Did you know you have two TYPES of immune systems in your body? TWO. NOT ONE. Why don't we talk about the 2nd kind?

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Covid Vaccines (Omicron, Delta, etc) Kills People, Not Covid

1999-09-09 - Thursday - Dreamcast - North America Release at $200, 4 pics.

Random Movies From 2001

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Screenshot at 2021-12-04 13:05:54 Did you know you have two TYPES of immune systems in your body? TWO. NOT ONE. Why don't we talk about the 2nd kind?.png

Did you know you have two TYPES of immune systems in your body? TWO. NOT ONE. Why don't we talk about the 2nd kind?

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-12-04 - Saturday | Published in December of 2021







Add me if you're a freedom lover, if you're a patriot, if you're against excessive tyranny globally, locally. If you're standing up for God-given rights, liberties, then please send me friend requests and please share this. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold, my username online is @JoeyArnoldVN, and my blog and website online is @joeyarnoldvn and my email is joeyarnoldvn@pm.me

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INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg

12:19 AM
2 movies had the named Omicron, one in 1963 and one in 2013 or 2012. And now, Omicron is the name of the side effects of Covid Vaccines which are killing people slowly over the course of many years via cancer, etc.




List of my Favorite Websites

12:28 AM
Bad things are happening around the world. We can talk all day about the bad things. Alex Jones is always right. I am Alex Jones. Each person should be Alex Jones.

Some good things are happening but it is always better to be aware of the issues at hand. We need that contrast between good and bad. We shouldn't be uninformed. I talk about some of the things that are happening in my daily blog online for example. We expose the demons out there. We expose Fauci. We expose bad people and bad ideas. Bad things are happening in Australia for example. There are so many articles and videos regarding the good and bad things happening all around the world. Not looking at the details does not help people. Get involved on the local level.

Don't live in fear but also don't live with your head under a rock. Don't stick your head in the sand. Don't be ignorant. Be aware of what is happening. Germany announced they will go door to door coming in February of 2022. I talk about the bad stuff because then people may be more likely to stand up to it before it is too late. In many ways it is too late. But at the same time, not too late. I believe in getting people involved as much as possible. We live in a cultural information war.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me at HOLA in Vietnam - 2013-11-17 - Sunday Morning.

12:36 AM
Too many of the corrupted leaders of the military, the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc, did terrible things. And too many soldiers have been affected in the past by those leaders. That is why I'm in favor of Florida who is announcing a state militia that is not federalized meaning an activation of the 9th and 10th amendments.

12:38 AM
Who said it was private? And if it was private, you would not know about it. Do you understand how privacy works? Anything you say or write online is not private.

12:50 AM
America is big. America is big like China is big. You gave me an article that talked about Korea. Did you not read the article? Did you not read the headline to the article you gave me? You said something about your country and then gave me an article that talks about South Korea. And you are telling me you do not want anybody to know what country you are from. But you told me many times in former comments that you are from South Korea. You sent me an article that literally has the word "KOREA" in the title. You can see that word, Korea, in the article. The word is there. I read it. I saw it. It took me five seconds to see the word. The article is about Korea. You mention your country and then send me a link to an article about Korea. Am I supposed to think, "BUT HE IS NOT FROM KOREA." Am I supposed to think you are from Uganda because you sent me an article about Korea? Should I think you live in Vietnam because you gave me an article about Korea?

And I was trying to tell you what you can do to to try to hide IP addresses and other things. I mentioned VPN. That is one thing. I said VPN in previous comments and posts. That is one thing. I have many things I can say to you. But it takes so much time and so many words to try to tell you about VPN. And then proxy too. And that is a second word I want you to know. VPN and proxy. And this can help you hide IP, etc.

I try to help you hide your IP address. But you need to understand what proxy means. So, I would have to help define and explain to you what proxy mean. It means fake IP address. And there many things you can try to do and study if you want to hide your IP address, etc.

Joe Rogan Dream

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 10:50 AM | Dream Log - Joe Rogan Dream. Plus, a weird fantasy adventure show dream.

Dream with Joe Rogan in the car or whatever it was. backing out of LMS where I live now and he decided to drive down the other way down a dead end road. But perhaps it was not as we were at Rose Grove, the ghetto I grew up in when I was a kid. We drove down a series of roads and I tried to tell them to take a right turn at the y fork in the road and the other guy in the vehicle which is more like a go-cart now must have said to turn left instead. They went left and ran into a dead end and then the car got stuck or something. So, they walked away to wait for it to fix itself or something. One person, possibly female, grab some her quarters or other coins out of the car as if it was a pop machine with a coin slot. That person went to a soda machine or candy machine or something nearby to waste all the money on snacks. Joe or whoever it was walked off and I tried saying to him again that I told them so. And Joe was like oh ok calmly or something. And I was looking to get out of there.

