Maledictus Terra Book 2: Sanguifex Part 13


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Part 13

Stefan stared impassively at Sebastian. He did not fear the creature before him. He was part of a scourge he had been taught to hate. Yet now he felt something else in his spectre's heart.

How was it that as a spirit he could still develop new emotions and thoughts?

Was it guilt that he felt? Or was it shame?

It had not been he who had conducted the experiments. His half brother had been responsible for that. He felt that he had gained at the expense of others.


Did he pity this beast? Was it a beast? It was the Mistress' extended family now that had not chosen this end. It had been... a mistake. Lifedrinkers hardly ever made mistakes. And when they did, they did not admit them. That was a sufficient discriptor of Lucien. Perfect and when not, in denial.

He looked again at this feral King, he who was cursed to die this way.

"It was around fifty years ago I believe. I lose track to exact years. I was a scholar in... before I was rent from my body." Stefan said eventually.

Sebastian merely nodded slowly, though he was quivering with rage. "It had then been your kind that then brought me to this." He raised an arm, showing his pale flesh, covered in wild veins. "Your kind that had brought the sickness to my homeland."

"We did not send the hunger in any direction." Stefan corrected sharply. Old habits returning. "It merely escaped us."

"Your kind is responsible." Sebastian insisted. His eyes flashed with the threat of violence. "You are no longer among your kind. It is clear that the only being capable of solving this curse... or answering for his crimes is this Lucien."

Stefan felt his composure break. How dare he pass judgement?! He was about to say exactly the same thing when the air was cut with a shrill scream.

"Oh no." Magna said.

"What is going on?" Demanded Sebastian.

Stefan cursed under his breath, though he had none. He had been careless. He had now committed a mistake himself and someone was going to pay for that.

"Fool!" Mortis thundered, suddenly animate. "You did not guard the gate. Go now! You need to seal the other side. I shall deal with them here. Magna! With me!"

Magna drew her sword at the same time as Mortis drew his. Sebastian must have felt the heat emanate off her blade, because he recoiled in shock. She might have broken her ties to the Fiery One and Adiran had put seals in place, but the connection the blade had with the dreaded deity was still there.

She followed Mortis, ignoring her beastial Uncle.


Adrian gently ran a hand over his mother's brow, neatening her hair and letting her sleep. She had been beside herself with grief.

At first, it had not seemed like the would allow herself to grieve properly in front of her son. Surely, if it had been anyone other than Adrian, she would not have.

He has sat with her on her bed and had spoke to her the most simple words: "I know how you feel."

It had felt good. He had finally been able to mourn his father's death. He had opened up and allowed his own composure to fall gently. Not a tear or a break. He had gently let all the defenses go and opened up. This had allowed Mary to do the same, he Warrior Queen persona replaced by that of a mother and a grieving daughter.

They had held one another and they had allowed themselves to cry. After a long time, they spoke some words for father. His mother was no longer queen, but his mother. A precious moment where they were more than just a royal line with duties and responsibilities to a nation. Just for the moment.

Mary had spoken to him about her remembrances of her parents, the grandparents that Adrian had never met. He felt that he would have liked to meet them both. His grandmother had been the clever one, wise in her rule. His grandfather might have been less wise but had had a warm heart and a fierce pride in protecting his nation.

It had pained his grandfather when his subjects had died and he had fought with Adrian's grandmother when she made plans to marry Mary to the Kingdom that they had made war with. Something that Adrian could see as a resentment carried by uncle Sebastian.

He stood and made his way out of his mother's room, letting her sleep. She was sleeping more soundly than she had done in a long time. Somehow Adrian knew this, even though he had never watched her sleep.

She had been able to let go of so much of what was pent up. He considered how something like this might improve his sister's mental wealth. He walked down the corridor towards the crypts where he would probably be able to find his sister when a scream broke the peace. It was coming from the direction of the castle kitchens.

"With me boy!" Adrian turned his head at the familiar voice, Adiran was running full tilt in the direction of the scream, his hands glowing with magical energies.

Adiran followed his older self and brought his shield from its clip on his back. He carried it everywhere and he would only set it down from time to time to do something. Yet everywhere it went it would exude a chill in the air that anyone who was too close would pick up on.

To Adrian it only felt like cool metal.

He was ready for whatever came. He could feel his sister approaching from the other direction.


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