COVID Explosion - April of 2020 - Potential Projection

Millions of Americans may be dead by July of 2020, if we don't do more to stop COVID. You must isolate yourself to save lives. You should stock up on many months worth of food and water. What is happening right now with COVID, which is caused by SARS II, is worse than you know and is only the first wave as I've said before in previous articles. You can save lives if you act now. That is why I'm writing this.

Please share this or do something. Take the time to research what I'm talking about. I've been writing articles about these kind of things for months now. This is another quick update on what is happening in 2020. I've been trying to say so much and there is not enough time to say everything. I'm going to be brief in this article for today. But there is always more to be said on all of these things. I've included a few links to some of my previous posts. I've included a few videos in this article here that you can pass on to your loved ones. Please take action. You have been warned.

Natural Remedies For COVID
The Virus is Airborne
5G and the Corona "Virus"

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COVID Explosion - April of 2020 - Potential Projection

2020-03-06 - Friday - 04:50 PM - COVID Explosion - April of 2020 - Potential Projection | 08:45 PM - Published

virus oatmeal joey

Are Viruses kind of like Robots?

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Contact Me | Published in March of 2020

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Zombie Virus

On the eleventh of November of 2019, I was writing about how zombie viruses would spread everywhere. | Gold Voice | Blogspot | Weku | Steemd | Wordpress | Dclick | Portal Window into 2020


Zombie viruses would infect germs which are everywhere. Those germs would get into our bodies and infect us. The infection would be air-born. It would be all over the place. It would get into the water and into the soil. So, drinking water would be the same as getting bit by a zombie. Eating food would be the same as getting eaten up by walkers. It would be so contagious and yet also curable in real-life (IRL). Hell, even cancer is curable in reality.

Magical Eleven

The number 11 within traditional numerology is considered a master number. Giving us the opportunity to evolve with mastery, if you have not awakened yet or if you have already awakened to raise the master of light within. I was born on the 11th of February 1985. I wrote about the virus on the 11th of November of 2019. It was prophesy.

Understanding Cells

In December of 2019, I was writing about how viruses may enter cells.
Food prices are doubling before the Summer of 2020.

What is the Corona Virus?

Back in January of 2020, I wrote about this. Some people were saying that they didn't know much about what this new 2019 Novel Corona Virus was. But some people knew a lot more than they said they knew.

Finding Cures

What can we do to cure COVID and other illnesses, diseases, viruses, sickness, etc, etc?


Isolate yourself. Drink more water. Breath more oxygen. Filter your air. Eat more garlic. More more oranges. Please Google natural remedies for more info. You need a lot more Vitamin C & D in your diet. Sleep more. Exercise a little but not too much. Build up your immune system. Ask around for things you can do to help yourself and others.

Knowledge is power.

I posted an incomplete list of things you can do to help cure COVID for example. But that list is very small. That list is incomplete. That list includes Apple Cider Vinegar. That can help. Many things can help. You don't always have to rely too much on hospitals and traditional doctors. If things get too bad, you can seek out for help. But at the same time, be careful. Try your best to be your own doctor. I can help you become your own doctor. I'm Doctor Oatmeal. Spread the word. This is crucial. Natural remedies is critical to getting through this global epidemic. Sunshine can fight off viruses.

What is the Purpose?

In February of 2020, I was writing about how globalists use pandemics to seize even more control.


The Wuhan virus has to be man-made and new because anything that contagious would have spread long ago.

It is important to see how tyrants have taken control over countries and corporations in world history. Why? Because you can then see it coming from a mile away. See the patterns. When you see the cycles, then you can stop them. You can warn people about what is happening.

Trump Virus

They have been setting Trump up for this trap. They're getting people to think Trump is dumb.

trump virus

The CDC and other agencies have lied to Trump and to America in general. They've been withholding information that more people should be aware of. On top of that, like I've been saying, we can do more to help each other out without too much federal government. They're trying to initiate Medical Marshall Law. This is like offline censorship. When I say censorship, I mean death, murder, mass genocide. It is Agenda 21 or Agenda 2021 or Agenda 2030, perhaps. It is many different things at the same time. They're trying overthrow the Trump Administration in the United States of America and they are trying to use COVID as a cover and as an excuse to take over governments because of COVID. If that doesn't work one way, then they'll try to take over while COVID causes chaos everywhere, meaning while nobody is looking. So, this is a complex situation.

If you're reading this, then what are you waiting for? You do not have to die. You do not have to let people around you die. You can do something to help, that is if you want. You have this opportunity to make a video about this and spread it everywhere. Send out an email to people. Write an article about it or share this article everywhere. Copy and paste everything I wrote here and spread it around. You don't have to give me credit. I don't care about that. I want to save lives. So, that is why I'm sharing this. I will be sharing more things in the future. I've been sharing or resteeming other articles relating to these topics. I've included a few links in this post. You can look at them for more information. But these are just a few links. There is more information out there. Ask me if you have any questions.

If the virus continues at this rate in China, before the summer of 2020, thousands of people will be dying daily. If you don't build up your immune system right now, as soon as possible, as often as you can, you will die much sooner than you could even imagine.

How do viruses enter the cell?

Can pH level elevation reduce the spread of viruses?

Let me first tell you why I'm writing about this. I was trying to figure out how viruses sneak into cells like a Trojan Horses might sneak into cities. The Corona Virus is on my mind. I believe in finding natural remedies in fighting diseases. I believe in building up the immune system as much as possible. I'm not saying I don't believe in doctors but I am saying that I want to do all that I can do first within the realm of prevention over correction. So, I have two main questions for this post as seen in the title.

Open Source Disease

Do you really think all of this was accidental?



They're spreading the viruses in 2020 on purpose in a variety of ways. They're keeping people oblivious about it. They're tricking you into not caring about it until it is too late.

Walking Dead Virus

Funny that they put zombie blood on their skin to hide from the walkers and yet a zombie bite infects them. In reality, germs would get the zombie virus and that would travel by air. Also, the zombie blood would be absorbed by the skin. So, if you touch the zombie, you get it. Well, technically, they say that when you die, you turn into a walker as we are all already infected. So, when you get bit by a walker, then are you then double or triple exposed?

This article is incomplete.

To be continued.

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