MK-Ultra evolved into Monarch and the Monarch butterfly is the international symbol for trauma-based mind-control and we see the symbolism in Disney movies and all over the place. Bill till. Clarence tractor.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-05-08 - Saturday | Published in May of 2021

Waldo Flu Where 182791850_118364820387717_6448058678519706057_n.jpg

Where's the Waldo Flu, no that's just Covid

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

I was teaching English in Vietnam

My Yoga Laptop Info
2021-06-08 - Saturday - 08:39 PM - My Laptop Log

On my Yoga Laptop which runs the Ubuntu Mate 16.04 operating system, the theme has been ambiant-MATE. That is a theme found in the Appearance Preferences found in the Control Center found in System in the main menu. i've experimented with different Ubuntu OSes and different themes for Mate. This is one I've had for like years or a long time I think.

The main fonts I use is called Ubuntu for the first three. Another one is Ubuntu Medium and Ubuntu Mono for the fifth and last one.

The settings I'm using to best suit the needs of my external 30-inch television which I use as a monitor since like 2019 or as late as 2020 has been (since then or for most of that time) 1680x1050 pixels for the resolution.

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How The Internet Works

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 03:20 PM - Internet Log - Gab.com | Facebook

David N Lyza Beurman, it is not the same everywhere. It depends on if a website is decentralized or centralized. In other words, it depends on the fundamentals, the science, the technology, the specific system in place for a website, for a network, and there are several levels to how the Internet works. But there are different types of Internet structures as well. Tech overlords began to centralize and control the Internet too much especially after 1999 (and in the early 2000s in general) with the rise of CIA, DARPA, etc funded Facebook, Google, etc. It is similar to how the Federal Reserve and the world banks and Rothschild and others were centralizing the printing and the regulating of money and particularly the dollar for example. Internet can be better if a computer communicates directly with another computer with the option of as many different routes as possible. The problem is when you have too many middle men so to speak. For an example, if my computer cannot talk to your computer without going through an Internet service provider (ISP) which then goes through regional and global service providers, if my computer has to transfer through a domain name server (DNS), and if my computer has to go through other certain routers, servers, website hosts, and especially the large backbone infrastructure of the Internet which are the largest highways for Internet traffic, then those are the aspects of the Internet which are much more centralized than other aspects. But the good news is that there are people and projects all around the world working at minimizing these centralized aspects. I've been studying how the Internet works the last few years, I know it's complex. But I also know we make the Internet better one piece at a time and one day at a time and that is what I believe and that is what I fight for each day.

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03:02 PM
SCOOP: The Walt Disney Corporation claims that America was founded on “systemic racism,” encourages employees to complete a “white privilege checklist,” and separates minorities into racially-segregated “affinity groups.”

I've obtained internal documents that will shock you.Thread

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Clarice 101

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 01:38 AM - 02:20 AM - Clarice 101

A pretty good show based in 1993 regarding Clarice who may be a real-life person but also a character in The Silence of the Lamb which was a movie starring I think Jodie Foster who also played Clarice. This actress looks more like Rey Palpatine Skywalker from Star Wars. Not a random serial murder spree it looks like.


2021-05-08 - Saturday - 02:21 AM - 02:56 AM - Girls 5 Eva 101

Spice Girls parody. A girls band from the 1990s. Like 1999 and 2000. They called themselves not 4 Ever but 5 Ever meaning 5 is bigger than 4 meaning longer than forever or 4 ever. A vaccine joke or not joke. The baby girl counterpart said to the other spice girl not to touch her kid as her daughter was not vaccinated yet. But vaccines are bad and Covid Vaccines are killing people. Another girl is now very old. 5 girls. Asian girl died. The black girl is like Beyonce. One white girl is like Pink. A rapper guy is the one who sang with their song in the background. So, they appear on Jimmy Fallon. But nobody wants them. Too old they say. SHe didn't have to drink all the liquid stuff at the airport said the lady cuz she famous. Oh, so famous people can't blow up airplanes like 9/11? Truth is anybody can do bad but airport security is bad and much worse. Pretty funny show on Peacock. Airport worker siad the people who knew you when you were younger know who you really are and can be more honest about it all. THat got Beyonce to agree to return to the band.

