Maledictus Terra Book 2: Sanguifex Part 11


Welcome back to Maledicturs Terra. This is a Chain Story between myself and @lex-zaiya, meaning that we each write the parts alternatively.

My apologies for being some hours late. The lack of electricity in South Africa puts a lot of strain on the way we plan things and the way that I am able to perform.

If you have not read Maledictus Terra Book 1: Mortis Custos yet it starts HERE at Part 1 and ends at Part 101 HERE. At the end of the Part 101 post you will find links to all 101 Parts!

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Part 11

The hulking warrior stared at the wraithlike creature for a moment before answering. "You should know. You are one of them!"

Stefan was appalled. This creature was beyond anything he had ever encountered. A lesser mortal should not be able to speak and yet this one did. His anger and pain were easy to sense and it was as incredible as it was sad.

"You do know Adiran, that you are within arms reach of a creature that will slay and drink your entire family in seconds?" Stefan said, placing his hands on his hips. "I would have thought that you would have been more careful about this kind of thing."

At these words, the hulking being growled and Mortis placed his hand on the pommel of his sword. Stefan knew full well that the revenant was capable of dealing with a creature such as this, although he was not sure exactly what this being was capable of.

Before anyone could make a further move, the hulking beast moved forward before Stefan. "I am King Sebastian of Clarpratia. I am sorry if my appearance or condition alarms you. I do not wish ill on these people for they are my kin."

Stefan stood motionless. He drew his preception from the other side where he also stood guard. His powers are more fully invested in himself in the Living World.

He now used that power to carefully assess this being before him.

There were no lies in this man and his statements. There was sorrow and there was death. The kin bond in this creature was as strong as the values of kin murder.

"I see." Stefan said simply.

"What is it?" The cursed King asked.

Stefan shrugged. "I can see the aftereffects of what made you... the way you are... the imperfect blend. The cursed, erm... habits... that keep you alive."

Adiran moved in closer. "I do not know where Lucien went. King Sebastian here says that he is dying. He is losing the battle against the beast inside."

"One man in need of a curse broken?" Stefan said. "I am pretty sure that you could manage that on your own Wizard."

Adiran shook his head. "You flatter me but no. Not this curse of this origin. I have no ties to it and removing a curse of this side will attract those Gods I would rather keep far away from this world."

Stefan shrugged. "Then there is nothing you or I can directly do in this case. You would have to speak to Lord Lucien. He was there when the curse came to be. And he was there when the second curse was applied, the punishment for hubris."

Adiran stood stoically. Stefan wondered if the Wizard has seen this all before. Or was it due to the vagaries of traveling through time that made his future unstable yet familiar.

"What is this curse?" Sebastian asked. "And the secondary curse?"


I am unable to do a longer part because of my schedule and loadshedding. So I am applying the rule of HOT POTATO. I hope this part makes sense... And over to you again @lex-zaiya, enjoy!

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