Maledictus Terra Book 2: Sanguifex Part 15


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Part 15

After what had seemed to be an eternity, the soldiers brought what was asked for. There was no way to bring a live cow into the kitchens so a pig was brought instead. The biggest that they could fit through the door.

With so many predators and strange magic in the air it was certain to the pig that something was very, very wrong and it set up screaming long before it got into the room.

The sound was horrifying as it nearly sounded like that of a human being tortured as it yowled and screeched.

All the while, Derric had to stand over the corrupted King, never letting his throat go. Adiran had a spell ready, but could not place it on Sebastian without risk of having him free. As per Stefan's instructions, the doors and windows were barred in the meantime.

At the last possible moment, the King was released and Derric sprang away with supernatural reflexes, dodging a groping hand. Sure enough the pig became a closer target and the enraged beast Sebastian had become lunged at it just as the door was slammed shut with Derric safely outside.

Magna was glad that the door had shut just in time. There was a full three seconds where the pig screamed still while being torn into. The sound was enough for her to get a clear picture of what had happened.

The beast had not gone for the throat or a clean kill. Perhaps it was not able to get through the pig's thick neck. Whatever it had done, the beast had torn into its victim. It had injured it and ripped at it long before it succumbed.

Stefan stared down at the floor. "I am sorry that a creature had to die like this. But there was no way."

"We could just have killed him instead." Magna grumbled.

"Kill the King?" Adiran asked cooly. "Do you think it would have been wise to do something like that?

"It would have been better." She choked out, shaking in anger. A hand was placed on her arm. She knew who it was. If it had been anyone else, she would have recoiled. "He nearly killed Daisy!"

Adrian rubbed her arm where he touched her. If it had been anyone else, she would have found it condescending. But from him, it meant that he was there and that he supported her, even if he did not share her sentiments. He was there for her. It was something that she knew from her twin, without him needing to speak the words. It was good, because he was very quiet and he would not likely say the words either.

She realized, with his silent support that it would indeed NOT have been a wise decision to let her uncle, the King of Clarpratia die.

"Right." She said. Shaking her head.

"Daisy is alright." A deep and richly cultured voice suddenly said. "I have checked on her and she has been healed already." Magna looked up at the young man that the white wolf had formed into.

Even though she had spent a lot of time with Derric, her heart skipped a beat and she felt a flush creep up her neck. The Forest Prince had some of his carefree boyishness about him as he had shape shifted, like some wild man with no shirt and baggy pants. No shoes either.

What was left exposed was that of a regally featured young man with a toned and muscular torso. His arms and abdominal muscles were well defined and everything about him spoke of a hunter that was proportioned just right to be both swift and powerful.

And so handsome too.

She tore her gaze away from Derric and her eyes locked with Adrian's. There was no expression on her twin's face but she could see the smile in his eyes. She gave him a slight frown that most people would not have caught and she pinched his arm.

"So what happens now?" Mortis asked. He had sheathed his sword and stood considering the door.

"The change will reverse just as fast as it came about." Stefan explained. "One such as he are volatile beasts. Mercurial, if you wish." Stefan turned in the direction of the crypto. "I must go. The undead that sent that one undead through are massing on the other side and my essence there might not be able to stop them."

"What about the King's questions?" Adiran asked.

"You will need to find my brother and ask him yourselves," Stefan replied. "Just look for us the way you had last time. I am sure you can figure it out."

Adiran muttered a vile curse that made Magna look at the old man in surprise. "What's wrong?"

"That's a problem," Adrian explained. "I found Lucien and his people by mistake!"


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