2015 - Year in Review

Lego English was a major theme, which included McDonald's English, throughout the course of 2015 and a bit beyond that to 2017 as well. Outside of that, I spent a lot of time at the park where I would meet dozens of people each day. Park English January. Anna Barbie Dalat Tet February. Cambodia 2 March. Thuy Tran April. Facebook Jail May.

Shifting Gears

Saying No More June. Oprah Joey July. Adam Wills August. Mark Lego September. Return of the FYG October. The Death of Old Ink November. Extension Denied December.

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2015 - Year in Review

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2015-07-13 - Monday - 12:54 PM - MD Joey Avatar Updated FB Pic 11752545_1610035612611523_7208284329261944418_n.jpg
At McDonald's near the 23/9 Park

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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23/9 Park English

2015-01 - January of 2015 - Month in Review

Year End English Club Party

I was teaching English at the 23/9 Park. Met Thuy Tran who became my student. We had an English party. Medical English met at the bubble tea shop. I spent most of my time at the parks teaching English, around ten hours or more on most days, for free.

Anna Tet

2015-02 - February of 2015 - Month in Review

feb 2015
Park English

Karaoke for my birthday on the 11th with Barbie Anna and her mother. Took dozens of photos, daily, generally, at the 23/9 Park where I taught English for hours each day for free. Had other classes. I was watching House on my laptop in my Old Ink room. I was hanging out with Anna, Zizi, and their mother, for Tet, on Thursday, the 17th. I probably continued teaching the Medical English Group.

Cambodia II

2015-03 - March of 2015 - Month in Review

march 2015
Vietnam Oatmeal

Met Mark Zuck Lego Man, one of my favorite students. Shaved My Head. Banning Oatmeal. I Ate Adam Edermo Salt of ASOV Video - Under The Sea Video - 23/9 Park English.

Thuy Tran

2015-04 - April of 2015 - Month in Review

april 2015
Vietnam Joey

In April, I continued teaching at that 23/9 park and at that bubble tea shop next to it. One of my students might have been Mark Lego, not to be confused with Tim Apple. That's a Trump joke. Back in 2015, I didn't know much about Trump, compared to what I began to learn starting as early as 2016. So, back in April of 2015, I was teaching English for free at the park and also had regular classes with Thuy Tran and maybe other people too. I don't remember if Medical English Class met in April or not. Mark Lego was my favorite student during my time in Vietnam. He was mostly my student almost daily for most of 2015 but I'm not totally sure if we started daily English classes in April or May or when. In April, I also had some online Kathy Bike Debates as well. Also, people would tell me to stop adding them to my Facebook Groups.

Facebook Jail

2015-05 - May of 2015 - Month in Review

may 2015
Oatmeal English

Facebook banned me in May 2015. Vietnamese staff emailed me saying that was an accident. I was probably teaching Lego Mark that month, still. I was teaching for free at the 23/9 park during my free time. I was living at Old Ink in District 1 of Saigon, Vietnam. New Avatar in Old Ink. Sometimes, on Facebook, I would suggest high tuition for my English classes which then led to hateful comments. After that, I would suggest free classes which followed with lovely comments of how beautiful and great I was. Ironically, I did this many times and people never called me out for it. Apparently, it seems like as if they didn't take the time to contrast the different posts of mine. I was trying to make a point. Actually, many points. I made some videos about learning English. YouTube banned those videos.

Saying No More

2015-06 - June of 2015 - Month in Review

june 2015
Park English

I was renting a room at Old Ink Tattoos in Saigon, Vietnam. I was teaching English at places like the 23/9 Park (Công Viên 23 Tháng 9), McDonald's which was next to that park, and that bubble tea shop across the street from that park. I taught English to Vietnamese people, mostly young adults in their twenties, to people like Lego Mark (Zuck Lee) and Thuy Tran. Had a dream about McDonald's Power Ranger cyborg creatures. Somebody invited me for some ice-cream at Baskin-Robbins and I said no. I was invited to teach at AAA Spa, but I didn't until November of 2015 or something like that. I was invited to work online marketing and I declined. In 2015, I was saying no to people more. Saying no to students. Saying no to potential employers as well. I was already busy with my main student, Lego Mark, and we would meet almost daily for like a few months in 2015 and off and on at other times for like a few hours each time, each day. The rest of the time, I was probably binge watching movies and television shows on my laptop or teaching English for free at the 23/9 park which was across the street from my house.