Fantasy Adventure Show Dream

And there was another dream where I am interacting with people and it was like they were on a show, like adventure fantasy. They out there in the wild. Like science fiction meets the wild west. I was kind of there a few times but the show was mostly focused on a man. There were many flashbacks and flash forward moments. Might be oddly connected to the Joe Rogan dream but I forget too many details to even be writing this. I just remember the show being very random going back and forth. Crazy editing I guess and I don't even remember what I was doing or what was happening. So random.

01:06 PM
Did you know you have two TYPES of immune systems in your body? TWO. NOT ONE. Why don't we talk about the 2nd kind?

Talk About Covid

01:55 PM - Ecency

The Coronavirus-19 represents viruses, diseases, sicknesses, etc. When we become too sick, we die. What is Covid-19 is a good question. But regardless of what Covid is and/or is not, people do die. When our immune system or systems becomes or become too weak, we die. When our bodies lacks enough essential vitamins and enzymes and minerals and water and oxygen, we die. Vitamins is a key component. Covid killed people. But many things kill people. And more so, Covid Vaccines kill more people than Covid did.

Delta was created mostly from and through and by Covid Vaccines.

Omicron was also a product of the Covid Vaccines and NOT of Covid.

And Covid is and is not many things. Sometimes or too many times, when people say Covid, it is not Covid.

And Covid is too general of a term. Covid has too many meanings.

It is too hard to define and describe Covid because people blame too many things on Covid.

You got hit by a car, Covid killed you. The car did not kill you they say. Crazy.

Covid Tests actually tests a human to see if there are coronaviruses inside. And Covid-19 is a series of coronaviruses. But there are many other kinds of coronaviruses too. And Covid Tests not only tries to see if a person has coronaviruses (not just Covid-19 but all kinds of coronaviruses) but the test is also only looking for the antibodies that our body creates with the help of the immune systems. But then again, there are different types of Covid tests. There are different ways to do the tests. But many people have agreed the tests were too inaccurate.

Too many people who got Covid got better, over 99%. Most people got better.

Too many people who died of Covid were already too sick.

In 2020, the CDC website published an article saying over 94% of people who died of Covid had comorbidity which means they died of different things and not just of Covid. And the fake news spin that information to say Covid was the key thing that killed the person, that it tipped the person over to die. And Covid can kill people. But other things kill people too.

And Covid Vaccines are killing people so much. The numbers are so big.

Some people think viruses are fake or different things.

I think viruses are real.

But some viruses, bacteria, germs, etc, can be good and some kind be bad for humans.

There may be around six trillion human cells inside the average adult body.

According to Delgado Protocol, "We have 380 trillion viruses and 60 trillion bacteria in our body’s and only 6 trillion cells. And every day we breathe in an average of 100,000,000 viruses."

Scientists and doctors and others can disagree and debate on how human cells might be inside a human body. But they all can agree humans have many trillions of cells. And they agree there are more viruses inside our bodies than we have human cells.

According to an article on Optics Planet, there may be around 30 to 50 trillion bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, parasites, other small microorganisms and other things that we cannot see with the naked eye. It looks like scientists debate on how many bacteria there may be. So, they may not agree to one specific number but they do agree it is a big number, many trillions and women generally have more than men do. And I don't know if having more is good or bad. We have a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome.

75 Percent Water

Our bodies are at least 75% (percent) water according to Shift Frequency and our brains 90% water. So, we are mostly water. And yet, even with all of that water, we still have trillions of bacteria, etc. Well, to be fair, some of the water is inside cells and inside bacteria, etc. But some or most of the water are between the spaces and gaps and cavities and tunnels and holes and valleys and areas between cells and bacteria and everything. It is kind of like looking at the stars in space. Maybe not that much space. But there is a lot of water. And there are a lot of cells. And there are a lot of bacteria, germs, viruses, etc.

How many human cells in our bodies?

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information website, there may be around 10(12) to 10(16) cells in our bodies. And 12 means to the power of 12 or 12 zeroes. That means 12 trillion. 10(16) would be an even bigger number. And I think these estimates might include not just human cells but also bacteria, etc. But the article goes on to give a more specific formula of 3.72 × 10(13).

There are two types of immune systems in your body. But they only talk about the first kind is the innate immune system. They never talk about the second type which is called the adaptive immune system.

