Double Government

How Obama Infiltrated The Trump Administration - This 30 minute video explains - More importantly, is Trump trying to counter the infiltration, the swamp, the deep state, the globalists, etc, etc, etc? Hey, this is a long story and spoiler alert if you haven't seen this brand new video here by Millie Weaver, but the answer appears to be yes via the Space Force which does not have a National Space Guard which would possibly cause problems. See, if you don't know, the National Guard acts as a reserve, a backup, for U.S. military. But it seems that has been double government for a long time. Too long.

Double Government

2020-02-24 - Monday - 09:41 PM - Double Government

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in February of 2020

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Killing Trump in Dallas Like JFK

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Video Notes

Here are the notes I took while watching this video, as follows:

Madisonian Public Government - What we see

Trumanite Private Government - Deep State - Real State

Thruman Show starring Jim Carrey

God Clauses

Big Excuses

Prior responsibilities

Pelosi wore the eagle thing

The eagle thing represents a thing relating to keeping order during national emergency

It is the double government

The secret government

The Sergeant at Arms is the chief law enforcement and protocol officer in the House of Representative

National Guard coms
84 nations, 78 partnerships, since like 1995 or longer


  1. Northcom
  2. Southcom
  3. Africom
  4. Eucom
  5. Centcom
  6. Pacom

Is Trump using Space Force or the U.S. Space Command, which discontinued in 2002, in order to drain the swamp? It seems so and that is good to the extent that is true and to the degree it's not infiltrated itself or whatever the case might be.



Eleven Commands

  1. Northern Command
  2. Southern Command
  3. European Command
  4. African Command
  5. Central Command
  6. Indo-Pacific Command
  7. Cyber Command
  8. Special Ops Command
  9. Strategic Command
  10. Transportation Command
  11. Space Command

Millennial Millie Weaver

YOUTUBE VIDEO - How Obama Infiltrated The Trump Administration


We should all do what we can do to help balance out the powers that be. The tenth amendment is partly limited to the extent that we the people DON'T our jobs at returning federal powers back down to local powers. In other words, all we can do is try, right?

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