Oprah Joey

2015-07 - July of 2015 - Month in Review

july 2015
Spiked-Hair Joey

I lived at Old Ink. I taught Lego Mark some English in Vietnam. I wrote about making excuses and people got mad. I taught at the 23/9 Park. Starting Over: I wanted to live in Oklahoma with Rick in the early 2000's. Oprah Joey: You get a like and you get a like. Everybody gets Free Likes. Dictionary: Learning Vietnamese Pictures

Adam Wills

2015-08 - August of 2015 - Month in Review

august 2015
Park English

The Joker LEGO Mark Zuck Lee was also my main manager around August, 2015. So, he was not only my English student in Vietnam. I met Adam Wills at WOLBI NY back in 2004. So, Adam told me to stop adding him to Facebook groups, I didn't, and he blocked me. I wrote about excuses in order to teach a life lesson online. Anna Barbie took what I wrote as an insult to her friends. I wasn't trying to attack people. Was only trying to help. I wasn't actually specific in what I was writing. I was teaching English to people at different places and at the 23/9 park. I lost my house key. I shared a video of Trump in the first debate. I watched a video about a South Park theory about being stuck in a time-loop or something.

Mark Lego

2015-09 - September of 2015 - Month in Review

september 2015
Park English

FYG English was starting back up again. Was living at the Old Ink of Saigon. Was teaching English at that 23/9 Park. Was probably still teaching LEGO Mark Zuck Lee. Taught English on Facebook.

Return of the FYG

2015-10 - October of 2015 - Month in Review

oct 2015 oatmeal joey arnold joeyarnoldvn joeyarnold vn jsa ojawall joseph joe oja
Oatmeal English

My last full month at my last apartment in Vietnam at the Old Ink of Saigon. I moved out early in November. Our FYG English Classes started back up again in October 2015. I would email my students our class notes after each session. The biggest thing that happened in October was reuniting with FYG for our classes. So, we began interviewing students in order to assign them with suitable classes. So, I was teaching I think four classes, Starters, Beginners, Medium, and High. My favorite class and group of students were my High group and we even went drinking and eating at like a cafe for like an English party a few times. My High class invited me a few times and it was fun. I was living in Vietnam from 2012-2017. I'm from the USA, born in 1985. I was teaching with FYG from 2013-2016.

The Death of Old Ink

2015-11 - November of 2015 - Month in Review

november 2015 oatmeal joey arnold

I moved out of my Old Ink apartment. Was told I had to because they were selling that house. I moved back into the Saigon Backpackers Hostel. But then some foreigner men got me kicked out. My students were helping me look for a new apartment. Began sleeping at Anh Coffee at night.

I continued teaching FYG English classes in District 1 and AAA Spa English at the 23/9 park in November 2015. I continued teaching English for free at the park. Continued meeting new people.

I think Anna Barbie or somebody referenced a terrorist attack in Paris which Facebook promoted to get people to just pray for the victims as opposed to looking into Jihadism. Mom emailed me about speakers. Kathy Bike wrote to me again.

Extension Denied

2015-12 - December of 2015 - Month in Review

Park English

My third Vietnam visa extension was denied. I taught at Mike Thế Anh's Different English. I took photos with students at the 23/9 Park, McDonald's, etc. Continued teaching at FYG. I continued trying to extend my visa via different travel agencies, etc, that month of December 2015 and failed each time. I was sharing many Learn English related posts, videos, pictures, etc, on Facebook.

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