Our bodies are so big.

Since humans have trillions of viruses, that is big.

Because trillion is a big number.

And it is crazy to wear a mask to keep viruses out of our bodies.

Because we already have viruses in our bodies.

And when we breath in oxygen, we breath in viruses with the air.

To not breath in viruses, you have to filter your air into an oxygen tank and wear body suit all over your body with a mask and goggle over your eyes. You would have to breath the air from the tank through the plastic pipe into your mouth directly.

And some people believe our bodies sometimes create viruses and other things too sometimes too.

In other words, some viruses come into our bodies from outside our bodies from animals, people, plants, trees, the air, the earth, water, etc.

But some viruses are fragments of cells and other things in our bodies they say. Like, think of it like this, cells are like cookies. And some viruses might be the crumbs from those cookies. Some viruses might be mistakes or fragments from our body. I'm not saying all viruses come from our body. Some probably come from outside our body.

But it seems that some viruses causes cancer, etc.

The good news is our immune systems is always destroying the viruses, the cancer cells, etc, etc, all of the time.

Please Add Me

10:02 PM - Gab

Add me if you're a freedom lover, if you're a patriot, if you're against excessive tyranny globally, locally. If you're standing up for God-given rights, liberties, then please send me friend requests and please share this. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold, my username online is @JoeyArnoldVN, and my blog and website online is @joeyarnoldvn and my email is joeyarnoldvn@pm.me

Having Covid more than once?

10:43 PM - Facebook

Is it possible to get it more than once? my theory is if it is mutating, then you can get it every time your body doesn't recognize it.... but your body can become adaptive and improve at its response time to it, ideally at least.

Autism as a kid

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 10:54 PM | Facebook Log | Facebook | Gab

I had autism as a kid. I'm a lot better now. But I wonder how Suramin works. I was doing a lot better in life when I was 17 years old, as I was entering 11th grade. But something like this would jump-start a person, assuming it works. And it probably does. But I guess it depends on the type of autism, how much, as its a spectrum. Well, I was never diagnosed as a kid with Acquired Demyelinating Syndrome (ADS), so I can't speak on that specifically. But I do know that the one thing that would help me, among a bunch of different things, was that my mom would give me a bunch of vitamins growing up. I was homeschooled until I was 15 and then I went to high school, colleges, etc. And so, I agree that there are cures and natural remedies and there are so many things people can do and try. In other words, there is hope out there for people. As they say, "Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be open unto you."

11:30 PM
Janice Magnuson, a lot of conflation is happening. Most of the problems are caused by the jab. I don't know if I've had it or how many times, I was never tested, but I know I've had struggled breathing a few times the past 2 years, I've been pretty sick a few times. But like you said, it felt like the flu or a combination of general symptoms that people usually get sometimes.

11:53 PM
Janice Magnuson, I agree with that, people do get too many metals and other things into their heads which can cause autism or other problems. And autism is such a generalized term. Well, almost as generalized and vague as CIVOD (anagram to bypass censorship AI on Facebook).

Autism can be at least two things. First off, it can be bad. And that is normally what people talk about. And autism can be connected both directly and indirectly with all kinds of disorders, diseases, problems, etc. So, it is good to reduce autism, etc.

Secondly, however, at the same time, autism can be a way of thinking. And what I mean by that is autism can be defined as a hyper focus on and towards specific tasks at hand as seen in the way nerds, geeks, book worms, scientists, doctors, lawyers, researchers, writers, etc, can end up conducting how they spend their time, their priorities, their way of dealing with work and everything.

And autism is many things both good and bad.

And people generally focus only on the bad things which I agree are bad and should be reduced and minimized as much as possible, of course.

And I'm not saying this second definition of autism is actually autism so to speak. Because I kind of made up this second meaning or definition to this term. I've not checked yet to see if others agree or not.

But one of the reasons I bring it up is because sometimes people can conflate and confuse things that they think might be bad with things that might be good.

I say all of that to say some people may have problems be it autism and/or a series of things.

But some of those things may not necessarily be bad or the worse imaginable. There may be potential or a series of things there to work with, a diamond in the rough.

Regardless of whether or not some people have autism, and regardless of whether people think they have autism or not, they may simply be not normal.

I mean, not normal in a good way in that they perhaps think outside the box, they can be very good at micromanagement.

So, I'm 36 years old now and I've thought about these kinds of things for years now. And I find the topics of psychology, sociology, anthropology, autism even, etc, as insightful and fundamental towards life and humanity and meaning.

