posts for each Christmas of my life. So, here is my diary journal blog right here. Here are some of my thoughts. An outline of thoughts. Very incomplete rough draft of thoughts. To be continued as always.
Food log: Breakfast: cherry pie and some other kind of pie, coffee, 08:30 AM.
Lunch: sandwich, 11:20 AM or so.
Dinner: soup stuff, mac and cheese, peas, 06:00 PM
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