"We will get to play together when it's done, the shot." Song for children to trick them into taking Covid Vaccines which if it is doesn't kill them will deform them for life. FDA didn't approve it outside of emergency use, it's still in trial mode, experimental mode.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-05-22 - Saturday | Published in May of 2021

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2021-02-12 - Friday - 01:35 PM LMS JA - Met Log Created

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Angel Jackson
2021-05-22 - Saturday - 10:00 AM - Met Log

I first saw Angel Jackson on Facebook in May 2021 or maybe as early as April 2021. I am not sure if that is her real name or if the photos were stolen. This person is promoting a crypto trading website and promotes things like Bitcoin. She or he, whatever, introduced me to a website and says I must put $300 onto the website. No. I will not do that. On her Facebook, it says her company is based in Nigeria India which means probably Nigeria. Unless of it is located in two countries.

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I have seen Mandy on Twitter since maybe April 2021.

Invest Wisely

10:28 AM - I messaged Angel Jackson the following:

You should not trade with Bitcoin, you should hold onto it while the dollar dies and especially as we go through the biggest economy depression globally we have seen in many centuries, millions to billions of people may die and many are dying, money cannot buy you anything if people are not working, if there are shortages of products, goods, food, people are running out of gas meaning trucks can't deliver products, and the list goes on and on.

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What about South Korea?

2021-05-22 - Saturday - 09:43 AM - Covid Log - Hive

Before I say anything else, natural laws are not western, they are global and ancient meaning all countries and people are under natural law because natural law means the rules of the universe of how things ought to be without government.

South Korea is no better than China if they make people wear masks.

The Nuremberg Code has ten points and it talks about how you cannot conduct scientific experiments on humans without their consent and a few other things.

A mandate is like a fake rule or a fake law where they say you have to do it or else but that is a lie. I don't know if South Korea has human rights.

If South Korea has human rights, then they CANNOT fine you any money for not wearing masks and there are many reasons why. Human rights is part of natural law and such. Masks violate trading laws or commerce laws.

When you require a mask in an open market where people buy and sell, that is discrimination and it is also obstruction of the free flow of buying and selling and this applies internationally in western and eastern countries.

When I tell you stuff, your response is that it does not apply to South Korea. However, what I am saying here does apply to your country and I try to say it in so many words. I am trying to show you that what they are doing in South Korea is illegal and you will be mad and angry someday when you find out how illegal it is and how bad the government in your country is.

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Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Eff-dee-aye (FDA) didn't approve it outside of emergency use, it's still in trial mode, experimental mode.

"We will get to play together when it's done, the shot." Song for children to trick them into taking Covid Vaccines which if it is doesn't kill them will deform them for life.


10:44 AM - If Mario Piranha Plants Got Smart

Luigi helped kill his own brother, twisted.

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