Meaning there is a lot of value in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different types of people.


Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Lost In Space 101: Impact

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 01:21 AM - 02:14 AM - Lost In Space 101: Impact

Playing cards in space. Pretty thrilling ride. They crash onto the snow and ice of a planet. The plot is set in 2046. In an ideal world, their ship would have tried orbiting a planet before crashing onto it. And space ships can have the ability to hover and react. If you hover, then you don't sink into the ice and down under and into the lake and water. But if you can't hover, then computer detection would grant the ship an option to launch before crashing. For the most part, have the computer plot a course to the planet before going down. Computers can dodge other ships and other things. But the smart space ship failed at simple things. That is retarded. Mother said if the atmosphere was bad, they would be dead. But poison in the air could slowly kill off a person in the course of many years. So, it is a matter of risk and perspective. She dives in to get a battery. She gets stuck as the lake freezes. The ship is at the bottom of that lake. Boy runs into the robot who is from his crashed ship. Robot is cut in two. Upper half on tree. Boy, named Will, pushes head and body off. Robot unites and saves her from fire. He saves the black daughter from the lake. But there is a back story. They were on a space station. There was a problem or maintenance. So, like a fire drill, they jump in a pod. Later on, the station blew up or something and the pod crashed onto the planet. And I thought I saw a robot like one on the planet but on the station shooting at people and I could be wrong about that. The 1965 show starts off with the idea that the world is overpopulated in 1997, a Bill Gates wet dream. They all stood when the US President spoke.

The Wheel of Time 101: Leavetaking

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 02:29 AM - 02:57 AM - The Wheel of Time 101: Leavetaking

Girl is pushed off a cliff and into a river. Ritual thing. Tribe. Magic people. Woman can make hot tub hot with her ring and hand. Lover. Young adults. People in a tribe. People staring. Fire. Search for a person with magic. Dragon person.

Chuck 108: An Affair to Dismember

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 03:06 AM - 04:02 AM - Chuck 108: An Affair to Dismember

72 Chucky dolls on a truck. They are all alive. Lady cuts off head to one. Parallel between Chucky and Frankenstein. Chucky stabs people in the butt from other the seats at the theater and nobody looks for him. Are people that stupid? That blind? Terrible. At least one person would look and see Chucky. BF to BF woke stuff. Chucky in a fireside chair, funny ending as he talks to the audience.

11:40 AM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - DeSantis Plans Civilian Military As Tensions Rise Between States & Biden w/Kari Lake

12:04 PM | YouTube
Crypto is not money. So, when Lake mentioned something about the constitution and who is allowed to make money, all of that is null and void not only to the fact of the Federal Reserve which was mentioned on this podcast but also the fact that cryptocurrencies are not and is not money in the sense that Bitcoin for example was designed as a trading mechanism. It is decentralized. It is an agreed upon digital token that is governed by blockchain protocol that is destined by predetermined path of code. Consensus has to be made between miners regarding some of the details of the Bitcoin path or governance. John McAfee has given really good outlines describing Bitcoin to be not even a security. You can watch his videos describing what Bitcoin is and is not. And it is critical that people not call Bitcoin money. Otherwise, the IRS and others can jump in and say give us your Bitcoin. No. You say no. Because Bitcoin is not money. But when you exchange Bitcoin for dollars, then the IRS will likely be asking for taxes. But the IRS is not supposed to be able to ask you for your Bitcoin even tho they are trying to. Bitcoin is not money. But Bitcoin is used like money. But is not money. Therefore, IRS is not allowed in even tho they try to come in.

12:15 PM
There was a 90 year old lady running around. But a few months into the lockdown, she was barely able to make it to the mailbox via a walker. She was now an old lady. A few months earlier, no walker. Magically, she was in a walker. She became a brand new old lady. Lockdown kills.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

12:00 AM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - DeSantis Plans Civilian Military As Tensions Rise Between States & Biden w/Kari Lake

Lost In Space 101: Impact

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 01:21 AM - 02:14 AM - Lost In Space 101: Impact

The Wheel of Time 101: Leavetaking

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 02:29 AM - 02:57 AM - The Wheel of Time 101: Leavetaking

Chuck 108: An Affair to Dismember

2021-12-04 - Saturday - 03:06 AM - 04:02 AM - Chuck 108: An Affair to Dismember

11:40 AM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - DeSantis Plans Civilian Military As Tensions Rise Between States & Biden w/Kari Lake

12:28 PM

09:22 PM
Ron Gibson - Dune (1984) and Dune (2021) - re:View

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