The Bad Batch 101

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 02:57 AM - 04:10 AM - Star Wars: The Bad Batch 101

You see a jedi master and her sidekick is Caleb who you will find in Rebels. Another member added to the sad batch said a trooper. Tarkin shows up to say no more clones. Funny flying robot. Shock. You guys are weirdos. You guys as the bad batch are genetically modified or different said the bot. Wait, no, maybe everyone are the crazy ones. Mother of Asoka. Alderaan planer which blew up in New Hope. Girl is a clone. One clone fought against the other four plus the girl. The water planet.

Discloser Library


Mind controllers look for dissociatives.

Monarch butterflies mentioned in this video reminds me of the butterflies seen in Clarice 101 and Silence of the Lambs. Also, the Butterfy Effect with Ashton Kutcher.

Butterflies have strong genetic memory as they migrate multigenerationally.

MK-Ultra elvolved into Monarch which is short for Monarch Butterflies

Butterfly Trauma Mind-Control

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 02:56 PM - Globalism Log - Gab.com

MK-Ultra evolved into Monarch and the Monarch butterfly is the international symbol for trauma-based mind-control and we see the symbolism in Disney movies and all over the place.

13 leading families who control the world are Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li (Chinese), Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, van Duyn, Merovingian.

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Clarice 101

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 01:38 AM - 02:20 AM - Clarice 101


2021-05-08 - Saturday - 02:21 AM - 02:56 AM - Girls 5 Eva 101

The Bad Batch 101

2021-05-08 - Saturday - 02:57 AM - 04:10 AM - Star Wars: The Bad Batch 101

Discloser Library


Dear diary, got up at 09:40 AM, 4 knocks at my bedroom door, mom saying I'm needed. Got up and ready. Was a little cold last night and this morning, oddly. Cooler nights now a few days ago I guess. Breakfast. Off to Indian Bill's house to give him more garden dirt soil compost stuff from a place in Shelton. We left around 10 AM, it was dumped into the mom trailer and we took it over. I was able to shovel it all out, something like 20 wheel barrows worth or a lot. Took like an hour or two to get it all out. Sweep. Clarence came with his new toy, a tractor plow thing. Not John Deere but close and like orange. That is what farmers have. He tilled the ground and I helped Larry with working the ground and such. We got back around 02:40 PM. Lunch. Nap around or before 04:00 PM to like around 6 PM. Dishes. Sweeping. Debate with mom about the logic leftists might have, some may have felt the lockdown was to be temporary. Therefore, if I buy all the toilet paper today, that's ok because you can buy some tomorrow because it's temporary. Depending on the person, they may say and may also believe lockdown would be temporary a year ago back in 2020. It was only going to be 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Truth be told, some people had doubts in their mind, they didn't know and they sometimes admit to themselves they didn't know how long it might last meaning there may be no toilet paper the next day or the day after that. But the law of the jungle and that of supply and demand is you go to the person who bought the toilet paper and you trade with them with whatever you hoarder. Some people sadly disagree and want government to ration and stuff. Show around 8 PM. Toe nail clipping. Now, it's 08:37 PM. Working on my ASUS laptop from around 9 PM to 11:50 PM. Now, back to this Yoga laptop. These are my 2 main computers. There are 2 desktop, one which isn't powering up. There are also other like laptops and hard drives and the list goes on. I went on ASUS. Trying to figure out why things are different there. Well, Ubuntu Mate 16 here and version 20 there. That is part of it. So, messed around on Google Earth, the program version. The house I grew up in in Oregon has a 3D model version on street level. I tried going inside the house but nothing there. Then went to my current location near Seattle and no 3d models there yet. I was then looking at the stars via another program. The earth is location around this lady constellation thing. There is a star near or behind earth from the perspective of another planet from another solar system or something. The Linux community is interesting with the different programs and games and everything they have.

Food log
Breakfast: eggs, grape juice, apple, 09:44 AM.
Lunch: soup on rice, Trader Joe's raspberry yogurt which we got for free from church, 02:50 PM to like 04:00 PM.
Dinner: banana nut bread, 07:00 PM.

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