My Open Letter to the World

Dear Readers, in regards to the virus, I want you to keep in mind two things. This is my open letter that I've posted on Facebook, Minds, Gab, Hive, Steemit, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc, etc. Please share.

Dual Approach

First, yes, people should try to stop the spread of the virus. People should Google natural remedies on boosting up the immune system. I try to write articles on my blog that talk about what people can do to kill viruses. Scroll down to continue reading this open letter to the world.

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My Open Letter To The World

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2011-12 - December of 2011 - Month in Review

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COVID Explosion - April of 2020 - Potential Projection

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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My Open Letter

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Two Things

Dear Readers, in regards to the virus, I want you to keep in mind two things.

Natural Remedies

First, yes, people should try to stop the spread of the virus. People should Google natural remedies on boosting up the immune system. I try to write articles on my blog that talk about what people can do to kill viruses.

Not Our Only Invisible Enemy

Secondly, however, at the same time, the virus might not be our only enemy. For example, remember that the same people that tell you that guns are bad also tell you to trust them as they tell you how to stop the virus. Government tries to grow throughout world history.

Unique 1776

Something unique began happening in 1776, that is during the founding of the United States of America (USA). I started writing about this virus in January of 2020 and I was also oddly thinking about viruses a few months before that as well. Long story short, I have been learning a lot about politics, history, governments, things like that, especially in 2016. I was kind of blind before that to an extent.

Giving Up Freedom

Are we giving up all of our freedoms as we try to fight the virus? Will we be able to get our liberties back? Is the cure worse than the problem itself? Did they create the problem in the first place? Are people like Bill Gates trying to sell us a cure to a pandemic that he was responsible for creating in the first place? Have you taken the time to look at the genome of the virus? Did you attend Event 201 in NYC in October of 2019? These are some of the questions we can be asking each other.

Value in Education

In conclusion, I wish I had time right now to tell you that there are always things we can do to educate our children (our future) and in getting involved politically, in voting, in protesting, in trying to educate each other, in writing articles, in sharing articles, in making videos, in making memes, in simply asking each other simple questions about things, etc, etc, etc, and especially in being there for our loved ones.

Be Our Own Doctors

But I don't have time right now to tell you that we can at least try to be our own doctors via natural remedies to an extent and that we can do things to stand up for private property rights, for free market rights, for freedoms in general.

Continue Going Forward

I will try my best to continue to do what I do and what I can do to help other people. My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn Ojawall 1985 L4OJ Seattle WOLBI FGHS FG OR PDX Vietnam English Teacher Salvation Army.

My Mission Statement

I will continue writing things on my blogs. I believe in the value of asking questions. I believe especially in the value of education as that gives people more choices in life. That is fundamental to freewill which is at the heart to the meaning of life which is nested in the meaning of love, the circle of life and love. I encourage you to do the same.

Stay Healthy,
Oatmeal Joey Arnold

PS. Do your best each day, always learn, and simply smile.

Bonus Letter

Here is another message that I wrote as follows

covid april 2020
COVID Explosion - April of 2020

Value of Health

01:55 PM - Hive

Too many people are not trying harder to be healthy. The good news is that this virus is raising awareness to the value of building up the immune system.

Not Always Reporting

Now, specifically, more people live in America than some countries and some countries may not be reporting all of the cases. Well, actually, I may have had a mild case of the virus. Many people have talked about getting really sick and recovering. People may not always know if they got the virus or not. But some people do get sick and then do get better from some illnesses .Some people are not reporting in the United States and in other countries.


I would love to buy a microscope or other things that can help detect whether or not I have this 2019 Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) or other things as well.


We should continue trying to help people fight the virus via natural remedies and also in fighting governments that try to use pandemics as an excuse to come in to save us when we should be taking care of ourselves instead. Some people surrender their liberties for alleged safety, security, which governments promise to give us and too often we end up with neither freedom not protection, at least in some cases (historically) and potentially speaking as well. People like Bill Gates were behind the creation of viruses, vaccines, etc. Yes, the GMO COVID-19 virus was weaponized. Yes, the virus is part HIV and yes we can fight the COVID virus and HIV in general. Also, we fight against 5G, geoengineering, bad vaccines, etc.

Government Jesus

Too often, they create problems and then come in with cures, as saviors. They try very hard to make us believe that they are the good guys and that they can save us from the problems they created in the first place.


We should be not just fighting the virus but also raising awareness to those who try to take away our freedoms and our lives.

Corona Horse

The Trojan Horse of The New World Order

The Real Danger of This "PANdemIC" - Part 1/3: Isolation

Bandage Toilet Paper

02:21 PM - Hive Blog

Having toilet paper is good. But yaaaaaaaa gotta do more than just that, I say to people. Like, toilet paper might be like a bandage so to speak and it may not be enough. It is surface level reaction to bigger issues.

Building Up Immune Systems

Two issues: First, we need to be building up our immune system more and more like you said, @edicted.

Hiding Under Guises

And secondly, we should be fighting those who try to take our freedoms under the guise of pretending to save us.

To Be Continued

Thanks for reading. In future articles, I should talk more about COVID cures and about who created COVID and all the different problems we face and all the different things COVID is and more importantly different things we can do to stop the people behind big problems and pandemics like COVID and what we can do to fight and stop them.

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