Maledictus Terra Book 2: Sanguifex Part 5


Welcome back to Maledicturs Terra. This is a Chain Story between myself and @lex-zaiya, meaning that we each write the parts alternatively.

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This is part 5, part 4 can be found HERE


Part 5

The Queen squirmed and Sebastian let go of her. She stood back and regarded him for a moment. "What could I possibly help you with?" She asked sharply.

"With your homeland!" Sebastian replied hotly. The massive man's face had turned severe, no longer did he look unthreatening. In fact, there was something worse than rage in his eyes. There was a hunger that was deeply terrifying.

Mary resisted raising her hands into a fighting position. Determined not to cower before him, she simple kept her hands clasped before her.

Even though she did not wear a formal dress and crown, she was sure she gave off the impression of royalty.

Sebastian blinked as she took his measure, he might have raged further, but he stood before a Queen, not just his sister.

"My brother. I have missed you. I mourned for mother just as I mourn now... for my husband." She spoke gently, but firmly. "I am now Queen and Regent until my children take the throne. You have your own nation and throne. I would think that I was fulfilling my duty to our nation when I brought the Untouched to Dragonshold."

The King of Clarprati regarded her for a moment, he stared down at her with eyes that we unlike those her brother had had in her younger days. They were nearly black and his irises were yellow. When his face was set so sternly, he looked rather intimidating.

Yet Mary had been through so much lately. This did not bother nearly as much as it might have a year ago. Just another powerful menace that was also family.

Her silence stretched on as she waited for his reply. "This might be true." He spoke at last. "It is completely true. You completed the duty that mother set you out to do and you saved the Untouched... and then mother died. Then I became King."

Mary did not like the way that her brother was speaking, as though he now decided what her duty was.

"Indeed. We are now both monarchs of a Kingdom. Then I must ask you, your request for aid. Is it done as my brother or as a Monarch of a foreign country?" She would not be cowed down by this man.

Suddenly her brother's intensity disappeared and he sighed heavily. His shoulders sagged and he leaned back and stared at the sky.

"My honor guard behind me know about what I am about to say. Other than that, you two are the only ones who will know. Please, keep my confidence."

"You have my word." Mary said. It was a curious turn of behaviour. Even without being a Life Drinker, Sebastian had often been brash and hot blooded.

"You have my word." Mortis echoed.

Sebastian nodded. "I need your help Mary, as a Monarch, as a brother and I request you to help me... as my heir."

There was a noise on the battlements, far away. Mary looked around to stare. It was as though someone had heard the King's words. Mortis gave a dry laugh and Mary had a clue as to who had made the noise.

Little rascals.

"I am sorry brother. Seems your niece and nephew now also know." Mary said.

Sebastian grunted. "Then perhaps we should speak in a more private place... and you can then make sure what your children are allowed to find out."

Sebastian walked forward quickly and grasped her in another bear hug. In her ear he placed his mouth close and said something so softly that she nearly did not catch it.

"You are my heir... and I am dying."

The Wizard scratched through his belongings in his study. He knocked over various knick-knacks and items.

Some had been important before the siege of the Castle. The glass case containing the withered hand had fallen on the floor, the hand had long since disintegrated.

Another wardstone was sent tumbling to the wooden floor. These wards were also irrelevant. Now that Christoff and the other Mages knew who he was and what he was, there was no need for pretense. Adiran could easily have out-ranked Christoff as a Mage and taken over the High Mage's duties and position, but it was not something that interested Adiran in the slightest.

Instead, he was focused on his own studies and goals. If he were to succeed in keeping the forces of the unnatural Gods out of this reality then he would need to take advantage of the fact that Mortis had vanquished the Avatars. It was truly fascinating, having found this place that had a Guardian of Death. That had not happened before and this might be the tipping point in the larger scale of the Great Conflict.

He stopped what he was doing and stared around him.

Something was wrong.

He had been doing this too long. It was too easy to make this mistake but this was also an insufferable one.

There was something else that was unique about this time... and it was missing.



And I am stopping it right there! I want @lex-zaiya to choose the weapon that Queen Mary pulls out from this case that is obviously from Clarprati! Enjoy!

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