Beer Tasting: Weihnachts Grantler and Noordung Apollo 17

Hello, beer lovers! 🍻

How are you today? It's Easter weekend here and there's no special activity apart from food preparation. I have to admit that we are not exactly model believers, we only remember it when we eat and drink and even then we overdo it ...

Well, as you can see from the photo, there will be plenty of food, but there are two beers in the fridge, one German and one Slovenian, which are in the queue for today's #beersaturday, 352nd in a row.

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Weihnachts Grantler

Brewed by Schlossbrauerei Herrngiersdorf, Bavaria, Germany.
Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 6.0 % ABV.
It's MΓ€rzen or Oktoberfest style beer, a malty German lager with restrained bitterness.

The beer is light brown, the head is solid and it disappears quickly. It has no odor. It goes down the throat smoothly, and on the palate, I taste the medium sweetness of malt, the taste of bread and cereal, and very discreet hints of caramel.
In the aftertaste, everything disappears quickly except for a mild hop bitterness.

Fresh and drinkable beer, but otherwise nothing special. I was expecting more winter flavours but there are none. I wouldn't say it's bad because it's drinkable, but it's something average and nothing distinctive. It's not available here, I got it from a friend, so it will remain a memory in this post.

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Do you know what this is?

This is horseradish or rather its root, I call it Slovenian wasabi because it's very spicy and they are related. It's traditionally prepared here as a side dish with Easter ham. It grows in my field, too, and I dug it up yesterday and prepared it for lunch today, in several ways: with breadcrumbs and soup, with sour cream, and vinegar and grated apples.

This year's horseradish is very spicy. Whether this has any symbolic meaning for the future, I don't know.

Let's move on, one more beer to go :)

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Noordung Apollo 17 Interstellar Porter

Brewed by Maister Brewery, Kamnik, Slovenia.
Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 6.0% ABV, IBU 18.
It's a Porter-style beer, dark colored with roast malt and hop bitterness, mostly with chocolate and caramel flavors.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Insterstellar Porter. A black, mysterious darkness in an infinite space is one of those things, that made the imagination of our rocket scientist and pioneer of cosmonautics, Herman Potočnik Noordung, running wild. NOORDUNG is a peculiar kind of beer that never fully discloses itself. Soft, creamy, sweetish beer structure with mingling flavors of chocolate, caramel, nutty aromas, toffee. An unforgettable dark beer that you must try. Amarillo hops.

What can I say? Brewers sometimes exaggerate their descriptions. Or is it all true?

The beer is dark brown, almost black, with little head and quickly disappearing, sparkling. It has no odor. The first sip goes very smoothly down the throat, I taste sweet caramel and bitter chocolate in the mouth, but not too much, I taste a discreet malty sweetness and a shy hop bitterness simultaneously.
In the aftertaste, everything slowly disappears, leaving only a mild bitterness.

The beer looks very fresh and drinkable to me. I was expecting a more intense bitterness from the roasted malts but it's more harmonious with the other flavors, which are elegantly balanced. A sample will likely enter my fridge as it's available in local shops.

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this and taste these beers? Something from yesterday #newtunes post. A repetitive and slightly danceable piece.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Venal Joy

Thank you for your attention.

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Enjoy your beer!


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