Maledictus Terra Book 2: Sanguifex Part 1


Welcome back to the horror/fantasy world that was Introduced in Mortis Custos!

If you have not read Mortis Custos yet it starts HERE at Part 1 and ends at Part 101 HERE. At the end of the Part 101 post you will find links to all 101 Parts!

Maledictus Terra

This is the name of the SERIES now - Cursed Earth!

What sort of story is Sanguifex? Like Mortis Custos, it is a Chain story! Here is an explanation of Chain Stories. In essence, @lex-zaiya and I swap Part to Part in writing the next bit. There is some collusion, but its all speculation until we actually write our part. Then it is up to the other person to continue with the story!

A new story and a new adventure awaits us! Let's go!


Part 1

Down a winding mountain pass they came. It was a column of men and women on horseback. At their head rode a spearhead of heavily armed and armoured soldiers. Their leader sat on his mount, hunched over.

His posture would have made him look small but he still looked like a massive man riding a miniature pony. His armour was coloured with a glossy red enamel that very realistically imitated freshly spilled blood.

A broad bladed sword was strapped to this leader's back. The size of this weapon and the rest of the figure made his head, face and the small, modest crown look very small.

The train of horses finally finished on the track high above the King. Now soldiers and the Feed Host came over the rise on foot. Behind these forces would be wagons of supplies.

The hulking King stared across the plains before him. There were farms, villages and forests, but he could easily see the city and castle that was the capitol of this country.

"Soon my sister, we shall meet again."


Mary sat in the Royal Chapel. The room had a familliar feel of quiet and contentment, but it was strange. There were many things that had been removed: Iconography and symbols that devoted the Dragonshold believers to pray to the Burning One, an eldritch horror that did batter against its nemesis, the Dark One.

She sat on the Chapel Benches, there were no more Priests that held sermons here. The priests had all been scouraged from Dragonshold when it was discovered that the High Priest and his followers had been part of a massive cult, dedicated to the Burning One.

She did not know who to offer her prayers to, the Lord of Light had turned out to be nothing more than an alternative name for the Burning One.

She sat in silence instead and because there was no holy images or observances that needed to be acted upon. Instead she sat haunced over in her black dress, in her hands we her wedding band.

She drew a long hurtful breath inwards and exhaled it slowly. She could see Johnathan's face clearly in her memory. The two of them may have been married to one another as an act of diplomacy, but it had quickly grown into a loving and respectful relationship.

"I miss you." She murmured softly

She say like this for a long time. Once in a while she would hear voices in the corridor outside or people moving past the door. She heard the sound of marching boots coming from the corridor. There were at least a dozen of them, moving with purpose. She knew instinctively that thesse were martial men, soldiers that were trained and deadly fighters.

She did not fear them, whoever they were. This was her castle. Her duty to her children prevented her from thinking of dying needlessly. She was, however, confident in her wartime defenses.

Thus the soldiers on their way now were allies.

As good as any ally can be in these strange times.

The boots stopped right outside the door and she heard voices. After a few moments a single pair of boots entered the room.

"My Queen. A moment of your time please."

"A former King of this kingdom does not need to call me his queen, nor ask me for permission to approach me." Mary said and stood. "I am fairly sure that you outrank me, being Johnathan's blood."

She turned and waited for the armoured revenant to come to stand before her. "There is reports of an army that has come into our Kingdom. As the Guardian on this castle's bloodlines, I feel that we need to ascertain the intention on this foreign army."

"The messangers and lookouts have reported to me already and there has already been some letters sent from that force." Mary could see that the imposing knight was perplexed. "It is my brother."

"You brother?" Mortis asked.

"Indeed. The King of Clarprati in the north. He is my brother." She explained. "We have not seen one another since the time I was married. Before that really."

"Did you also know that his army has a mass of slaves driven forward by the foot soldiers?" Mortis asked.

This came as a shock to Mary. "Slavery is illegal in Clarprati."

"It might have to do with other energy that I have detected. Ask Noxus, she will confirm it for you. That army contains Lifedrinkers..."


Over to you @lex-zaiya!

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